Mid Century modern architecture and interior design first appeared in the 1950s and 1960s, but it wasn't until the late 1990s that the style really took off in the United States. Most items of mid-century modern furniture are fairly costly. You may find beautiful MCM-inspired closets, mattresses, sofas, and more in thrift stores and larger businesses for a reasonable price if you know where to search. We've listed 14 Best Places To Get most Affordable Mid-Century Modern Furniture 2023 below.

Online Retailers - Best places to buy reasonable mid-century modern furniture

Below is a list of best cheap mid-century modern furniture stores online worldwide. You can easily find and order some good, affordable mid-century modern furniture right from your place.

1. Wayfair

The Wayfair offers most affordable mid-century modern furniture. Visit this online retailer and you will have different selections for pieces of furniture.

Wayfair provides all types of furniture pieces, including ones with attractive mid-century modern designs that you need for your home space. You can choose from interior furniture, lighting systems, and small decoration items (rugs, sofas, curtains, etc.).

Products on Wayfair are not expensive. Plus, things are better as Wayfair provides discount events on several occasions. Therefore, customers even have a chance to buy mid-century modern furniture at a lower price.

affordable mid century modern furniture wayfair
Wayfair furniture (Source: Internet)

2. Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers around the globe. This digital platform provides various product categories, including many beautiful mid-century modern furniture pieces.

You will find the affordable mid-century modern furniture items you need at this retailer. It offers wide selections from stylish planters to all essential furniture in different house rooms. You can buy separate house equipment, such as chairs, tables, sofas, etc.

affordable mid century modern furniture Amazon
Amazon furniture (Source: Internet)

3. Apartment Therapy Bazaar

The Bazaar is a popular marketplace for Apartment Therapy. This online retailer has a huge gallery of vintage furnishing items. Have a look at the website of the Apartment Therapy Bazaar and you will be amazed by the selections of mid-century modern furniture pieces.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar provides beautiful kitchen cabinets, work desks for home space, tables for living rooms, and so on. All products are sold at an affordable price. You should have no worries about your budget when shopping here.

Also, this online retailer supplies high-quality used furniture from famous manufacturers and second-hand products it collects. Bazaar ensures that these second-hand products have high functions and the beauty of mid-century modern style.

affordable mid century modern furniture bazaar
Apartment Therapy bazaar (Source: Internet)

4. Target

Target is the top of the best online furniture retailers. Target sells many great things for decorating your house space. Many products are unique and inspired by mid-century modern style.

You can find your favorite mid-century modern stuff here, including bedding items, lighting equipment, essential living furniture, night equipment (nightstand, table lamp, etc.), and so on. All items appear beautiful, with brass accents, warm colors, and brown tones. Of course, you can purchase this furniture at a low cost. 

affordable mid century modern furniture Target
Target furniture (Source: Internet)

5. AllModern

AllModern, as its name describes, offers a wide range of beautiful, modern decoration items. This online retailer is where you can find beautiful affordable mid-century modern furniture with high-quality functions and high durability.

The great thing about AllModern is that it runs new deals every day. Customers will always find good deals when visiting this online store. AllModern is an excellent place where you get good furnishing items but do not break your budget.

affordable mid century modern furniture all modern
AllModern furniture (Source: Internet)

6. Walmart

You may not have expected the name Walmart to appear on this list, right? But this online retailer has just released the new MoDRN line. Here, you will get many great options for mid-century modern furniture items. All products are stylish, functional, and friendly to the budget.

Things are great as Walmart pleases different segments of customers. The retailer sells both low-price and luxury pieces of furniture. You can easily find the missing pieces for your entire mid-century modern interior house space design.

affordable mid century modern furniture Walmart
Walmart furniture (Source: Internet)

7. Apt2B

Apt2B is still a new name to many house designers. But this online retailer is growing daily and quickly gaining customer trust. The Apt2B sells a wide range of furniture types, including ones that feature mid-century modern aesthetics.

The Apt2B focuses on not only the mid-century modern appearance but also the functionality of the furniture. Therefore, you can find suitable products for decorating your home. For example, this online retailer offers mid-century coffee tables, living room sofas, storage equipment, etc.

The Apt2B even has a slogan: "Buy more, save more”. You will get a huge discount offer by buying multiple products at once. This is a great deal for homeowners who want to build a mid-century modern room space from the very beginning.

affordable mid century modern furniture  Apt2B
Apt2B furniture (Source: Internet)

8. Hayneedle

Hayneedle is a great online shop for most mid-century modern furniture. The site even includes a page for mid-century pieces of house equipment, where you can find beautiful items, such as accent chairs, tv stands, dining tables, bookcases, and more!

Hayneedle has the perfect mid-century modern furniture for your office, kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Of course, you can rest in mind about the price, as all products are affordable. There is also a price category so you can see the product selections in the price group that suits the budget.

Hayneedle also provides deals and discount chances on several special occasions. Make sure you visit the site regularly to catch up with the latest deals.

affordable mid century modern furniture Hayneedle
Hayneedle furniture (Source: Internet)

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Resale websites sell affordable mid-century modern furniture

Mid-century modern pieces of furniture are beautiful, thanks to the simplicity of design. The furniture is a combination of vintage and modern styles. Middle-century products are built of high quality and can last for a long time. That’s why many pieces of furniture still work as new, even when used for years.

Many resale stores have found used mid-century modern items, maintained them, and resold them on their websites. Keep in mind that used items don't mean low quality. Resale stores give assurance of their quality and function of them. Of course, resold products usually have a lower price than new mid-century modern furniture.

