Neutral home decor has recently become a popular choice among many interior designers. Your unique style creates a calm, minimal, and relaxed space in your rooms. A neutral home style will help you relax and rest your mind after a hard-working day.

In this article, Adria Workshop will define the term "neutral decor." Also, you can refer to our warm neutral home decor ideas and learn the best decorating tips for a neutral house. Please scroll down and have a look

What is neutral color?

Neutral colors are muted shades that look like they don't have any color, but they often have colors underneath that change when the light changes. Examples of neutral colors include beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white.

Neutral is a color made up of colors that are opposites of each other and go well with both primary and secondary colors. You can lighten or darken neutral colors using black or white.

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living room neutral home decor
Neutral home decor for living rooms. (Source: internet).

How to do neutral home decor? 5 neutral home decorating tips

Here are some general neutral home decor ideas for creating rustic or farmhouse-neutral home decor.

Neutral home decorating with neutral colors

Combining two complementary hues creates the four most common neutrals: black, white, brown, and gray. Because they lack any apparent undertones of color, we refer to these neutrals as "pure." These hues adjust flexibly due to the lighting conditions in the room.

You may notice the popular neutral colors of interior design used for home decor, such as beige, gray, cream, brown, black, white, and taupe. Keep in mind that neutrals do not belong to the color wheel. Instead, they are just complimented for their primary and secondary colors.

living room neutral
Neutral home decor is a famous home decor style. (Source: Adobe Stock).
neutral home decor ideas
Decorating a neutral living room with neutral color scheme of beige, brown, and white (Source: Adobe Stock)
neutral home decor living room-1
When you set up neutral house decor, you can mix the neutral color palette (Source: Internet).
neutral home decor
The four most common neutrals are black, white, brown, and gray (Source: Internet).

Add cool colors for neutral home decor

Neutral colors affect mental well-being directly. When decorating a neutral house, you should change how strong the warm and cool colors are to set the room's mood.

Neutral colors include warm and cool tones. The cool colors appear with underlying hues such as blue, purple, or green. The most common cool neutrals are grey, taupe, and ivory. Cool neutral home decor will create a calm atmosphere that relaxes people.

Add cool tones
Cool neutral home decor will create a calm atmosphere that makes people relaxed and serene (Source: Internet).
cool tone neutral home decor
Add calm tone in neutral home decor (Source: internet).

Choose warm colors to create warm neutral home decor

On the other hand, with more warm tones, your room will evoke a strong feeling. The warm neutrals include colors that have pink, orange, or yellow undertones, such as beige, tan, or gold. Warm neutral home decor will make your home cozier, and you will usually feel happy, optimistic, and energetic.

warm tones neutral home decor
You can add warm colors like pink when decorating a neutral home, making the house cozier. (Source: internet).
warm tone neutral home decor
Warm home decor is an example of neutral house decor ideas. (Source: internet)

Neutral wall decor

The neutral wall decor should not compete with the colors of other furniture or objects in your room. Please remember that neutrals are complements of different colors. We recommend you choose a muted neutral color for neutral wall decor, such as black, brown, white, or gray.

You should choose a neutral color to create neutral wall decor (Source: Internet).
neutral wall decor
You can decorate your neutral wall decor with artwork and images (Source: internet).

The neutral background should not compete to do a neutral home decor

One example for the silent background color (Source: Internet).

A neutral room needs textures

Like other design styles (contemporary styleindustrial styleMetropolitan StyleScandinavian StyleMid-century modern style), designing a neutral house requires a combination of different textures. Since neutrals lack colors, the surfaces highlight the room and play the most critical role in your house’s design.

The room will be beautiful if it combines textures such as nubby, fluffy, soft, weave, rough, gritty, and wooly patterns. Mixing different textures will prevent your neutral house from looking flat.

A neutral room needs texture.
Decorate a neutral room by combining different textures (Source: Internet).

Enhance the look of neutral home decor with greenery

Decorating with indoor plants is the best option to enhance the beauty of any neutral-colored house. Decorating with houseplants will help create a fresh and calm atmosphere. The beautiful green color will work as a highlight in front of the neutral background.

Many plants work well with white or gray backgrounds and don’t need much light from the outside. The most common plants people choose for neutral home decorating can be found at best indoor plants decor or cool indoor plants.

greenery neutral home decor
Decorate neutral living room with greenery (Source: Internet)

Neutral furniture

Consider the size of the neutral furniture you select for your small house interior. We suggest using a big piece of furniture because it adds design weight and makes the room look bigger. You can choose objects like a big bookcase or an oversized flower vase.

Most neutral pieces of furniture are beige or brown and are constructed of wood. Beautiful pieces of neutral furniture, such as stools made of rustic wood, coffee tables made of dark wood, and dining tables, are displayed here.

Neutral colors are popular in home decor (Sources: Adria Workshop).

Neutral decoration items

There are many standard pieces of beautiful neutral furniture for home decor on a budget, such as:

  • Carpets.
  • Baskets.
  • Pillows.
  • Throws.
  • Window curtains.
  • Tufted rugs.
  • Fringe.

