Are you looking for inspiration to maximize the space in your studio apartment? This post contains 15+ of the best studio apartment layout ideas! These simple tips and tricks from Adria Workshop will help you make the most of your small space and create a stylish and functional home.

Tips For Laying Out A Nice Studio Apartment

Before you start thinking about studio apartment layout ideas, remember the following studio apartment decor tips.

Defined Space

You can make more space in a studio apartment by rearranging your furniture, rugs, and lighting. Choose furniture for small space, such as bookcases or curtains, to create distinct zones for the bedroom, the kitchen and the living room. Rugs can also help define these spaces; lighting can set the mood and draw attention to specific areas.

studio apartment layout 1
Rugs and light can define your small space. (Source: Internet)

Floating furniture

When it comes to modern and small apartment decor ideas, you should use floating furniture to maximize space in the loft. Use wall-mounted desks, floating shelves, and hanging lights to give the impression of more space.  

studio apartment layout 2
Floating furniture is one of the most ideal 200 sq ft studio apartment layout ideas (Source: Internet)

Try leggy furniture

You can incorporate leggy furniture into your studio apartment layout. Choose mid-century modern furniture with thin, tapered legs to make your room look bigger. Look for sofas, chairs, and tables with slim legs to make your studio apartment feel more open. 

studio apartment layout 3
Create the illusion of more space by trying leggy furniture (Source: Internet)

Place your bed and sofa opposite

For a rectangular studio apartment layout with only one room for living, you should place the bed and sofa opposite. This studio apartment layout will create a clear separation between your sleeping area and living area. It also gives you plenty of rectangular space to move around in between. 

studio apartment layout 4
One bedroom layout with the bed and sofa placed opposite each other (Source: Internet)

Consider flexible furniture

When choosing furniture for a tiny and narrow studio apartment layout, you should choose pieces that are flexible. Those items could be a sofa bed that can be used as both seating and a sleeping area, a bed with drawers underneath, etc. 

studio apartment layout 5
One of the best 300 sq ft studio apartment layout ideas is to choose flexible furniture. (Source: Internet)

Take notice of vertical space

By using vertical space in a modern studio apartment layout, you can give the space a sense of depth and make it more interesting. One way to do this is by incorporating tall bookcases or shelving units. In addition, you can hang artwork or mirrors at varying heights.  

studio apartment layout 6
Consider vertical space when designing a long studio apartment layout. (Source: Internet)

Choose colors and patterns carefully

When using a studio apartment layout planner to choose colors and patterns, you need to consider the size of the space. Choosing lighter colors and smaller patterns for a studio apartment will make it more harmonious. 

studio apartment layout 7
The tips for studio apartment layout is choosing colors and patterns carefully (Source: Internet)

How to set up a studio apartment?

Setting up a studio apartment can be challenging, but it's also an opportunity to create a cozy and convenient living space. Remember, the key to designing a studio apartment is prioritizing what matters most to you and making the most of the limited space. 

You can create a perfect studio apartment that you'll love living in with some studio layout ideas.

15+ Best Studio Apartment Layout Ideas for you

Create Max Style in Minimal Space

When you have a few hundred square feet in a studio apartment, you need to get rid of unnecessary things, and minimize furniture to maximize your space. 

studio apartment layout 8
Create maximum style in a minimal studio apartment. (Source: Internet)

Use Every Single Corner

Storage is key in a small space, so make sure you're taking advantage of every inch of available space. In the available space, a banquette or a single sofa can be placed. Use a folding table and chairs to create a place for coffee or a gathering spot for friends in the evening. 

studio apartment layout 9
Putting a banquette in a single corner is one of the best 400 sq ft studio apartment layout ideas. (Source: Internet)

Make your ceiling higher with paint

A light-colored ceiling will reflect more light and make a space feel airy and large. You can choose a shade of white, cream, or even a pale blue or green for a calming effect.  

studio apartment layout 10
Painting your ceiling with stripes in a neutral color (Source: Internet)

Try lovely low furniture

Using lovely low furniture like a low-profile sofa, floor cushions, or low bookshelves without taking up too much studio apartment space.  

