Mid-century modern has never completely gone out of style. Still, it has been trending in recent years, particularly in 2022. As people step away from the ultra-modern, all-white interiors for something a little cozier, mid-century modern style is their choice. Unsurprisingly, people tend to upgrade their houses in the mid-century modern style. 

However, people usually make these mistakes when decorating in the Mid-century Modern Style. Let’s read this Adria Workshop article to know nine mistakes you should avoid in having a perfect mid-century modern home.

1. Incorporating small-sized pieces that don’t fit in the space

There are many pieces designed on more minor scales in the mid-century modern decor. However, such furniture pieces aren't suitable for each space. These pieces are great for small spaces but can look out of place and tiny in larger rooms.

Thus, to mitigate this mistake, we suggest two things you need to do. First, make sure the piece fits the size of the room. For example, a small button-tufted sofa will fit in a small space. Second, pick pieces the same size as other things in the room. For instance, these furniture pieces must have a similar scale when placed together in the room.

2. Using only dark woods and neutrals colors

One of the most iconic details of interiors is the use of dark wood. People usually use dark wood for flooring, furniture, and architectural details throughout these homes. However, using only dark wood in mid-century modern decor is one common mistake. Instead, mixing tones or different wood for your floor and furniture is more than significant to add depth to your space.

The same goes for neutral colors. The mid-century modern decor style is known for its neutral color schemes, such as whites, browns, and beiges. But using only neutrals can often look boring in practice. It's better to add warm colors paired with neutrals throughout your space. For instance, an emerald green sofa or bright yellow art on the wall, as highlighted in the mid-century modern home.

Using only dark woods and neutrals colors
An emerald green sofa and bright yellow art on the wall as highlighted in the mid-century modern home. (Source: Internet)

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3. Buying everything just because it's mid-century modern decor style only

It can be exciting going on the hunt to find the perfect modern piece for your home. But you shouldn't buy something just because it's mid-century modern style only. Carefully consider this furniture and decor like any other you bring into your home. By buying every mid-century modern item, you can feel regret and make your home messy and cluttered. 

Before bringing something mid-century modern to your home, you should ask yourself three questions below:

  • Do I need it and can’t stop thinking about it?
  • What's the quality of the item? Am I willing to clean, restore, and maintain an item? 
  • How do I add to my existing furnishings in a unique and valuable way?

Answering these questions honestly prevents your space from becoming a museum to display mid-century finds. Take time to think about any new item, and you will save time and money in the long run with such a tactic, too!

4. Rigid design and the choice of mid-century modern items

Many people think that mid-century modern homes have only mid-century styles and can’t combine with any others. However, mid-century modern is defined by simple, timeless, and functional silhouettes. It mixes organic shapes, clean lines, and finished edges and is not overly ornate, allowing it to pair well and complement many other styles. You shouldn’t be rigid in design and the choice of mid-century modern items. Instead, mixing and matching other styles will be a great option.

5. Not repairing out-of-date furniture

Searching for authentic mid-century modern pieces is one of the best ways to get the style. But they're not always in the best shape, and some charms may be lost if the piece looks worn or dated.

Many items can be reupholstered or refinished to look good and retain an antique's charm. You can undertake it with sandpaper, chemical stripper, sealant, and stain. But if you aren't handy, you can always have a professional take on the project or look for someone selling refinished pieces.

6. Using too much brass

Brass accents are a staple in mid-century decor, but too much of it can be overwhelming. Thus, we suggest using two or three metals per room so the design looks cohesive. You can make brass the main dominant finish throughout your spaces. Then, to balance the rest of the mid-century modern design, opt for black, copper, or chrome. 

For example, you can have a brass kitchen faucet as the focal point of the room, but use black or chrome for other light fixtures like wall sconces or ceiling lights.

Using too much brass
You should use only two or three metals per room so the design looks cohesive (Source: Internet)

7. Applying too much of a single wood tone or color

The point of creating your mid-century modern design is that you let your creativity flow! Do not opt for a single color or material because you can fall into monotony and overmatch. Instead, try to use different wood tones and colors, such as oak wood mixed with walnut.

Applying too much of a single wood tone or color
Mixing and matching other wood tones will make a cozy mid-century modern home your own (Source: Internet)

8. Forgetting to add recent items

You must know that you don't make your house look like a museum exhibit. Incorporating a variety of items to make the space unique is an excellent way to design your own mid-century modern home.

Also, you can even mix and match current furniture items from different styles. Scandi is one of the styles that combines perfectly with the mid-century modern furniture style. Both have pretty similar fundamentals, and designers are constantly using them simultaneously.

9. Overdecorated in Mid-century modern decor

Always remember that balance is essential in design. Don't overdecorate just because you think the whole room needs to be mid-century or that all mid-century modern furniture works well together. Most importantly, you know your space and make your mid-century modern home your own.

Overdecorated in Mid-century modern decor
Overdecorated is one of the mistakes when decorating a mid-century modern home (Source: Internet)

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Last words

In conclusion, there are nine mistakes you shouldn’t do to make your perfect mid-century modern home:

  • Incorporating small-sized pieces.
  • Using only dark woods and muted neutrals colors.
  • Buying everything just because it's a mid-century modern decor style.
  • Rigid design and the choice of mid-century modern items.
  • Not repairing out-of-date furniture.
  • Using too much brass.
  • Applying too much of a single wood tone or color.
  • Forgetting to include recent pieces.
  • Overdecorated in Mid-century modern decor.