The dining room is great for trying out new color schemes, exciting wall treatments, large pieces of art, and statement chandeliers. It is also a gathering place for family members, so it must be decorated to create a warm and welcoming feeling. In this blog, Adria Workshop has summed up 16 unique modern dining room decor ideas to take your simple dining room design to the next level.


Best modern dining room furniture

Modern dining room table and chair

To add personalized style to your dining room, you need modern dining sets for aesthetic appeal and functionality. The Mariana Upholstery Dining Chair and the Oleg Rect Dining Table are great examples. These two items are designed to bring elegant architectural style to the dining room. You can buy these dining room items at Adria Workshop, which is famous for selling high-quality furniture at a reasonable price. 

modern dining room decor ideas 1
This modern dining set is perfect for elevating your dining room look (Source: Internet)

The next combination of a Bradding dining table with Rico dining chairs would fit any room decor due to their minimalist design. Also, the chairs are comfortable and relaxing to eat in because the seats are lightly padded, and the backs are open.

modern dining room decor ideas 2
One of the modern dining room ideas is the perfect combination of the Bradding dining table and Rico dining chairs (Source: Internet)
modern dining room decor ideas 3
Harper dining table is an enticing symphony of minimalistic style and versatile function (Source: Internet)

Wooden dining sets are a popular option for today's dining rooms. These sets are well-known for their long-lasting durability and sturdiness. So, if you want to add this wooden dining set to your mid-century modern dining room, consider this Harper dining table from Adria Workshop.

Dining room carpet

modern dining room decor ideas 4
A good carpet can create a cozy atmosphere for autumn home decor ideas and bring your mid-century modern furniture together (Source: Internet)

Carpet is one of the most common pieces of modern dining room furniture.  A carpet can make a dining room warm and inviting. They dampen sound and protect floors from shuffled footprints and sliding chairs.

Dining room wall decor

modern dining room decor ideas 5-1
Decorating wallpaper to create a casual dining room idea (Source: Internet)

Get rid of boring walls by covering your dining room walls with ornate wallpaper. Instead of using artwork or repainting your walls, hanging unique and colorful wallpaper is one of the best dining room decorating ideas on a budget.

Dining room mirror decor

modern dining room decor ideas 6
One modern dining room decor idea is adding a mirror on the wall (Source: Internet)

Adorning the wall with an oversized mirror is one of the best small dining room decor ideas. Not only does this piece help your small dining room feel larger, but it’ll also bounce light from outside and make the room feel brighter.

10 modern dining room decor ideas

Mid century modern dining room decor ideas

modern dining room decor ideas 7
Choosing one main interior style to focus on for your dining room decor ideas (Source: Internet)

Your furniture layout can make or break your casual dining room design ideas. So, you should choose one style for the whole room instead of buying different furniture styles and trying to make them look good together. All of the furniture in this room was carefully chosen to fit the mid-century modern style. 

A mix of modern and traditional

modern dining room decor ideas 8
Adding different furniture styles is one of the interesting modern dining room decor ideas (Source: Internet)

The following tip for modern dining room decor ideas is to embrace contrasting furniture styles in one space. This mid-century modern dining room is elegant and exciting because it has a traditional dining table and a mix of contemporary chair styles.

A contemporary and formal dining space

modern dining room decor ideas 9
This opulent dining room demonstrates how modern, contemporary design can still feel formal (Source: Internet)

Instead of being too hard on yourselves as to which color or type of furniture to pick for your dining room, you can mismatch bold artwork with soft chairs, like the dining room above. This interesting combination is one of the formal dining room decorating ideas available to you.

Add modern art to modern dining room wall decor

modern dining room decor ideas 10
Adding vibrant art to your wall can give your dining room a new look (Source: Internet)

Modern dining room furniture frequently has sharp angles and stark lines, making a space feel cold and sterile. However, you can achieve a warmer, cozier look while maintaining a contemporary tone by adding a pop of color with a large piece of art.

Choose blue colors to decorate the dining room

modern dining room decor ideas 11
Putting in some blue dining chairs is a simple way to inject color into the space (Source: Internet)

Blue is the color that creates feelings of stability, harmony, and trust. This color becomes a standard option for dining room decor ideas. If you want to add more blue to your dining room while keeping the walls neutral, put in some blue dining chairs like those in this room. 

Create a modern art collection in the dining room

modern dining room decor ideas 12
Fill your dining room decor ideas with a collection of modern art (Source: Internet)

Artwork is an important part of elegant dining room decorating ideas and makes the room feel warmer. Instead of putting only one artwork on display, try out a collection. If you put up a bunch of colorful art in a dining room with white walls, the room will look like an art gallery.

Keep a minimalist look for the dining room

modern dining room decor ideas 13
Keep your decor simple with minimalism, one of the best home decor ideas for the dining room (Source: Internet)

Instead of creating a sophisticated decoration space that draws guest attention, you can keep your dining room minimalist. White walls do not always evoke cold feelings. They will create a comfortable and close dining room for family members' meals.  They can be an excellent way to keep minimalism in your dining room, as shown above.

Use graphic patterns

modern dining room decor ideas 14
Graphic patterns are an essential element in making your dining room stand out (Source: Internet)

Regarding modern dining room decor ideas, graphic patterns can create striking effects in the dining space. The key feature is the beautiful wall with a teal geometric pattern and a round mirror to make this space feel bigger. Plus, a chandelier hangs from the ceiling, not occupying any floor space and creating extra space for other essential and valuable fixtures, such as side tables or chairs.

Open concept modern dining space

modern dining room decor ideas 15
One of the modern dining room design ideas is an open concept (Source: Internet)

An open concept divides an ample space into different areas while maintaining the overall space. This space, for example, connects the dining room and kitchen through the warm brown colors of many pieces of wood furniture.

Add gold accents to your dining room

modern dining room decor ideas 16
Upgrade your dining room and make it look more expensive by adding gold accents (Source: Internet)

Make the dining room in your home look more glam by combining gold highlights, such as lighting, gold picture frames, or unique vases. These items can be inexpensive, so this is one of the best dining room decorating ideas on a budget. 

Bold textured wallpaper

modern dining room decor ideas 17
To create a festive atmosphere, consider wallpapering your walls with vibrant patterns (Source: Internet)

This mid-century modern dining room's wall accent has been turned. The striking patterned wallpaper on the ceiling is a fun surprise that will get people in the mood for a party.


Here are all the 16 best modern dining room decor ideas from Adria Workshop. Hopefully, you'll be able to find at least one option from this Adria Workshop list to liven up your space.