Getting pet-friendly materials for furniture can simplify cleaning and make your life much easier. To help you out, Adria Workshop will recommend the top 10 pet-friendly furniture fabrics to look for when shopping. Read them below!

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Woven Fabrics

Woven fabrics, like some chenille, felt, and other fabrics with visual texture or subtle patterns, are a good choice when you have pets. They have three dimensions, which means that they help to conceal pet hair and scratches. They perform with pets if you choose a mid-tone or darker fabric color rather than a light one.

pet friendly furniture fabric 1
Elle Decor Olivia Track-arm Sofa with Solid Wood Base.

The Elle Decor Olivia Upholstered Sofa is beautiful and durable, perfect for anywhere in your living room. More importantly, the easy-to-clean woven fabric and reversible cushions make it an obvious choice for pet parents. 

pet friendly furniture fabric 2
The fabrics used to create Adria Workshop's Cue Lounge Chair are pet-friendly, stain- and scratch-resistant.

Available in two color combinations, the Cue Lounge Chair is the perfect combination of classy and cozy. Add a throw blanket for an ultra-comfy landing spot that you and your pet will adore.

Short-Pile Cotton Velour

If you love the look of soft velvet, velour is a great alternative for pet-friendly living room furniture. This stretchy blend is made from cotton and polyester, which is less appealing to cats due to the lack of loose threads or raised weaves. This velvet lookalike stands up well against rubbing, making it ideal for families with animals of all sizes.

pet friendly furniture fabric 3
AllModern's George 82-inch sofa is upholstered in polyester velvet fabric.

This Chesterfield sofa anchors your room design with a statement style. It has an eye-catching design and a vintage feel. The frame of this sofa is also made of solid wood that has been dried in a kiln and is built to last.

Low-Pile Fabrics

If you’re looking for pet-friendly furniture, consider a low-pile fabric such as microfiber or synthetic velvet. These materials do not show wear and are also hypoallergenic, making them suitable for any household. They're frequently tightly woven, making them easy to clean and claw-proof.

pet friendly furniture fabric 4
The Klippan loveseat is made from Vissle fabric in polyester. 

We adore this Ikea pet-friendly sectional for people with pets. Ikea's pet-friendly sofa is a reasonably small two-seater, so it’s best for people with smaller pets like cats or small dogs.

pet friendly furniture fabric 5
Rico Dining Chair (Set of 2) by Adria Workshop is the most pet-friendly living room furniture.

Adria Workshop’s Rico Dining Chair is upholstered in durable, easy-to-clean synthetic fiber. This elegant chair comes in three neutral fabric colors and is the perfect finishing touch for a simple room. Plus, it’s easy to wipe away the dirt on this chair, which is ideal for the occasionally messy pooch.


Leather is ideal for pet owners because fur won't stick and settle on your furniture. You can vacuum it and use specialized detergents to keep the leather soft. Also, it is less porous than other materials and does not absorb scents.

pet friendly furniture fabric 6
A pet-friendly upholstery lounge chair from Adria Workshop.

Looking for a chair that’s both comfortable and stylish? Look no further than the Cue Lounge Chair Leather from Adria Workshop. This chair is made of soft, luxurious leather and has clean, simple lines and a timeless design that works well in modern and traditional styles.

Synthetic Materials

Many pet owners prefer synthetic materials when picking a pet-friendly furniture fabric. It is because they are low-maintenance and do not require professionals to clean regularly. You do not have to worry about spills or drool because liquids easily slip away from them. 

pet friendly furniture fabric 7
The Waterton Wide Wingback Chair is made of synthetic, pet-friendly furniture fabric.

The Waterton Wide Wingback Chair brings a pop of color and an intriguing design to any corner of your home. Also, the foam-filled polyester upholstery on the button-backed seat makes it very comfortable for pet owners and their dogs.

Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor fabrics are designed to stand up to the harsh weather outside. They can repel water, resist stains, and even fend off bacteria. These plus points make them a great choice for pet owners. These fabrics are now available in a wide range of colors and styles to choose from while shopping for pet-friendly furniture fabrics.

pet friendly furniture fabric 8
Berkeley Upholstered Sofas come in almost a hundred different fabric colors. 

The Berkeley track-arm sofa is great for relaxing because it has stylish low-block legs and soft cushions. With two seat cushions and two back cushions, it is a great pick that caters to pets and overnight guests alike.

Protected Fabrics

If you prefer a fabric sofa that is more comfortable and cozy for your pets to snuggle up on, look into protected fabrics to ensure that spills and crumbs do not damage the sofa for too long. To preserve leather sofas further, you can dress them with blankets or throws that are machine washable.

pet friendly furniture fabric 9
Marina dining chairs in mid-century modern design are the best pet-friendly furniture.

The Mariana upholstery dining chair by Adria Workshop is a simple piece with a pet-friendly light-performance fabric. Plus, its versatile design lets you use it for nightly family dinners or any special occasion when you have guests. 


When looking for pet-friendly furniture fabric, canvas is an excellent option. Because it is challenging and tightly woven, pet hair cannot become deeply embedded in the fibers. You must remove the cover when it gets dirty and toss it into the washing machine to quickly wipe out dirt, dander, and hair.

pet friendly furniture fabric 10
Upholstered sofa measuring 88.6 inches long for a small living room.

The canvas couch from Latitude Run is perfect for you and your giant dog to cuddle up on. It is covered in a durable black canvas fabric and has sturdy wooden legs. Its dark fabric will also help hide the dirt your pet drags in.


Denim is a great choice for pet owners in much the same way that canvas is. It’s easy to get rid of pet hair from denim furniture. And it won’t get stained by drool or pee. Plus, denim as a material puts up a tough front against your pet's claws, so you won't have to worry about pulls. 

pet friendly furniture fabric 11
This loveseat is made of a pet-friendly furniture fabric called denim.

Made from denim, a pet-friendly furniture fabric in dark blue, this slipcover can be easily brushed free of excess debris or dirt. You can add some colorful throw pillows to spruce up this sofa. 


Microfiber is a synthetic material known for its stain-and water-resistant properties. It has a soft, velvet-like texture and a tight weave that won't get snagged by your pet's claws. If you are considering microfiber upholstery fabric for the sofa, your room will look cozy and perfect for your home design. 

pet friendly furniture fabric 12
The Serta Palisades 61" sofa: a modern design loveseat for pet owners.

The Serta Palisades microfiber couch is the ideal spot to lounge in a cozy nook of the living room. With 11 color options, you’re bound to find a shade that complements your living room beautifully.

Tips for choosing pet-friendly furniture fabric

  • Choosing a fabric with a tight weave will be an excellent choice to keep your pet’s hair from getting embedded inside.
  • If you have a shedding pet, consider fabrics that are easy to spot-clean or vacuum. If you have a messy pet, feel stain-resistant materials.
  • Darker colors, such as gray, brown, and green, and block patterns that help to hide dirt and hair.
  • Choosing furniture depends on the color of your pet. A light-colored fabric will be a better choice if you have a white-haired pet.
  • Pet owners should avoid chenille, velvet, silk, and tweed shopping for pet-friendly furniture.
  • Choosing quality pet-friendly furniture brands.
  • Don’t forget to ask about guarantees and return policies before making a final decision.

Any pet owner will find it hard to choose a fabric for furniture that is safe for their pet, but it is essential for both you and your pet. With many great options listed above, Adria Workshop hopes you will find the ideal fabric for your furry friend.