Ottoman chairs are a great addition to any living space. They can function as a coffee table, a footstool, or a storage space. Because of its versatility, this furniture is becoming increasingly popular in living rooms. However, you should carefully consider exhibiting an ottoman in the living room. Adria Workshop  provides various ottoman chair decoration ideas for your living area.

What is an Ottoman Chair?

An ottoman is a low-sitting upholstered stool on the ground without arms and a backrest. The ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture with a cushion on top of a sturdy frame.  Ottomans are designed to handle the weight of a person sitting on them, so they can also serve as extra seating in your home.

Contemporary designers hollowed out the interior and upholstered it to make storage ottomans to boost the functionality of the long-standing piece of furniture. The seat may be hinged and form a lid for the internal hollow, which might be used to store linen, periodicals, or other goods. People today use a few ottomans instead of the typical coffee table in many design spaces and living rooms.


An Ottoman chair is a low-sitting upholstered stool on the ground without arms and a backrest.

History of Ottoman chair

Ottomans, which can also be called tuffets, hassocks, or poufs, came to Europe from Turkey. In Turkey, families used cushions to cover them and sit in groups like modern sofas without arms and backs. In addition to being useful seats, they were the main design feature of the living room or common area.

When the idea of ottomans spread to Europe, craftspeople made a copy with three walls. The ottoman chair evolved into a more compact design that only needed one corner instead of three to fit.

Ottomans took on their familiar octagonal and circular shapes in the nineteenth century. The rise of nightclubs meant that ottomans were seen by more people, leading to them becoming standard furniture in homes today.

Because of their simplicity and plainness, people usually use ottoman chairs in any room. Sometimes, these padded and upholstered footstools that look like benches are used instead of sofas. They are made in the same style as the original Turkish furniture. 

To make the long-standing piece of furniture more functional, modern designers hollowed out the inside and upholstered it to make an ottoman chair with storage. Nowadays, a few ottoman chairs are used instead of the traditional coffee table in many design spaces and living rooms.

History of Ottoman chair

To increase the functionality of the long-standing piece of furniture, contemporary designers have created it into a storage ottoman chair.

Ottoman Size Guide

It's crucial to consider how the ottoman's dimensions will affect the room's aesthetic before making a purchase is vital. An ottoman should be less than half the length of your sofa to fit in your living room. This chart can help you proportion your living space.


Sofa Size





Suggested (Minimum)

Ottoman Size





Another way is to choose the ottoman size by its use. The size of your ottoman will dictate how easy it is to use for your designated purpose.


Ottoman Size Guide 1
The ottoman chair has different sizes from 25’’ to 40’’ which can help you proportion your living room.

Working with a small space, you'll probably want something smaller. Small ottomans are 70-80 cm long and virtually look and act like stools. They'll still help rest your feet, but only yours - no sharing with friends, flatmates, or partners! They also make an excellent, albeit tiny, drinks tray.

Ottoman Size Guide 2
An ottoman chair that measures 80 to 100 cm in length is the best choice if your room is of average size.

If your room is of average size, a mid-sized ottoman, which measures 80 to 100 cm in length, is the best option. You won't have to sacrifice versatility or utility with something this size. It should satisfy all of your needs while also being fashionable.


Ottoman Size Guide 3
A large ottoman chair is ideal for a large family or a house with plenty of space.

Those who have ample space or large families will like a giant ottoman. Depending on their shape, the height of large objects can range from 100 to 120 cm or more. Once you lay out with your feet on one of these gorgeous sofas, you will never want to leave the living room again.


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How do you decorate an ottoman chair?

Add a Tray

​​One of the simplest yet most effective ways to decorate an ottoman is by placing a tray on top. A decorative serving tray adds another layer of pattern and texture to the room’s decor. It's also a great way to add various decorative touches to the ottoman without making the mid-century modern room look cluttered. 

You can place one or two decorative items, such as a flower vase or an aromatic candle, on the tray to add visual interest and fresh, intriguing scents to the space. When styling the ottoman with a tray, remember that the tray's shape should match that of the ottoman. Multiple trays of different sizes and shapes can be put on more large ottomans to make the room feel more eclectic and to fill the space.

Add a Tray
Placing a tray on top of an ottoman chair is a simple but elegant way to dress it up.

Toss on a Throw

Using a decorative throw to style an ottoman will help tie the entire room together and make it look more inviting. Furthermore, a blanket draped over the top of the ottoman can be very useful for extra warmth on cold nights. 

Toss on a Throw
Draping a blanket draped over an ottoman chair will make it ten times more inviting.

Display Magazines or Books

Ottoman chairs are ideal for displaying one's favorite hardcovers and magazines. Stacking similar-sized books or magazines will result in a stylish yet casual decoration. To maintain a clean aesthetic, you shouldn't place more than three or four books in the same style or color on top of an ottoman. This will result in a one-of-a-kind centerpiece with a stack of books that does not detract from the room's harmony and design.

Display Magazines or Books
The ottoman chair can be decorated in a casually chic way by stacking books or magazines of similar sizes.

Add Pillows

If your ottoman is primarily used for lounging and is backed up against a wall, window, or bed, pillows can relax the space.

Add Pillows
Pillows make an ottoman chair more inviting and add visual appeal by adding texture.

Leave it Bare

An ottoman doesn't need to be decorated. Yes, this piece of furniture covered in fabric is lovely, just like it is, and sometimes it works better without any decorations.