studio apartment layout 11
Lovely low furniture is a great option for a studio apartment layout (Source: Internet)

Choose multipurpose furniture

In a tiny studio apartment, it's important to make the most of every inch of space. Look for furniture that can serve multiple functions, such as a storage ottoman that can also be used as extra seating or a bookcase with cubbies. 

studio apartment layout 12
Using furniture that serves multiple functions is a great studio apartment layout idea (Source: Internet)

Maximize Vertical Space With a Gallery Wall

It may sound illogical, but covering a wall with paintings can make your studio room feel more spacious. Choose paintings you love, including those you've painted yourself. Organize and combine colors harmoniously so they don't become overwhelming to the eyes. 

studio apartment layout 13
Studio apartment layout idea is using a gallery wall (Source: Internet)

Separate your space with a bookshelf

In a studio apartment, you can use a bookshelf to divide your space by putting it perpendicular to a wall. This creates a division between areas while also providing useful storage and display space. 

studio apartment layout 14
Separating space with a bookshelf (Source: Internet)

Add some accent

Expressing your personality is not limited by the size of your space. Use color, texture, and decor to show your individuality in your studio apartment. You can try hanging artwork on the walls, decorating with plants to brighten up the space, and investing in some cozy textiles.

studio apartment layout 15
Studio apartment layout with some accent (Source: Internet)

Utilize some stylish storage

You should put up floating shelves on the walls so you can show off books, plants, and other nice things. This can help free up floor space and increase the visual interest of your studio apartment.

studio apartment layout 16
Studio apartment with stylish storage (Source: Internet)

Use a sub desk for a nightstand

Using a sub desk as a nightstand in a studio apartment layout can provide both storage and workspace. You can simply position the desk next to the bed and use the drawers to store personal items. The desk surface can also double as a nightstand for a lamp, an alarm clock, and other bedside essentials. 

studio apartment layout 17
A subdesk for a nightstand (Source: Internet)

Use a large mirror

You can choose a large mirror to hang on the wall. Make sure the mirror is securely attached to the wall. Think about getting a nice frame or hanging it above a piece of furniture, like a sofa or console table. 

studio apartment layout 18
The best 500 sq ft studio apartment layout ideas for inspiration (Source: Internet)

Create a room with curtains

Creating a room with curtains in a studio apartment layout can be a great source of inspiration. You measure, install a ceiling rod, select curtains, and hang them up. You can use furniture or decorative elements on either side of the curtains to create a separate space.

studio apartment layout 19
Add both privacy and style to your living space by using curtains. (Source: Internet)

Claim a Corner for Sleeping

If you're living in a 600 sq ft studio apartment, don’t forget to claim a corner for sleeping. Select a corner of the studio apartment that is farthest away from any noise or distractions. This could be a corner near a window or a corner opposite the kitchen or living area. 

studio apartment layout 20
Using these 600 sq ft studio apartment layout ideas to create a living space (Source: Internet)

More greenery and flower

You should select wall-mounted shelves to decorate small plant pots or place a vase of flowers on the desk. In your kitchen area, decorate with edible plants like rosemary, thyme, and basil to add more greenery and flowers. However, it's important to make sure that the plants are grown without the use of harmful chemicals and are safe for consumption.

studio apartment layout 21
A studio apartment layout with greenery and flowers (Source: Internet)

Lofty Aspirations

Using a loft bed in a room with high ceilings can give you more space to live in. For those who prioritize storage, the built-in drawers on the staircase are an exciting feature. It's important to remember, though, that if you copy this design, you must build handrails for safety.

studio apartment layout 22
A studio apartment with a loft bed (Source: Internet)

Work Every Nook

Use every nook and cranny of your room to decorate everything you want. You can make your small studio apartment layout stand out with small furniture and pretty decorations.

studio apartment layout 23 (1)
Work every nook by using small furniture and cute decorations. (Source: Internet)


There are some decoration tips as well as more than 15 of the best studio apartment layout ideas for you. It can help you make the most of your limited living space. Follow the Adria Workshop blog to see more decoration tips and home decor style ideas.