Resale websites will be an excellent solution for homeowners who want to design a mid-century modern house space with a low budget. Here are some trustable resale websites where you can find affordable mid-century modern furniture.

1. AptDeco

AptDeco is where you can not only buy secondhand furniture but also sell your unused items. The website includes many categories for mid-century modern furniture. It provides all types of interior essentials, such as rugs, lighting equipment, sofas, tables, chairs, desks, and many outdoor items such as gardening equipment, planters, etc.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is not a strange name anymore. You can access this online market from your place using your Facebook social network account. It will show deals of mid-century modern furniture posted by the old furniture owners in your area. You can chat directly with the sellers, set up a date, and go to check the quality of the items.

3. OfferUp

Offerup allows you to sell all furniture you don’t use anymore. New people looking for furnishing items can look at your posts, get in touch with you, and buy them.

OfferUp also checks your location so that it can show you deals from the furniture owners who are the nearest to you.

There is no limitation to what you can buy. OfferUp sells everything that a person posts on it. Therefore, you will need to take time to see a wide selection before finding ones that meet your needs.

Come to local antique shops to get best cheap mid-century modern furniture

Besides online stores, you may visit local antique shops in your area. Most products from these stores have unique vintage styles. Moreover, these stores include showrooms showcasing the best unique mid-century modern items. You can find essential pieces of furnishing items for your room space.

As a new designer, you can get advice from the sellers about what items you should buy for your home space. Recommendations from experienced sellers are necessary.

The sources of goods in antique stores are wide. These shops usually collect furnishing items from estate sales, auctions, and residents nearby. They have manufacturers who maintain and rebuild all broken parts of the furniture. That’s why the old furniture will still work as new.

The store owners decide the prices of furniture in antique shops. However, there is no fixed cost for the items. You can feel free to negotiate with the sellers for the best price.

Retail home products stores sell low-cost MCM furniture

Big retailers are the best places that most people visit to find mid-century modern furniture. However, the big stores have to manage broad categories of products. It is still better to come to retail stores focusing on home furniture.

The home product stores will not provide tons of options as big retailers do, but all pieces of furniture have been carefully chosen. Despite the small list, the products are unique and beautiful. You may even find rare mid-century modern furniture that no other stores sell.

There are the two most famous retail home product stores you can refer to below. They provide the most affordable mid-century modern furniture.

1. At Home

At Home is a trustable retail home products store that sells unique equipment for different house rooms. You can always find mid-century modern furnishing items for your kitchen, storage, bedroom, living room, and bathroom.

At Home collects and provides various essentials, including curtains, rugs, cleaning, and outdoor equipment. There are even stuff based on special year occasions.

You can rest in mind about the furniture price. At Home has many great programs that give good deals to customers. 1 of the top benefits of buying at At Home is the 10% OFF discount for the second purchase.

2. HomeGoods

HomeGoods collects items from over 16000 vendors. They carefully picked each product for the best style and reliable functions.

The great thing about HomeGoods is that it updates new products daily. HomeGoods has diverse categories of mid-century modern furniture, from lighting, decorations, and kitchen items to small rugs like pillows, furniture for kids and pets, etc. Customers can find unique mid-century modern furniture every time they visit the site.

Products on HomeGoods are already at an affordable price. But if you buy the furniture on special occasions, you can even get a discount or free shipping fees.

15+ Affordable Pieces Of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

How to decorate mid-century modern on a budget? Let's discover affordable mid-century modern furniture for sale below.

The Affordable Brown Mid-Century Modern Dresser (< $600)  

The Cheap Brown Mid-Century Modern Drawer Chest (< $500)    

The Affordable Blue Tufted Mid-Century Modern Chair (< $400)  

The Affordable Blue Tufted Mid-Century Modern Sofa (< $550)

The Tapered Bed - Affordable Mid Century modern bedroom furniture (< $400)  

The Wood Mid-Century Modern Chest (< $400) 

The Upholstered Mid-Century Modern Settee (< $500)

The High Leg Mid-Century Modern Recliner (< $700)

Playful Mid-Century Modern Blue (< $400) 

The Amala Mid-Century Modern Chair (Best Splurge)

Affordable mid century modern sofa.  

Cheap mid century modern chair.

Mid Century Coffee Table Style

15+ Cheapest MCM decor ideas you'll love

Let's take a look at the 20 mid-century modern apartment decorating ideas we've compiled below.

Affordable mid century modern furniture living room idea.

Affordable mid century modern furniture living room idea. 

Cheap mid century modern furniture living room idea. 

Used mid century modern furniture living room idea.  

Vintage mid century modern furniture living room idea. 

Affordable mid century modern bedroom idea.

Affordable mid century modern bedroom idea.

Affordable mid century modern bedroom idea.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Idea.  

Mid-century modern plants in a suitable space.  

affordable-mid-century-modern-furniture-24 (1)
Mid-century Modern Dining Room Ideas  

Last Words: Places to purchase cheap mid-century modern furniture

We have shared with you the best stores to purchase affordable mid-century modern furniture in 2023. They are all the most trustable destinations we have picked from thousands of shops around the globe.

To summarize, you can buy most affordable mid-century modern furniture from the following best stores:

Online retailers:

  • Wayfair.
  • Amazon.
  • Apartment Therapy Bazaar.
  • Target.
  • AllModern.
  • Walmart.
  • Apt2B.
  • Hayneedle.

Resale websites:

  • AptDeco.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • OfferUp.

Retail home products stores:

  • At Home.
  • HomeGoods.

And local antique shops. 

If you need more recommendations for where to buy low-price mid-century modern furniture, get in touch with us. We still have many good places nearby your area to share with you.

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