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-This scent uses natural fragrant oil will transports you to a mystical forest, where sacred palo santo trees exude their enchanting, earthy, and soothing aromas
-Long lasting 50 to 55 hour burn time with 8oz and 70 to 75 hour burn time with 13oz
-Quality vegan palm wax offers sustainable, non-petroleum material for a clean, consistent burn.
-Vegan palm wax is mad enatural, renewable, and biodegradable material which is known for clean, slow-burning properties.
-Experience elegance with our luxurious metal cover, the perfect accent to elevate your scented candle jar and décor

-Vegan Palm Wax  
-8oz with 1 wick and 13oz with 3 wicks  
-Scented with Palo Santo  
-Approximately 50 hours burn with 8oz and approximately 75 hours with 13oz  
-Made in Vietnam



  • Trim wicks to ¼" before lighting each time to burn cleanly and evenly without excessive heat retention  


  • Before lighting, remove dust and debris from the surface the candle; do not allow materials to fall into the wax while burning  


  • Place candle on heat-resistant surface before lighting  


  • When you light your candle for the first time, be sure to let it burn until all wax on the surface has melted (this make take several hours); this will ensure even burning going forward  


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