Scandinavian style coffee table is now the most famous piece of furniture. A simple shape makes it an excellent choice for any interior design. Their classic style is sure to outlast any short-lived trends you might like. In this blog, Adria Workshop  gives you some of the most famous Scandinavian coffee tables and what they look like. Let's take a look!


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Square Scandinavian style coffee table

scandinavian style coffee table 1The solid wood construction and natural finish give the Amelia coffee table a specific Scandinavian look. (Source: Adria Workshop).

The Amelia square coffee table  from Adria Workshop is highly recommended if you like multifunctional furniture. The tabletop of this Scandinavian-style coffee table with storage is solid ash wood and has enough space for books or fancy vases. Also, the space on the bottom is excellent for storing things you need and makes them easy to get to whenever you need them.

Rectangular Scandinavian style coffee table

scandinavian style coffee table 2Amelia Rect coffee table is a wood Scandinavian-style coffee table with a capacity of up to 6 people. (Source: Adria Workshop).

The Amelia Rect coffee table  from Adria Workshop is a great rectangular Scandinavian-style coffee table to gather your family or friends around. It is a large space that can accommodate up to 6 people. The table also has a natural, clean look, making it a beautiful addition to your living room. It has a shelf underneath the tabletop for extra storage and space for books, magazines, and personal effects.

The round Rebar coffee table from HAY

scandinavian style coffee table 3
This marble Scandinavian-style coffee table will surely turn heads.

To make simple, functional, and beautiful furniture, HAY made this beautiful round Scandinavian style coffee table with an exciting mix of different materials. While its tabletop is made of elegant black marble, its frame is made from industrial steel. This combination brings a balanced aesthetic and makes it an exciting and distinctive piece for home decor ideas for the living room

Tableau Stone

scandinavian style coffee table 4 (1) (1)
Tableau is one of the first coffee tables in the Fredericia Furniture collection. 

This Scandinavian style coffee table in stone reflects Fredericia Furniture's deep passion for natural materials, which are also a key component in Scandinavian style interior design . With its graceful geometric shapes and x-shaped base, Tableau has a soft shape that gives any room an air of effortless elegance.

The Tablo tray table of Design House Stockholm

scandinavian style coffee table 5
This oval Scandinavian style coffee table can be used as a side table or plant stand.

The biggest advantage of choosing Scandinavian style interior design furniture for your living room is the ease of matching. Because of the simple design and light color, this oval Scandinavian style coffee table can fit into any space, regardless of its style. The stand is made of teak, and the tray is made of steel. They’re sold separately so that you can create your combination.

Strap sofa table by Form & Refine

scandinavian style coffee table  6
This wooden Scandinavian-style coffee table is solid and long-lasting.

Perfect for anywhere in your living room, this Scandinavian style coffee table is equal parts beautiful and durable. The Strap Sofa coffee table stands out thanks to the combination of two legs held together by knotted leather strips. This detail contributes to the table's maintenance and aesthetic singularity. Moreover, it is made of solid oak from the Damsbo forest in Denmark,  which will last for a long time.

The oval-shaped Verde table by Woud

scandinavian style coffee table 7
The sleek Scandinavian design of this coffee table will make any room feel more refined.

You can get closer to nature by adding this marble Scandinavian style coffee table to your home. The table has two tabletops, one in black painted oak veneer and the other in black, brown, or white marble or terrazzo. The space between the two table tops is the most interesting aspect of this coffee table, which is designed as an ideal place for flowers and plants. 

The Twin table Lassen

scandinavian style coffee table 8
This Scandinavian coffee table is a simple but elegant one. 

square Scandinavian style coffee table defines sharp and sleek looks for your living room. Twin encourages you to mix and match by giving you three different sizes and tops that can be turned over. By combining two or more twin tables, you can play with different combinations of heights and surfaces.

The Piero coffee table from Bolia - Glass scandinavian style coffee table

scandinavian style coffee table 9-2
Piero is a beautiful, functional, and sophisticated Scandinavian style coffee table. 

With its marble top, steel frame, and leather storage pocket, the Piero is a beautiful mix of different colors and materials. Moreover, this Scandinavian style coffee table is given a fresh, new angle by adding a leather pocket, which can be used to store magazines or books.

Secant coffee table by Warm Nordic - Marble Scandinavian style coffee table

scandinavian style coffee table 10
This coffee table combines a sculptural metal frame with a colored glass top.

Secant is a unique coffee table that will make a bold statement in your living room. The unique signature of this metal Scandinavian style coffee table is its elegant finish, where a straight line contrasts soft curves.

PI table designed by Anderssen & Voll

scandinavian style coffee table 11
This Scandinavian style table is elegant and timeless. 

The slightly tapered legs give the Scandinavian coffee table a playful touch. Moreover, there are various finishes, including oak and walnut veneers or colored oak veneers, that you could choose to purchase. 

Hayon lounge table designed by Jaime Hayon

scandinavian style coffee table 12
This nesting Scandinavian coffee table beautifully balances different shapes at varying heights.

A multi-tiered table where various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials converge brings a feeling of soft serenity to spaces. 

Coffee Bean of Swedese

scandinavian style coffee table 13
This coffee table harmonizes the concept of the Scandinavian look.

The name of this Coffee Bean of Swedish coffee table design tells you about its shape, which is based on a coffee bean's curves and natural materials. The shape of this acrylic Scandinavian style coffee table is primarily round with four legs. This table typically combines various materials, such as wood, glass, and metal. Therefore, you can choose surfaces for both tables with different or the same materials.

Klybeck - Triangular Scandinavian style coffee table

scandinavian style coffee table 14
This Scandinavian coffee table changes size according to your needs.

This nesting Scandinavian style coffee table has three overlapping tabletops that can rotate 360 degrees. It takes up minimal space when closed and expands like a flower when opened. 

Leende lift top storage coffee table

scandinavian style coffee table 15
With a multi-function, durable build, this table is the best Scandinavian-style coffee table for many homes.

The lift-top Scandinavian style coffee table is the best recommendation if you have limited space in your home and want to make the most of it. This piece can transform into a raised table/desk with the touch of a finger. Plus, the storage is right under the surface, which allows you to clear clutter and hide away items such as remotes, magazines, games, and blankets.


We hope this post from Adria Workshop helped you find the perfect Scandinavian coffee table for your living room. And if you are interested in Scandinavian coffee tables with reasonable prices, don’t hesitate to visit the Adria Workshop blog  to find more information on decoration tips  and home decoration style ideas .