A Scandinavian-style bookcase is a popular piece of furniture in the Scandinavian home. These shelves are stylish and can add a unique look to any home's decor. However, with various Scandinavian style bookcases, it’s difficult for you to choose your own. This blog from  Adria Workshop   shows our picks for the best Scandinavian-style bookcases.


How to Choose a Scandinavian Bookcase?

Material of Scandinavian bookcase

Despite being made of any material, many bookcases can fulfill all your needs. However, the material does play into how long a  Scandinavian style bookcase will last and how easy it is to move. Solid hardwood and metal bookcases will last longer. On the flip side, they are much heavier, more cumbersome to move, and can be pretty expensive. More affordable options include wood veneers and plywood, which may have a lower weight capacity but are easier to move. 

Size of bookcase

Measuring the space where you plan to keep your bookcase can help narrow down your options. Remember to look at the dimensions of bookcases to ensure they’ll fit in your space. You should also consider the shelves' height and whether you can move them.  The size of the bookcase is essential if you want to show off tall books or big decor pieces.

Weight Capacity

Every bookshelf has a weight limit. If you have a standalone bookshelf, overloading it with objects can cause the individual shelves to crack under the weight. Books can be pretty heavy, so you should always check the weight capacity of the  Scandinavian style bookcase  before purchasing.

11 Scandinavian Bookcase Ideas

Infinity Wall Shelf from Adria Workshop

small living room decor 4-1
Infinity Wall Shelf from Adria Workshop (Source: Adria Workshop).
Adria Workshop is widely known for having quality furniture at a moderate price point, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with their  Infinity Wall Shelf . This Scandinavian-style bookcase made of wood that can be moved around is one of the most popular shelves at Adria Workshop. With modules, it can quickly grow into a huge shelf. Plus, it is divided by three to make up for even more space to store your books or display your decorative  storage  objects.

scandinavian style bookcase 1

Ikea Scandinavian bookcase

scandinavian style bookcase 2
Ikea's Scandinavian bookcase is perfect for those with lots of books.

This  white Scandinavian style bookcase is perfect for children and adults. It has three areas: a memo board that allows your kids to show off their playful arts, multiple closed cabinets to store your books discreetly yet stylishly, and four open shelving solutions to display objects.

Anthropologie Kalle's Sculptural Oak Bookshelf

scandinavian style bookcase 3
This Anthropologie Kalle Sculptural Oak Bookshelf is an expensive piece. 

Crafted from solid oak, this  wood Scandinavian style bookcase is an eye-catching piece of furniture with plenty of function. It showcases the beauty of its natural grain in a minimalist, amorphous design. Besides, its five-tiered open shelf design is airy and spacious and provides easy access to display knick-knacks, books, and treasures.

Urban Outfitters Alana Bookshelf

scandinavian style bookcase 4
This Scandinavian style bookcase is a gorgeous piece of modern furniture with mid-century flair. 

Adding this medium size  Scandinavian style bookcase is one of the perfect  home decor ideas for the living room . It’s got sturdy powder-coated metal shelves to store not only books but records as well as all the trinkets and ornaments you love. Moreover, it comes in several colors, including periwinkle, white, gold, and black.

Pottery Barn Kids Cameron Storage Bookcase

scandinavian style bookcase 5
Pottery Barn Kids Cameron Storage Bookcase comes in a few shades: white or gray.

Besides consuming a lot of space, a large bookshelf also blocks the view. If you face the same problem, a small  Scandinavian style bookshelf like this is the best solution. This sturdy piece is made of solid, kiln-dried poplar wood and then finished with child-safe paint. Having two shelves and two storage bins beneath, it provides extra storage for small homes and apartments. 

Afteroom for Design Within Reach Story Bookcase

scandinavian style bookcase 6
This Scandinavian-style bookcase was designed to make the most of your space. 

Your brown  Scandinavian style coffee table would look fantastic next to this tone-on-tone  Scandinavian style bookcase. When full of books, the steel and aluminum bookcase looks more like a work of art than a storage piece. Plus, this bookcase has the advantage of being easy to tuck against a wall or into a corner. It sits on a single square pedestal, so it takes up very little space for a  Scandinavian style interior design  home.

Article Caliper Bookshelf

scandinavian style bookcase 7
A A-shaped bookcase can become a focal point of every room. 

This wonderful Scandinavian bookcase is perfect for every room's decoration. Starting from the top, this  Scandinavian style bookcase has an A-shaped frame and ends with perfectly positioned legs. Also, the laminated shelves are great for showing off everything from your books to your stemware. 

Threshold 72" Carson 5 Shelf Bookcase

scandinavian style bookcase 8
This Scandinavian style bookcase is perfect for lots and lots of heavy books. 

Minimalist  Scandinavian style bookcases are pretty famous for home decor. Many homeowners want a minimalist Scandinavian-style shelf like this. Due to having the same tonal color, the combination of bookshelves and other furniture in this room is also very charming.

Ballard Designs Tuscan 3-Piece Bookcase Set

scandinavian style bookcase 9
This Scandinavian bookcase is made of natural wood.

This black Scandinavian bookcase is the best choice if you’re looking for a traditional furniture decoration perfect for your living room. Books are stacked at various levels, which creates a cozy reading nook. Shelves like this are gorgeous to look at and make the living room neat.

Room Board Slim Bookcases

scandinavian style bookcase 10
A minimalist classic style is perfect for a Scandinavian style bookcase. 

Being both functional and aesthetic, the slim  Scandinavian style bookcase above can store many books and items. It is available in various colors and sizes to easily coordinate with other furniture in your home. 

Nathan James Theo Ladder Bookcase

scandinavian style bookcase 11
This modern-looking Scandinavian style bookcase is ideal for narrow spaces. 

If your home already feels bogged down with stuff, opt for a leaning bookshelf or ladder bookcase that gives the illusion of space and airiness.


Adria Workshop hopes that with the above 11 Scandinavian style bookcases, you will choose one that suits your space and budget. Don't forget to check out  Adria Workshop's blog   for  home decoration ideas   and  decorating tips .