Standard Shipping Area

Policy Basics


Your shopping experiences and satisfaction are our reason to be here. In order to reach to our promise, free shipping will be applied when your home is within zone 2 to zone 5 (below 1000 miles) from our warehouse address.

In case if your home is beyond zone 5, additional shipping fee will be applied and be shown on your check out.

Our Warehouse Address: 5200 Shea Center Dr, Ontario, CA 91761 Please see the zone chart below for more information:


Zone DescriptionMiles from Destination
Zone 20 - 150 miles
Zone 3151 - 300 miles
Zone 4301 - 600 miles
Zone 5601 - 1000 miles
Zone 61001 - 1400 miles
Zone 71401 - 1800 miles
Zone 8>1800 miles


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