It's no surprise that Scandinavian-style interior design is gaining popularity. Its “less is more” approach, simplistic designs, and focus on innovation are a breath of fresh air and make everyone take notice. However, it's not that difficult to achieve the Scandinavian look in your own home. Following are a few decorating tips by  Adria Workshop   to give your home a genuinely Nordic vibe.


What is the Scandinavian interior design style?

Scandinavian interior design is part of the modernist style of interior design, which first emerged in the 1950s . It focuses on making things that work cleanly and is minimalist and straightforward. So, it removes extra stuff so that every home's decor can concentrate on form, function, and simple beauty.

What are the key elements of Scandinavian style interior design?

1. References to Nordic history: A lack of clutter and emphasis on highly functional, streamlined items is one of the Nordic lifestyles.

2. Emphasis on organics: Organic shapes, natural materials, and clean, layered, comfortable designs are prominent elements of the Scandinavian design style.

3. Less is more minimalist design: Simple, clean lines and open profiles mark the Scandinavian design style.

4. Nature-inspired furniture design:  Materials such as tree stumps, animal hides, and lush greenery are staples of Scandinavian design.

5. Encouraging coziness and contentment:  Priority the wellness and contentment emotions that are hygiene principles when designing a space in a Scandinavian style.

What are Scandinavian colors?

Because Nordic houses inspired the Scandinavian style, natural colors are generally preferred to add a more realistic atmosphere. The color palette used for the Scandinavian interior design style  includes shades of white and gray. Black, pale pink, and blue can make the decoration stand out. Furthermore, white or off-white walls are ideal, as they create a bright, clean backdrop to highlight furniture and decorative pieces.

scandinavian style interior design 1

Scandinavian house with white walls to draw attention to furniture and decorative items. (Source: The Spruce)

Scandinavian Furniture Design Features

Clean Line, modern and Functional Furniture

There isn’t a lot of ornate or excessive detailing in Scandinavian design. The central theme of this design is that the lines are clean and straight. Scandinavian interior design is characterized by modern furniture, has clean lines, and is built to last.

Solid Wood and Metal Details

Solid woods like beech, ash, and pine are the most common materials used in Scandinavian interior design. Besides wood, this style uses metal accents as well. Combining wood and metals such as copper and brass also offers eye-catching looks in Scandinavian design.

Decorative Storage

Furniture isn’t chosen to merely “look pretty.” Each piece serves a purpose and usually has multiple functions. This is why it is common to see multi-level shelves, such as  Scandinavian style bookcases , in the living room. While these storage areas save space, they also add aesthetic appeal to the area with their decorative appearance.

small living room decor 4-1
One of the perfect Scandinavian-style bookcases is an Infinity Wall Shelf  from Adria Workshop. (Source: Adria Workshop)

15 Scandinavian interior design style ideas and concepts for every room

Scandinavian style interior living room

scandinavian style interior design 2
A Scandinavian-style interior living room with a big window.

Natural light is a critical element of Scandinavian-style interior design . Therefore, curtains are not generally used, and white tulle curtains are preferred. 

scandinavian style interior design 3
Look for a tree-stump coffee table for your Scandinavian-style interior living room.

One feature of Scandinavian interior design is that it puts a lot of emphasis on using natural materials in big pieces of furniture. Therefore, when decorating for a Scandinavian-style interior living room , consider adding a tree stump coffee table or a mohair rug as a focal point of your  home decor ideas for living room   design.


scandinavian style interior design 4-1
A Scandinavian-style interior living room with cushions and blankets. 

Adding a dark-colored chair with a curved back, tapered legs, and some throw blankets will help create a living space that feels inviting without cluttering.

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Scandinavian style interior dining room

scandinavian style interior design 5
Choosing a light-colored wood dining table for the whole family to gather around. 

Wood is the number one material used in  Scandinavian interior design . Look for a dining table made of light woods such as beech, ash, and pine to create a space that feels open and sophisticated yet casual enough to dine comfortably. 

scandinavian style interior design 6
Place plants and other flowers throughout to bring the outdoors in. 

Indoor plants, flowers, and other greenery botanicals are used to brighten up spaces and breathe life into a  Scandinavian style interior dining room

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Scandinavian style interior bedroom

scandinavian style interior design 7
Layer a comforter with a linen throw blanket to create a cozy sleeping space. 

A Scandinavian-style interior bedroom has an ideal design for a comfortable sleep, with natural and soft covers and pillows in neutral colors used in layers. Linen bedding, blankets, and full-length throw pillows are indispensable for Scandinavian-style bedrooms.


scandinavian style interior design 8
Low solid wood bed frames for a rustic look. 

Creating a cozy, contemporary bedroom with a modern, low, solid wood bed and the neutral bed is easy. Also, a rustic wooden panel backdrop made of white-washed wood gives your bedroom a Scandinavian feel.


scandinavian style interior design 9
Decorating a Scandinavian bedroom with a suitable lamp.  

Opt for modern details like an arc floor lamp and a Scandinavian-style coffee table that serves as a nightstand.

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Scandinavian loft interior

scandinavian style interior design 10
Adding more natural light through oversized windows is a Scandinavian interior design idea. 

The beautiful high ceilings make this loft feel more significant than it is. Moreover, the Scandinavian-style interior living room with windows on two sides brings maximum daylight into the modest Scandinavian loft interior.

scandinavian style interior design 11-1
Having extra storage by utilizing the space under the stairs. 

Up a broad set of stairs is the bedroom. It seems like an open space compared to the main living areas, but it also has curtains, so privacy is always guaranteed.

Minimalist Scandinavian interior design

In Scandi minimalism, the theory that ‘less is more’ is often applied by using fewer items in a given room or on a given surface. The things there were chosen with great care and positioned to bring enjoyment and ease.

Put fireplaces in the Scandinavian room’s corner

scandinavian style interior design 12
Putting your fireplace in the corner of a Scandinavian house. 

Scandinavian homes are noted for having fireplaces not centered on a wall but in the corner of the room. Thus, seating arrangements are often designed accordingly. The dining chairs generally anchor the middle of the room, providing walking space behind them. 

Contrast colors should be used in Scandinavian interiors design

scandinavian style interior design 13
Scandinavian room design relies on the design principle of contrast.

High contrasts are a crucial feature of Scandinavian design. If a white dining room seems too cold, you can add black details to create a dramatic and striking atmosphere. 

Add flowers and greenery to Scandinavian style home

scandinavian style interior design 14
Plants and flowers are often a staple in Scandi home decoration.

A recurring theme in Scandinavian design is a connection with nature. This is seen in using fresh plants and botanicals to decorate Scandinavian houses . These living things add a pop of color and fit in with Scandinavian design's simple, natural style. 

Use cozy textile accessories

scandinavian style interior design 15
Textiles help cut off the colder temperatures in Scandinavian regions.

Textiles used in  Scandinavian style interior design are mostly wool or any other fabric similar to mohair. Throws, blankets, and rugs give you the warmth and comfort you need while keeping with the Scandinavian style.


Above are the best 15 Scandinavian style interior design ideas for homeowners and designers. We hope you will design a house you like in Scandinavian style. In addition, on the  Adria Workshop blog , there are many  decoration tips   and  home decoration style ideas   for you to explore and learn. Don't miss it!

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