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warm neutral home decor living room
Decorate neutral pillows to make a cozy home decor idea  (Source: internet)
Neutral furniture
The beige rugs can make your warm neutral home decor living room (Source: Internet).
Neutral furniture
You can use rattan baskets to decorate your neutral home (Source: Internet).

Put some pillows with neutral knit covers on your sofa to decorate neutral home decor (Source: Internet).

Top 39+ neutral home decor ideas for every room

When asked how to decorate your home in neutrals, here are some ideas for neutral home decor room by room.

Neutral home decor living room design

This neutral home decor idea is based on mixing white and black colors to make a neutral scheme that is simple but striking. You can create a black tone for your paneled accent wall with white shiplap lines.

The neutral living room design highlights the black and white pieces of furniture. Consider where each piece of furniture should go to complement the contrasting colors.

Black paint will not make your wall dark. It would be best to use satin or semi-gloss colors, as they help create a slightly reflective finish.

white neutral home decor
White neutral home decor for living room (Source: internet)
rustic neutral home decor living room
Fall-neutral home decor for living room (Source: internet)
neutral home decor living room
Modern neutral home decor for living room (Source: internet)
farmhouse neutral home decor living room
Rustic neutral home decor for living room (Source: internet)
modern neutral home decor living room
Neutral home decor living room (Source: internet).
fall neutral home decor living room
Farmhouse neutral home decor for living room (Source: internet)
cool neutral home decor living room
Rustic wood neutral home decor living room (Source: internet)
brown neutral home decor
Cozy neutral home decor living room (Source: internet).
beige neutral home decor living room
Neutral home decor living room design (Source: Internet).
Ideas for a cool tone neutral living room (Source: Internet).


Neutral home decor bedroom design ideas

The critical piece of neutral furniture in the bedroom is the bed. You will need to decorate your bedroom in a modern minimalist style and match it with your closet, dresser, lighting source, and nightstand.

Our affordable home decor plan uses a black iron bed as a focal point against a background of creamy white walls. Wood nightstands on either side of the bed can help to balance the space. An alternative piece of furniture for nightstands is a cube stool.

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wood neutral home decor bedorom
Warm neutral home decor bedroom (Source: internet).
warm neutral home decor bedroom
Wood home decor bedroom. (Source: internet)
rustic neutral home decor bedroom
Rustic neutral home decor bedroom (Source: internet).
neutral home decor bedroom
Cool tone neutral home decor bedroom. (Source: internet)
neutral home decor 2 bedroom
A blue curtain makes your neutral home decor bedroom calmer (Source: internet)
fall neutral home decor bedroom
Brown neutral home decor bedroom.  (Source: internet)
cozy neutral home decor bedroom
Decorate your bedroom with rustic neutral home decor (Source: internet).
cool neutral home decor
Modern neutral bedroom as an example of neutral home decor. (Source: internet)
brown neutral home decor bedroom
Decorating your bedroom with farmhouse-neutral home decor (Source: internet).
beige neutral home decor bedroom
Neutral home decor ideas for bedroom (Source: internet)

Ideas for neutral bedroom (Source: Internet).

Ideas for neutral bedroom design (Source: Internet).

Decorating neutral home decor kitchen ideas

The neutral wall decor in a neutral kitchen design should be classic gray. You can improve the accents in your kitchen by putting white subway tiles, lovely brass, and flush-mount lights on the walls.

The cooking surface should be broad. You can put a large table with white countertops in the middle of the kitchen, surrounded by brown wooden stools. Also, consider adding pendant lamps to increase the elegance of the room.

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warm neutral home decor kitchen
Decorating neutral home decor kitchen (Source: internet)
neutral home decor dining room
Bright and brown neutral home decor ideas for the kitchen (Source: internet)
warm neutral home decor dining room
Warm neutral kitchen and dining room ideas (Source: internet)
farmhouse neutral home decor
Modern neutral kitchen ideas (Source: internet)
Neutral kitchen design
Cool neutral kitchen design (Source: Internet).
Neutral kitchen design
One of the ideas for neutral kitchen home decor design (Source: Internet).
Neutral kitchen design
Neutral kitchen design ideas (Source: Internet).

Neutral bathroom design

You can design a neutral house, as a bathroom is a place for relaxation. That's why the neutral colors for this room should be simple. Consider using gray, white, tan, beige, and cream. Pastels are also an excellent neutral home decor idea for the background.

There is no need to choose complex products. The furniture set for a neutral bathroom is simple. You need a beadboard wall, an oval bathtub, a soft fabric chandelier, and a wooden vanity.

warm neutral home decor bathroom
Neutral home decor bathroom ideas (Source: internet)
greenery bathroom neutral home decor
Bring some greenery into the neutral home decor bathroom (Source: internet)
fall neutral home decor bathroom
Wood neutral home decor bathroom for anyone love neutral style (Source: internet)
bathroom neutral home decor
Neutral bathroom design (Source: Internet).
Neutral bathroom design
Ideas for neutral bathroom design (Source: Internet).

Last Words

The article has shown everything about decorating with neutral home decor. We hope you found this information helpful in designing your own neutral house. Just make sure that you follow our guide and tips above!

Please follow the Adria Workshop blog to see more new posts. We will share new decoration tips, guides, and home decor style ideas in the future.

All are for the most beautiful home decor! Many thanks for reading!

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