Leave it Bare
Leaving it bare is sometimes the best ottoman chair decoration idea.

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9 trendy ottoman decoration ideas in your living room

Adding an ottoman, or a few, to your home increases its potential to become the focal point of your space, so take all the time you need to not only style it but to make it functional as possible. If you're looking for design ideas to spruce up your existing ottoman, or if you need more convincing to add one to your space, keep reading! Here are some of our recommended ottoman decoration ideas for your living room.

Tuck under a table

Needs more seating but doesn’t have the space? Ottomans are a perfect solution for seating that can be pulled out when needed. Besides being used as storage or side tables, ottomans can be used as miniature stools for extra seating when there are more guests than chairs. When not needed, tuck seating under the table, and the ottoman now serves a wholly different function.

Tuck under a table
Keep a pair of ottomans under a console so they’re ready when the need arises.

Create a bar station on the ottoman

If you have a decorative ottoman in your living room and don't need a bar station or a coffee table anymore. With this ottoman decor idea, you won't have to get up from the couch to make a drink. At first, you may think the surface of this chair can prove tricky for bottles and glasses, but luckily, turning an ottoman chair into a bar station is simple. 

To morph your ottoman into the cocktail table of your hosting dreams, tuck away any trinkets or books currently out on display. You can place  a decorative tray on top to serve as a bar station with glasses, whiskey, and a classic decanter. Besides, be sure you choose trays that offer plenty of space for putting down glasses without fear of knocking anything over.

Create a bar station on ottomanDecorating your ottoman chair to create a bar station in your living room.

Add casual style

The living room in the below picture is awash with light blues and whites. The crocheted pouf ottoman has a lived-in appearance that makes it feel homely and appealing. While neutral, the knitted texture keeps the ottoman interesting. The beach theme is continued with accessories such as flowers and seashells.

Add casual style
The knitted pouf ottoman chair looks like it has been used for a long time, which makes the living room feel friendly and warm.

Create an element of contrast

An ottoman featuring colors and textures contrasting the furniture adds personality to your living room and becomes a great accent piece. If you typically prefer traditional or monochromatic themes, this is one way to experiment with color in your living room. You should find an ottoman with contrasting colors from the rest of your furniture to lend style to your room.

You can decorate a living room with a colorful ottoman and a white or brown theme. The green ottoman design in this living room contrasts with the white wall and neutral floors. Adding a checkered pattern made a boring ottoman so much more enjoyable. As a result, placing this ottoman chair in your living room is a great way to be bold with design ideas and create an element of contrast in a room.

Create an element of contrast
An ottoman chair is a great way to be bold with design ideas and create an element of contrast in a room.

Choose a durable leather design

If luxury and comfort are your priorities in your living room, an ottoman made from leather is the best option. The leather of ottoman chairs is a sturdy, stylish, and comfortable piece of furniture. They are also timeless and will never go out of style, considering they are made of premium leather and can be paired with any interior design style.

In this picture, a leather ottoman chair paired with a white sofa is a handsome setup. These two timeless materials play so nicely together and are styled with modern accents, keeping this space from being dated. This leather ottoman not only supports your feet or serves as extra seating but also offers a spacious room for storage inside.

Choose a durable leather design
Choosing a durable material, such as leather, will ensure that your ottoman ideas last in your home.

Coordinate with your curtains

To create a cohesive design scheme, a simple styling tip for your ottoman chair is to match the piece with the color ideas used for your living room curtains. This combination gives the living room a soothing, elegant, and calming environment and decoration.

Coordinate with your curtains

Matching your ottoman chairs to your existing color of curtains can make the piece feel integrated into your space.

Create a relaxed look with a low ottoman

A low ottoman without feet is a referable piece of furniture in living room decoration ideas. The primary reason for this is that people enjoy the relaxed atmosphere it creates in their living rooms. 

As Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' Digital Editor , has said, 'A low ottoman can create a more contemporary, informal feel in a room. Being grounded to the floor embraces a laid-back feeling and can make people comfortable walking into a room. In this living room, the low ottoman complements the same color sofa perfectly, creating an inviting, soft atmosphere and gathering point in the center.

Create a relaxed look with a low ottomanA low ottoman without feet can help to create a more relaxed atmosphere in a living room.

Use an integrated coffee table, and ottoman design

Ottomans are commonly seen as seats, not tables. However, numerous inventive, integrated coffee tables and ottoman designs neatly mix the two pieces of furniture. Many designs combine a sturdy coffee table surface with the soft, soothing components of an ottoman placed beneath it. This Ottoman decoration idea is an improved, versatile design ideal for small living room ideas.

Use an integrated coffee table and ottoman design
Coffee tables with ottomans underneath are great for small living rooms and also look great in large living rooms.

Use as a platform for decorative trays and objects

Ottomans are known for having an excellent surface where you can put pretty trays, ornaments, and other accessories. An ottoman chair is a valuable platform that can be elegantly decorated with flowers, books, and other items, similar to a coffee table or side table. Styling them with items like these can help them feel more personal and connected to a room.

Use as a platform for decorative trays and objects
A widespread use for ottomans is as a place to set down decorative items like serving trays or objects.

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Because of its simple design and large surface area, an ottoman can be used to show off a variety of decorative and functional items. Adria Workshop provides the ottoman chair's history and 9 modern ways to style an ottoman in the living room. The Adria Workshop blog is the place to go if you're looking for fresh, original, and inexpensive home décor ideas.