The current trend in living is for people to live in smaller spaces with more useful features. More and more people are moving to big cities like Houston, Texas, to live in small studio apartments like these Houston apartments. And in the future, this trend will cause the number of people to rise and the amount of space to live in to shrink, making homes smaller and smaller. So here is a list of the 9 best small apartment design ideas that make your living space tidy and stunning.

1. Concerning the color scheme

When you paint your mezzanine with stylish and unique wall accents that visually divide the space, it makes the bed area feel like a whole other world. For example, the small apartment design idea in Poland is based on the idea of two different kinds of space. 

The ceiling half of the room is made more interesting by the deep, rich wood walls. You can separate the bedroom from the rest of the room's design with lush plants. This is a creative way to do it. The rich accents and details in this piece about dualism make it look almost magical.

designing a studio apartment
It would be best if you concerned about the color scheme when designing a small studio apartment (Source: Archilovers)

2. Raise the bed to make more room underneath

A beautiful and clever small apartment design solution is a raised bed that leaves enough room under the stairs to build cabinets and store things. With this idea, you can make a smart place to put all your stuff even if you don't have a lot of space.

This modern and intelligent design is finished with sliding panels that give the bed space privacy and a full-height closet on the side. The elegant and functional unit can be a "must-have" for anyone who lives in a small space and likes wood colors.

designing a studio apartment
Raise the bed to make more room underneath (Source: Decoholic)

3. Use of glass partitions

Architects usually use dynamic contrasts between the different materials in a small studio apartment to make the room feel bigger. The black metal and clear glass doors add flexibility to the small apartment design by giving it an airy, elegant look with a modern touch. Mixing black and white walls, wooden floors, black metal details, and trendy furniture with the green presence of a garden is an interesting and rich way to use a small space apartment.

designing a studio apartment
Use of glass partitions to make the studio apartment feel bigger (Source: Internet)

4. Make the most of the space available behind the sofa

You can see the images of small apartment designs below. This tiny apartment has a fresh, artistic look that will make it easy for more than one person to live there comfortably. This unique space design has a lot of places to sit, chill out, and relax. It lets in a lot of light and has a lot of sitting areas and nooks.

Also, the light wood sculptural structure gives a small urban apartment a light, lively, and young feel. The unusual use of space behind the sofa, which takes advantage of the height difference, can also be used in other ways, such as with a deck or a bed. Also, you can relax and watch a movie with family and friends by setting up a projector and a white wall to show.

designing a studio apartment
Making the most of the space available behind the sofa is one of small apartment design ideas (Source: Ruetemple)

5. Movable partitions combined with folding beds

The high-tech, dynamic solution could free up much space for people living in cities today. The latest development of MKCA's research on micro-housing means that this apartment, which is only 380 square feet, can fit all the essential parts of a home, like a bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining area, and so on.

The motorized movable wall hides a closet, dresser drawers, and clothing storage, and when fully extended, it makes room for a queen-sized fold-down bed. This is a smart, clean, and technologically advanced solution that is fun to use.

designing a studio apartment
You can use movable partitions combined with folding beds to create a modern and small apartment design (Source: MKCA)

6. Arrange the dining table so that it matches the kitchen furniture

Nicholas Gurney, an Australian architect, was inspired by the Japanese method of an organization called 5S to make the most of the limited space in this 24-square-meter apartment. He used custom joinery, sliding walls, and moveable furniture.

The designer's answer to the problem of making the dining table look elegant and light is to put it on wheels so that it can fit perfectly above and around the oven unit. In this way, the unique and stylish solution can free up a lot of extra floor space and make the kitchen furniture stand out visually.

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designing a studio apartment
Designing the moveable dining table so that it matches the kitchen furniture (Source: Nicholas Gurney)

7. A tiny and multifunctional wardrobe

Kitoko Studio put together and decorated this chic Parisian apartment with hints of Asian style and clever, moveable units. Once all the pieces are folded and put away in this "large closet," the unit room composition only takes up a small part of the apartment space. This is based on the small apartment design idea of The Swiss Army Knife, which is simple and elegant, small and multifunctional simultaneously.

designing a studio apartment
You can create a tiny and multifunctional wardrobe when designing small studio apartment (Source: Kitoko Studio)

8. Dangling from the ceiling

The Me2architects studio's most recent project is a charming small apartment design in a former industrial area. It keeps the area's history while using a unique and stylish take on modern design. 

The designers made a loft for an active lifestyle by combining dark colors, brick walls, and metal structures. The modern and stylish solution is to put a black metal frame around the green plant pots that hang from the ceiling. With the modern lighting scheme, this designer's trick makes a single design object that decorates the space above the dining table, saves space, and adds more personality to the overall decor.

designing a studio apartment
A loft for an active lifestyle by putting together dark colors, brick walls, and metal structures which inspired the small apartment design (Source: Me2architects studio)

9. Make a slide when not in use

The MIT Media Lab and designer Yves Béhar worked together to develop this modern, functional design for a small, modular micro-apartment furniture system. It showed us a furniture unit that has a bed, a closet, a home office, and an entertainment suite on one side. This means that the space can be turned into a bedroom or living room with the touch of a button.

designing a studio apartment
One of the small apartment design solutions is to make a table and bedroom slide to hide when not using (Source: MIT Media Lab)

Making a fully functional and welcoming home in such a small space is a big challenge that requires bold and brave thinking outside the box. Adria Workshop makes this list to inspire and encourage people living in small apartments to design homes.