What is Mid-Century Modern Art?

Mid-century modern art refers to the decorative arts historians and dealers extending that range to the late 1960s and early 1970s. Many people still get into classic, retro art, which symbolizes art style from the 1940s to 1970s. As a result, we can encounter classic art themes in famous buildings, galleries, museums, and public places. Classical art divides into many categories according to a specific time, such as mid-century art.

What is mid-century modern?

Mid-century modern (abbreviated as Mid Century Modern) is a design tendency from America. The main fields of this movement are interior, paintings, sculptures, architecture, products, and some developments in urban areas, etc. The most popular period of Mid Century Modern is from 1945 to 1969 - when Americans have just passed World War II. In the early 1970s, this art movement is still appropriate. Mid-century modern art is recognized as an essential worldwide movement in design by many scholars and experts. 

What is mid century modern?

Mid-century Modern art is a movement that has flourished since the 1940s. (Soure: Internet)

The notable beauty of Mid Century Modern design is the modernness and delicacy, which is suitable for the style of the time. Designers mainly use simple lines with the least decorative highlights. The convenience gets loads of attention rather than just a stunning outlook. Furthermore, mid-century products are primarily crafted with natural materials.

Regarding home decor, furniture following the Mid Century Modern style is very functional. These products tend to bring comfort and satisfaction to the customer. To give an example for this topic, we can’t help but mention The Eames Lounge Chair. This chair is one of the most comfortable chairs of all time.

However, here is a note you should keep in mind about this art movement. Not all Mid Century Modern art products emerged in this period. Adria Workshop categorizes these art products more by design style than by time.

Stylistic Features of Mid-Century Modern Art

As mentioned above, the highlight features of mid-century modern art are clear lines and precise geometric forms with simple designs and colors. Besides, mixing materials is another critical point of this style of design. That’s how we all recognize a particular Mid-century modern furniture. However, there are more characteristics relevant to mid-century art than we know it is. Here are several detailed features you should understand about Mid Century Modern:

Minimalism: Sleek lines, function, and uncluttered living spaces are three main points whenever we mention Mid Century Modern design style. Designers usually use simple and natural materials like wood or metal to make Mid-century modern furniture. The designer always focuses on convenience to bring customers the most satisfying experience.

Materials mixing: Another unique detail of the Mid Century Modern style is combining artificial materials (vinyl,  Plexiglas, etc.) and natural materials (metal, glass, wood, etc.). The interfusion in material creates the mixing of retro and modern styles.

In and outdoor: Mid-century modern art perfectly combines natural and manufactured elements. Designers usually utilize plants and flowers in mid-century modern art. Moreover, window and garden design are also prime to give a feeling of spaciousness and continuity.

Bright colors: The fundamental colors of Mid Century Modern are neutral colors like black, white, or wood. Accents emerge whenever we incorporate other brighter highlights. Nature is the inspiration for these accents. For instance, to interfuse in - outdoor design, we can apply some colors like green, yellow, sea blue, etc.,  mixing them with the fundamental tones of the house.

Function: Although Mid Century Modern follows a simple design style, the furniture’s function is the aim. Mid-century pieces are made to bring comfort, coziness, and convenience to customers. That’s why mid-century pieces still stand as an ideal option until now. 

Stylistic Features of Mid-Century Modern Art

Mid Century Modern’s characteristic is a simple design with clear lines and geometric forms. (Soure: Internet)

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Famous Mid-Century Modern Designers

Contributions of Mid-Century Modern designers are still appreciated and attractive by many customers. Some pieces named after the artists are high-class and very expensive. However, loads of works designed by famous artists are affordable and approachable. Here are several well-known mid-century modern art designers:

From America: Charles & Ray Eames (1907 to 1978; 1912 to 1988), Paul Evans (1931 to 1987), Florence Knoll (b. 1917), George Nakashima (1905 to 1990), Eero Saarinen (1910 to 1961),...

From Denmark: Poul Kjærholm (1929 to 1980), Hans Wegner (1914 to 2007),...

