In stock: 16
Delivery Time: 3 - 5 days

Product Dimensions: Queen w/o HB:

Product Dimensions 2: King w/o HB

Product Dimension 3: Queen w HB: L85.3" x W63.7" x H37.48"

Product Dimension 4: King w HB: L85.3" x W79.84" x H37.48"

Please follow Assembly Instruction (AI) provided in the package

Why buy from Adria?

Burrow delivery truck

Easy to move

Our products are designed to easily carry and move to any places

Burrow delivery truck


We only make products from responsibly managed wood and eco-friendly packaging which reduce harm to surrounding environment

Burrow delivery truck

Free shipping

We offer free-shipping policy for any orders at any values.

Burrow delivery truck

Simple assembly

The product can be simply assembled even with single person. Innovative, simple & fast are top criteria for our product development

Burrow delivery truck


Our products are made from pet-friendly materials which are stain and scratch-resistent

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