Earth - Friendly Program

Greenhouse gas emission

Have you thought about how much CO2 each vehicle emits every day? The data below will surprise you.

According to United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Each typical passenger vehicle is emitting about 4.6 metric tons of CO2 which is about 10,140lbs of CO2 per year.

This assumes the average of each vehicle on the street today has fuel economy around 22 miles per gallon and will drive around 11 500 miles per year. Every gallon of gasoline burns will create about 19lbs of CO2. With this number, we can calculate and assume that each of our vehicles that drive about 31.5 miles daily consumes about 1.43 gallon and creates about 28lbs of CO2 per day.

This is huge number and our earth is in danger.

Source: “greenhouse gas emissions typical passenger vehicle"

Our program

The Earth is our home and it is part of our responsibility to protect it and one of the way to do it is to reduce as much CO2 as possible.

At Adria Workshop, we aware our Earth is in danger. Therefore, we would like to join the cause by offering a grateful program for customers who join our program to protect our Earth.

Basic policy

With this program, you will have 48 hours from arrival time to check and give feedback to us. We will accept the return within 48 hours only for the defects caused by production.

To request a return, please fill out the Return Form Return Form before 11:59PM ET on the 2nd day from the delivery complete day. We will get back to you within 48 hours since the form is completed.

At the ‘Check Out’ button, you will have 2 choices: “Standard” and “Environmental Friendly”. With our “Environmental Friendly” choice, you will receive better offer as special thanks for joining hands with us to protect our Earth.

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