From Scandinavian: Alvar Aalto (1898 to 1976), Arne Jacobsen (1902 to 1971), Verner Panton (1926 to 1998).

With astonishing ergonomic and aesthetic qualities, pieces of these Mid Century Modern artists have become an inevitable part of many interior designs. Minimal and delicate shapes allow this furniture to fit with almost any house or interior style. You can easily purchase mid-century products, widely sold in many places and online.

Famous Mid-Century Modern Designers

Charles & Ray Eames - two celebrated mid-century interior designers (Soure: Internet)

Typical works of mid-century modern style

Whenever we mention mid-century modern art, it’s not only about the interior but also art, sculpture, graphic,s and landscape. During this period, many celebrated artists left their works for worldwide art. We can refer to The Eames Lounge Chair, The Convergence painting 1952 by Jackson Pollock, The Composition VIII 1923 by Wassily Kandinsky, etc. Let’s find out in detail each remarkable art genre.

Mid-Century Paintings

Many famous Mid-Century Modern Paintings are displayed in well-known galleries, museums, and private collections. Two of the most incredible artists of the time are Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky, representing mid-century abstract art. mid-century abstract art is non-representational visual art using colors, gestural marks and shapes to convey a message.

Mid-Century Paintings

Jackson Pollock achieves an astonishing painting with a peculiar spectrum. (Soure: Internet)

Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky utilize a unique range of drips and splatter colors. This way of working is like a breakthrough of the times. Although many of their original paintings are collected privately, some canvas prints are still shown in some museums, which attract several people yearly who enjoy abstract art.

Another artist worth mentioning here is Andy Warhol. His paintings became distinctive due to the unique and advanced way he incorporated and repeated colors. Two of his most famous works include Campbell's Soup Cans and Marilyn Diptych.

Mid-Century Wall Art Crafted of Wood, Glass, and Metal

Many artists design Mid-Century Modern Walls from ordinary simple shapes, then transformed into curves or waves. Besides, some walls are inspired by Brutalism, with roughness and jaggedness at the edges. Cats with long necks or stylized fish are also symbols of the mid-century modern art walls. The main material range is wood, glass, metal, or mixing some of these materials.

The price of these products can go up to thousands of dollars, particularly ones crafted by prominent artists. However, sometimes there are walls that unknown artists make. Thus, they are accessible and not too expensive to afford. You can quickly figure out Mid Century Modern wall designs in the estate market.

Mid-Century Wall Art Crafted of Wood, Glass, and Metal

A remarkable pattern of mid-century wall art (Soure: Internet)

Mid-Century Sculpture

Eventually, a sculpture is one of the popular Mid Century Modern products. We quickly catch up on work in buildings, offices, museums, or parks. Depending on the size, structure, shape, and sculptor, the price of Mid Century Modern sculptures fluctuates. Works finished by famous artists possibly cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. For instance, sculptures made by Harry Bertoia (1915 to 1978) or Isamu Noguchi (1904 to 1988) are sought after, though their price is costly. 

About Bertoia, his works used to be called sound sculptures with unique shapes and cluster metals. The sound is as the bell rings whenever we gently bring these metal weights together. His works look like metal lumped together with minor consequences on the top. Some viewers even commented that the bell gives the feeling of being in a church.

On the other hand, Isamu Noguchi makes sound sculptures as Japanese art and surrealist art. He showed his innovative mind via his designs by mixing both geometric and organic forms.

Mid-Century Sculpture

Some of distinctive Harry Betoia’s works are displayed in famous museums and galleries. (Soure: Internet)

Mid-century modern art sculptures properly become a creative part of your home decor. With different shapes and colors, these pieces certainly have exciting accents. Some works can cost thousands of dollars. By the way, amateur works are competent enough with your demand. Some results made by nonprofessional artists are still incredible and much cheaper compared to the famous ones. Mid-century modern sculptures are found at bargain prices in some estate sales and thrift stores. You can get your sculptures suitable to your style.

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You might have a clearer insight into mid-century modern art via the information we have just offered. It’s not hard to understand why so many people still get into mid-century design styles today. Adria Workshop hopes you will have the most suitable choices for decorating your home.