A modest living room can be just as practical and elegant as a large one. However, no matter how small a place is, there are designer tricks to make it appear much larger than it is. Check out  Adria Workshop 's modern small  living room ideas   and tips for  decorating your home , such as how to choose furniture, how to arrange it, what color to paint the walls, and how to light the room. This will help people make the most of elegant small living room ideas.



Modern Small Living Room Ideas1

Modern small living room ideas to make your space bigger (Source: Internet).

1. Choose multifunctional furniture 

If people don't want to cram plenty of furniture into their room, choose  clever multifunctional furniture like a  storage ottoman . You could also choose nesting  coffee tables , which you can pull out and move around the room as needed but don't take up a lot of floor space or obstruct traffic flow.


small living room decor 3

 Choose clever multifunctional furniture (Source: Internet).

2. Take great advantage of your storage (2)

Storage    furniture is essential for achieving a  minimalist vibe    and a  contemporary style    foundation. That doesn't mean that everything needs to be hidden behind doors. Instead, choose furniture that can serve as storage for knick-knack items like remotes and cords.

People can also look at Adria Workshop’s  Infinity Wall Shelf Natural Oak , the  best seller    in our store. It can move heavy things and offers a way to make a bookshelf easier to use and make the most of its space. The Infinity Wall Shelf is made entirely of solid oak and can hold all your books and vases anytime.

Moreover, you can also take a glance at the Amelia Side Table, which is a total  mid century modern side table , that will help you maximize your small living room.

small living room decor 4

The Infinity Wall Shelf is an excellent storage solution. (Source: Adria Workshop)

3. Create the best layout for a small living room 

Small living rooms tend to push things up against the walls to expose as much floor as possible. But this is never the best way to create an airy, modern feel in your room. Let's remove the furniture from the walls. This creates the illusion that the room is more significant than it is, as well as more flow and light.

living room decor 5
A typical layout for a small living room (Source: Internet)

4. Switch a sofa for lounge chairs 

The deep comfy  mid century lounge chair    and a footstool in the middle of the room would significantly open up the area, giving it a more minimalist, contemporary vibe. Furthermore, this  furniture for a small living room would let more light flow about the space, giving the impression that it is larger.

small living decor 6

Ideal lounge chairs for small living room (Source: Internet)

5. Pick a neutral color palette 

Pick a white background for the room's walls and ceilings, then add pops of color with throw pillows, rugs, blankets, and other items. Maybe an all-black design with pink undertones has unanimous approval and benefits  small house decor . Warmer colors merely ease the contrast between black and white and match the light wooden accents beautifully.

small living room 7

The neutral color palette for small living room (Source: Internet)

6. Maximize natural light 

Let in as much natural light as possible because it may cover many flaws in a small area. It will immediately give the room a bigger, brighter, and airier feeling. Avoid using heavy drapes and dark blinds and choose light, semi-transparent materials that can provide privacy while maximizing the gorgeous sunshine.  

small living room decor 8

 Maximize natural light for small living room (Source: Internet)

7. Incorporate stylish mirrors 

We all know that mirrors can make even the tiniest areas feel bigger. Choose a more giant statement mirror on your main wall to reflect maximum light around the room, or arrange a series of mirrors to create more of a feature. People could also use a large leaning mirror in a corner to give the sense of a larger room.

small living room decor 9

Stylist mirror for a small living room (Source: Internet)

8. Pick an oversized rug/carpet

Laying down an extra-large  mid century modern carpet    is a relatively easy way to give the illusion that a space is larger. Instead of placing a tiny rug in the middle of a large expanse of floor, choose a carpet that will spread beneath your furniture and be the best  home ideas decor . A carpet is perfect for floating furniture around a small living room .

small living room decor 10

Choose an oversized rug/carpet for a small living room. (Source: Internet)

9. Choose furniture with legs 

Even the smallest living spaces can feel spacious by choosing a sofa or armchair with raised legs to create a light and airy feeling. This approach makes the room appear larger when more of the floor is visible and works perfectly in any living space.  

small living room decor 11

Choose furniture with legs for a small living room. (Source: Internet)

10. Build a window seat to maximize space

A window seat is a beautiful, functional, and efficient use of space. You can offer additional seats in areas lacking space, fantastic storage options, and the ideal place to read a book.

small living room decor 12

Create a window seat to maximize space (Source: Internet)

11. DIY a barn door

There may be more than one way for designers to make a small space look bigger. The first idea is to put a sliding barn door between an alcove bedroom and a living room next to it to make two separate rooms for different activities. Second suggestion: If people want to keep a passage clean, a smaller sofa is preferable to a large one that takes up the entire space. All these tips will help people maximize modern small living rooms.

small living room decor 13

 DIY a barn door (Source: Internet)

12. Choose a coffee table with storage

A coffee table with storage will serve double duty. This multifunctional furniture is perfect if you don't have much additional room to keep your collection of misplaced papers, throw blankets, and housewares. Additionally, your living area will be a lot more organized with this storage coffee table for a small living room.

small living room decor 14

A coffee table with storage (Source: Internet)

13. Get dark paint colors

Dark, glossy walls set off minimalist, clean-lined furniture or even bright, dramatic pieces. You can further increase the feeling of warmth by painting your ceilings the same color as your walls. Then, decorate your small living rooms with colorful furnishings. Using dark and bright white colors to open up a room gives the impression of a much larger space.

small living room decor 15

Dark paint colors for a small living room (Source: Internet)

14. Show your artwork on the wall

Bring creative artwork up to enlarge or accentuate the room's height. A gallery wall may fit into  modern small living room ideas . If it rises to the ceiling, it can help enlarge the area. Adria highly recommends that the glossy red paint on the ceiling create a mirror effect that makes the little space look bigger and more glam.

small living room decor 16

Put the artwork on the wall (Source: Internet)

15. Use a multifunctional ottoman

Depending on what you need it for, an ottoman that has been made multifunctional can serve as a coffee table, a footrest, or even additional seating. Ottomans are used today to give people more places to sit and, when needed, as smaller coffee tables. Both of these uses have many aesthetic benefits. Since the edges are soft, it's also an excellent alternative for people who have small children or pets.

small living room decor 17

A multifunctional ottoman (Source: Internet)


Decorating ideas for a small bedroom can be challenging to get right. Don't worry, Adria Workshop has cozy modern small living room ideas and small living room designs for you.   Moreover, if you want to find furniture for a small living room, go to the  Adria Workshop blog . Many home decor style ideas   and decoration tips   are waiting for you to discover.

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