Loft apartments are an appealing home style for creatives who want to live and work in the same space and those seeking a home with history and character. However, loft living isn't always as romantic as it sounds—expensive and has drawbacks. In this article, Adria Workshop will provide useful information about what a loft apartment is? as well as the pros and cons of living in one.

What is a loft apartment?

So what is a loft apartment? A loft apartment is a dwelling that offers one large, open space with very few or without interior walls. This apartment has no rooms; only the bathroom is separated from the rest. Lofts typically have high ceilings (around 10 feet) and tall windows.

Also, loft apartments are usually much bigger than 1,000 square feet, even in the cities with the most people. In short, a loft apartment is defined as a roof or an apartment with a loft.

what is a loft apartment 1
What is a loft apartment? A roof apartment or an apartment with a loft. (Source: Internet)

Key Characteristics of Loft Apartments:

  • Under the roof or in the attic.
  • With attic - loft.
  • Layout based on open space, spaciousness, and large windows.
  • High ceilings, concrete ceilings.
  • Exposed brick walls, pipes, and beams.

Types Of Loft Apartments

Loft apartments are classified into two types: hard lofts and soft lofts. So, what exactly is the distinction between these two types? 

Soft Loft

Soft lofts are new lofts or lofts that have been updated to look like hard lofts. They have an industrial design and a modern look. While soft lofts share some of the same characteristics as hard lofts (exposed brick, high walls, high ceilings, and large windows), they lack the rugged industrial charm of hard lofts.

Furthermore, because they are located in a newer building, soft loft apartment designs offer some features that hard lofts do not. Soft lofts usually have modern finishes and popular features, as well as utilities and amenities that have been updated. Since soft lofts are built from the ground up, they usually have community features like swimming pools and gyms.

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Soft lofts often include community amenities such as swimming pools and fitness centers. (Source: Internet)

Hard Loft

The hard loft is essentially the original, authentic loft, achieved through commercial or industrial space conversion. They are converted from historic warehouses or other industrial buildings into apartments. So, it's not unusual for lofts to keep some of the original warehouse's old features, which gives the buildings a charmingly old-fashioned look. The original structure and design of a "hard loft" include the original brick and ductwork, beams, hardwood or concrete floors, tall windows, and high ceilings (10 feet or more). 

what is a loft apartment 3
A hard loft usually keeps as many industrial elements and original architectural details as possible. (Source: Internet)

What's the difference between a loft apartment and a regular apartment?

Loft Apartment vs Studio Apartment

While both loft apartments and studio apartments have an open floor plan with no internal walls dividing the space into rooms, loft apartments are distinguished by the history of the building or, in the case of soft lofts, by the architectural style. Lofts are also significantly larger than studio apartments. Loft apartments are built on a warehouse scale. Studio apartments are typically small, ranging from 400 to 600 square feet.

Loft Apartment vs Traditional Apartment 

In a typical apartment, there are one or two bedrooms, and walls separate the rooms that serve different purposes. Ordinary apartments do not have an attic or are not located in an attic. The loft apartment has an open floor plan, with no walls connecting the upper and lower floors. The loft may or may not have an attic and may or may not be located in it.

Is a loft Apartment A Good Idea? What Are the Pros And Cons Of Loft Apartments?

After finding out what is a loft apartment? Before signing a lease for a large new mezzanine apartment, understand its benefit or answer the question: What is the disadvantage of a loft?


Lots of space: Loft apartments are large and spacious, with high ceilings and plenty of square footage. This makes even the smallest lofts feel spacious and provides plenty of decorating opportunities. Whether you prefer modern and small apartment design or mid-century modern apartment design, you can fill the space as you. 

Set up a live/work space: Some lofts are zoned for residential and commercial use, meaning you can legally conduct business from these spaces. This could be a significant advantage if you want to run a small business from home.

Great natural light: Huge windows let in excessive natural light from the outdoors. You may not need to turn on any artificial lights during the daytime. Plus, natural light is a proven mood booster.

Industrial Style Details: The inherent industrial-style details in the architecture of a typical loft apartment are one of its most appealing features. For example, exposed brick walls or ductwork are common in loft apartments, etc. They contribute to the space's ultra-chic, relaxed vibe.

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Living in a loft apartment will fill your day with light. (Source: Internet)


Price: Living in a loft apartment can be expensive due to rent and utilities. If the temperatures in your city vary with the seasons, large windows and old construction can add to significant heating and cooling costs.

Limited privacy: not ideal for sharing: Lofts are not only expensive, but they are also unsuitable for sharing with roommates to save money. The open floor plan limits privacy between spaces.

Limited storage space: Built-in walls in traditional housing settings typically provide built-in storage options. Where a loft apartment lacks these walls, it also lacks a lot of storage.

Loud and Echo-y Acoustics: Loft apartments can be loud and echo-y due to the high ceilings and all those hard surfaces. Small noises from one end of a loft or mezzanine apartment can frequently be heard throughout the entire space.

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Storage space is limited in loft apartments. (Source: Internet)


Adria Workshop provided a detailed answer to the question "What is a loft apartment?" and discussed the benefits and drawbacks of living in a loft apartment. Are loft apartments expensive? And is a loft apartment a good idea? It all depends on how you think. If you require any additional information, please visit our Adria Workshop website.