Decorating a new  bedroom is not an easy task. If you’re designing or decorating your bedroom from scratch, you’ll probably need some help, especially if it’s your first time! Don’t worry,  Adria Workshop    will help you discover more  new bedroom decor ideas  in this article!

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Small bedroom decorating ideas

Add a mirror to a small bedroom

One of the best  small bedroom decor ideas   is to add a mirror. The mirror reflects the light around the small space, making the room brighter and more aesthetically pleasing. You can put a mirror on the wall opposite a window to remember plenty of natural light into the room.

new bedroom decor ideas 1
Add a few mirrors to create the illusion of more space.

Get Your Window Treatments Right

It's best to keep simple window treatments in small rooms. Heavy curtains can make your space feel even smaller and darker. Instead, light and neutral curtains will let in plenty of natural light. Don't forget to match the colors of your curtains to the design of your room to make it look bigger and brighter.

new bedroom decor ideas 2
Keep the window treatments simple.

Elevate Your Lighting

Lighting is one of the best  new bedroom decor ideas that  maximize your space    and create a cozy atmosphere. Low-profile lamps and slim fixtures are preferred but don’t be afraid to go for an oversized lamp if it is a decorative piece that fits well with the theme of your room.

new bedroom decor ideas 3
Use lighting to decorate your bedroom as a  cozy home decor idea .

Install a Built-in Wardrobe

A floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobe is  clever furniture for small spaces    . It not only makes use of all the vertical space but also makes the room feel more expensive. Although built-in wardrobes are not movable, the biggest benefit is that you can customize them in sizes, colors, materials, and accessories to match your style and requirements.

new bedroom decor ideas 4
Consider built-in wardrobes when planning your bedroom renovation

Try a Chalkboard Wall

Are you looking for some unique  bedroom wall decor ideas ? A chalkboard wall is indeed one of the best design trends this year that you can consider. Some people leave their chalkboard walls alone to give their homes a more refined look, while others change the messages on the walls and the decorations around them. This is a perfect way to showcase your artistic skills. 

new bedroom decor ideas 5
A chalkboard wall is a perfect way to make a statement in your room.

Floating a bedroom nightstand

A floating nightstand is a smart option for new bedroom decor ideas. You can easily install it at a height that works best for your needs rather than a fixed height set by the bedroom furniture manufacturer. Floating nightstands are much smaller than regular ones and don't take up any floor space.

new bedroom decor ideas 6
Maximize a small bedroom with a floating nightstand.

Use a side table as a nightstand

Use your nightstand as a side table   if you seek small bedroom decorating ideas   on a budget. Style it with your favorite layout, including a unique large mirror and chic table lamp. And remember to keep your table clutter-free at all times.

new bedroom decor ideas 7
Find the right console table and use it as a nightstand.

Simple bedroom decorating ideas

Keep a Minimalist Look

The  minimalist   decorating style provides a clean and serene vibe that is ideal for the bedroom. Note that minimalist does not mean without personality, style, or decorations. The ideal minimalist bedroom has plenty of natural lighting, well-chosen artwork, and furniture that keeps the look appealing.

new bedroom decor ideas 8
The minimalist style gives a simple aesthetic to your bedroom.

Prepare good bedding

One of the simplest ways to spruce up your bedroom is to change your bedding. Golds and yellows are extravagant, pastel pinks offer a hint of sophistication, and tranquil greens provide a calming atmosphere.

new bedroom decor ideas 9
Bedding ideas for simple bedroom makeovers

Mix Interesting Neutrals

Sarah Sherman Samuel , an interior designer, says to add texture to a neutral bedroom if you want to give it more personality. Faux fur blankets, knit and nubby pillows, rustic wood accents, area rugs or wall-to-wall carpets, wallpaper, and fabric window treatments are some bedroom decoration items you can try.

new bedroom decor ideas 10
Use texture to make a bedroom enjoyable.

Modern bedroom ideas 

Consider an interior designer for your bedroom

Are you considering hiring a bedroom interior designer? That’s a great idea! Professional interior designers can help you create a space that’s perfect for you. They have numerous  new bedroom decor ideas that are incredibly practical and unique and make maximum use of your room.

new bedroom decor ideas 11
Hire a professional interior designer for your bedroom.

Consider your storage

Opt for furniture with built-in storage to avoid clutter in your bedroom. Think about an  ottoman   bed where the mattress can be lifted to show the underside. Divan  beds   are another option for stylish storage. These can be pulled out for easy access at any time.

new bedroom decor ideas 12
Consider some hidden storage options for your room.

Bring greenery indoor plants to your bedroom

If you like the idea of a plant-filled room, try it in your bedroom. A potted  indoor plant   has always been an excellent go-to for bedroom interiors. No matter what kind of plant you choose and where you put it, plants will brighten up your room and refresh your soul.

new bedroom decor ideas 13
Enhance the look of the bedroom with natural greenery.

Add a rug on the bedroom floor

Using  carpets   is one of the best  new bedroom decor ideas , as they add an aesthetic look and a cozy feeling. The best rugs for master bedrooms are typically plush and high-pile, while a light-colored rug with a simple texture will be perfect for smaller rooms.

new bedroom decor ideas 14
Make your bedroom more inviting by adding an area rug.

Bedroom walls decor idea

It’s not hard or expensive to spruce up your boring walls. One of the simplest  new bedroom decor ideas is to hang a dried branch or a piece of driftwood. You can hang some eye-catching art pieces to fill your walls and add color to your room.

new bedroom decor ideas 15
Decorate a blank wall in your bedroom.

New bedroom decor with suitable colors

Create a bedroom with Viva Magenta

Decorating with Viva Magenta, the  Pantone color of the year 2023 , is one of 2023’s bedroom decor trends. This color is earthy yet vibrant and warm and looks very striking in the bedroom interior. You can add a touch of crimson red to your bedroom by hanging Viva Magenta curtains on your windows. Or, lay down a magenta-colored carpet if you want to add more class to your room. 

new bedroom decor ideas 16
Decorate with the color of 2023 - Viva Magenta is the 2023 bedroom decor trend.

Decorate your bedroom with blue

Many people decorate their rooms with blue due to its tranquil vibe, which is inherently soothing and helps people feel at ease. You can paint the walls blue or add other blue touches to your room. The furniture, carpet, artwork, pillows, bedding, and curtains can be blue.

new bedroom decor ideas 17
Bring serenity and tranquility to your room by adding hues of blue.

Consider your color palette

Using  neutral color   palettes is ideal for  new bedroom decor ideas.  Consider calming beige, grays, and taupes because they create a feeling of spaciousness. And don't forget to add deeper splashes of color or more personality to your linens and artwork.

new bedroom decor ideas 18
Select the appropriate colors and paints for your bedroom.

Change bedding seasonally

Switching out your bedding and drapes is an easy way to give your room a new look. Even though it might cost a little, this is a great way to keep your room from getting boring.

new bedroom decor ideas 19
Making seasonal changes to your bedding.

Create an art collection in the bedroom 

Instead of one or two large pieces, create a stunning bedroom design photo gallery. Make sure each piece has something in common, like all neutral-toned art, black-and-white printed photos, or natural wood frames. This will prevent the bedroom from looking messy and cluttered.

new bedroom decor ideas 20
The art collection is great for showcasing a range of unique artistic designs.


With these  new bedroom decor ideas , your space will always look stylish and appealing, no matter the season. Follow  Adria Workshop’s blog   to stay updated on the best news about interior design trends and  house decor ideas .