Mid-century modern design changed a lot in response to the world after World War II, and it's still popular today. Mid-century modern decor is the style of furniture that was most common in the middle of the 20th century. At that time, simple, functional teak wood pieces with curved shapes were the most popular.  
If you are wondering, “What Is Mid-century Modern?” and want to recall the memories of the mid-century modern era right in your house, don’t mind reading this whole Adria Workshop  post to find the way.

What is mid-century modern?

It is not unusual nowadays to hear about the term mid-century modern. Yet, what is mid-century modern design? Mid-century modern, or MCM, was a popular style of interior design, product design, graphic design, and architecture in the United States from 1945 to 1969.

It consists of the building styles and the types of furnishings in vogue. More specifically, the mid-century modern design trend focuses on clean, uncomplicated lines and natural materials rather than ornate frills.

Mid-century modern, or MCM, was a popular style of interior design, product design, graphic design, and architecture in the United States

The mid-century modern design trend focuses on clean, uncomplicated lines and the honest use of materials (Source: Houzz)

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History of Mid-century modern

Bauhaus style and American high-prairie style homes influenced mid-century modern architecture. Because some European architects who were trying to escape Nazi Germany brought this building style to the United States.

After World War II, Americans prioritized quality of life, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying outdoor activities. These values were represented in the mid-century modern houses that appeared all over the suburbs of the United States at the time. These houses typically had large windows that looked out onto their owners' backyards and open floor plans perfect for hosting parties.

Mid-century modern architecture trending nowadays was developed from three distinct styles from 1945 to 1969:

  • International style: This style of mid-century modern architecture was characterized by its extreme minimalism and shortage of decoration; stucco was often used as a building material.
  • Contemporary style : Contemporary architecture was the most widely accepted style in the middle of the 20th century. Simple lines, floor-to-ceiling windows, and organic materials like wood, stone, and brick characterized it.
  • Natural friendly style: Some architects of mid-century modernism prioritized locating their houses in an excellent location to nature. They preferred natural shapes houses over those with hard corners and straight sides to avoid the impact of the natural environment.

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History of Mid-century modern

Keep in mind that the aesthetics of mid-century modernism extend well beyond furniture and architecture. (Source: Houzz)

Five must-have elements to complete Mid-century Modern style

The next question is What is mid-century modern decor, and how to decorate a mid-century modern home in reality? Here are five visual elements to help you get the perfect Mid-century Modern looks.

Straight lines and Geometric shapes

Simplified, straight lines are commonly associated with mid-century modern design and architecture. Natural and geometric forms also coexist in this style. The organic shapes add a sense of movement and harmony to the interior design.

Straight lines and Geometric shapes

What Is Mid-century Modern? They are often identified using clean, straight lines (Source: Houzz) 

Floor-to-Ceiling windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows are significant features of a mid-century modern home. There's no denying this type of window will elevate the visual attractiveness, increase natural lighting, and gain outdoor views. It not only refreshes the rooms with a natural ambiance but also creates the sense of being outside for homeowners.

Changes in Elevation

Most houses built in the middle of the 20th century are on two floors, with a few short flights of stairs connecting each floor. Homes' interiors have depth and diversity in elevation because of elements like brick or glass partitions, central fireplaces, and built-in cabinets.

Moreover, some people build their unique mid-century modern homes using cedar sidings, board-formed concrete, and smooth stucco.

Changes in Elevation

What Is Mid-century Modern? Cedar siding is one of the suitable choices for the distinctive mid-century modern design (Source: Houzz)

Minimalism Decoration

Perhaps there are more intricate examples of mid-century modern decor, but simplicity is prized overall. The furniture of the mid-century era is often rather basic, featuring clean lines and an emphasis on efficiency and being environmentally friendly. In addition, one of the features of mid-century modern furniture is that tables   or chairs   always have slim wooden legs or hairpin-style metal legs.

Minimalism Decoration

Almost mid-century modern furniture has tapered wooden legs or hairpin-style metal legs (Source: Amazon)

Connect to the Outdoors space

Many mid-century modern houses include large windows and sliding glass doors that open outside to foster a sense of connection with nature. In some houses, even individual rooms have many windows and doors leading out to the backyard.

Connect to the Outdoors space

When asking, “What Is Mid-century Modern?”, large windows are often mentioned as one of the critical identifications (Source: Houzz)

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Where to buy mid-century modern furniture?

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3. World Market

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4. Wayfair

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5. Dims

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Culver City, California, Dims is a contemporary high-end home brand. Dims collaborates with today's most innovative designers to provide you with cutting-edge minimalist and contemporary furniture and home decor. It uses only ash wood from responsibly managed forests in its products. 

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