Mid-century modern style, and mid-century modern sofas have been popular in recent years. Whether you see your favorite home design on Instagram or watch your beloved show on TV, you’ll catch plenty of mid-century modern sofas in various living spaces.  

Mid-century modern furniture has a minimalist aesthetic, simple lines, and functionality. Mid-century modern sofas make a great centerpiece in your living room and are easy to mix and match with other modern furniture styles. Here are 9 reputable places to buy a mid-century modern sofa that you should know about.  

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1. Burrow   

Burrow, a brand based in New York, debuted in 2016 after its founders spent years searching in vain for the perfect couch. Since the company sells directly to customers, it can avoid paying retail markups and save customers over 70 percent on shipping expenses by redesigning its supply chain.  

Burrow’s mid-century modern sofas are made by hand using eco-friendly materials like sustainably sourced wood and scratch-and-stain-resistant, non-toxic fabric (including velvet sofa options). Its unique take on mid-century modern materials fuses traditional design elements like straight lines and tapered legs.  

You can set up your Burrow sofa in different ways, add chairs, chaises, and even a sleeper sofa conversion kit (sold separately) to make it fit your space. Side tables are available as additions to the Burrow sofa collection. If you get a sofa from Burrow, it will be delivered to your door in a manageable package, saving you the trouble of pushing it through narrow corridors.  

Burrow’s mid-century modern sofa (Source: Burrow)

2. Maiden Home   

Another New York-based furniture brand is Maiden Home, established in 2017. By cutting out the additional costs (physical stores, salespeople, catalogs, etc.) and shipping straight to clients, Maiden Home can keep prices low while still providing excellent service.  

Sofas in the mid-century modern style are available from Maiden Home, with the bonus of customer-selectable materials and dimensions. Skilled North Carolina artisans at Maiden Home make every sofa to order. It also pays close attention to small details and adds special touches to Maiden Home's designs.  

Maiden Home's Crosby sofa in the mid-century modern style (Source: Maiden)

3. Albany Park

Jessica and Daryll Sharpton started Albany Park to make sofa shopping easier by giving customers a choice of three models that meet their needs. The Park Collection, the Albany Collection, and the Kova Collection are sofas collections that can be sent to customers' doors for free.  

Mid-century modern design is also present in its Park Collection and Albany Collection. The Albany Collection is unique because it has tapered solid wood legs, typical of mid-century modern design, and is made of durable kiln-dried hardwood. Plush fabric covers the inside and outside of the mid-century modern sofa, which may be switched around (with available faux leather).  

Albany Park’s three models are fantastic since they are quick, easy, and cheap. They package their sofa in compact, space-saving boxes that can be easily carried up and down stairs and through narrow hallways. Buying a couch has never been easier than at Albany Park.  

Mid-century modern sofa in the Park Collection of Albany Park (Source: Albany Park)

4. BenchMade Modern

People who value design and quality craftsmanship will appreciate the BenchMade Modern line of high-end sofas. The store also has a variety of adaptable mid-century modern sofas. The company's founding principle was based on the idea that high-end, hand-made furniture should be tailored to the buyer's needs and space.  

BenchMade has skilled craftsmen in the US to make each piece using the perfect blend of fancy technology, modern manufacturing, and old-world upholstery techniques. Frames are built to endure a lifetime, so they come with a lifetime guarantee. They always use high-quality materials to ensure you get a sofa that looks great and lasts a long time.  

BenchMade Modern allows you to specify the dimensions of your sofa in 5’’ increments, so you can rest assured that it will fit exactly where you want. Optional features include sofa style, arrangement, upholstery, and wooden leg color. In some designs, you may even choose the depth of the seat itself.

The BenchMade Modern's Skinny Fat sofa (Source: BenchMade Modern)

5. AllModern   

AllModern is the place to go if you are on a tight budget and still want a great mid-century modern sofa. AllModern is an excellent alternative to IKEA. Since 2006, they have been working to make modern furniture affordable for people of all incomes.  

AllModern has many sofas, some of which are made in the Mid-Century Modern style. Many of its items come in multiple color options, and the store frequently has seasonal deals, so as long as you keep an eye out, you might find a great steal.  

You can see the Mangata 84" Velvet Sofa below, a contemporary spin on the traditional chesterfield design that features a sleek silhouette and tailored button-tufting along the internal cushions. It has tapered oak legs and free bolster pillows that finish off its Mid-Century look. Kylie's two-seat cushions are detachable, reversible, and have removable covers.  

Mangata 84" Velvet Sofa of AllModern in the mid-century modern style (Source: AllModern)  

6. Rove Concepts

Rove Concepts was started in 2011 in the Pacific Northwest for people who like the Mid-Century Modern style. Rove Concept's sofas are high-fashion, reasonably priced, and very adaptable. Rove also carefully considers where its materials come from and how good they are. Whenever possible, it chooses materials from sources that are good for the environment.  

The Luca sofa is a safe bet if you're in the market for a piece of Mid-Century Modern furniture. Whether you're looking for an armless or a sectional sofa with a chaise, Rove Concepts has you covered with its selection of modern furniture. The Kiln-dried hardwood frame, sleek silhouette, and opulent upholstery, not to mention the sturdy construction provided by the solid ash wood tapered legs, all come together to create a sofa that is the epitome of modern and mid-century style.  

The Luca sofa is a safe bet if you're in the market for a piece of Mid-Century Modern furniture (Source: Rove Concept)

7. Jonathan Alder

The Jonathan Adler line, which came out in 1993 under his name, is known for its wide range of mid-century modern sofas. It now sells its wares through brick-and-mortar stores and a thriving online storefront where customers can get products like brand-new couches.  

Jonathan Adler's work combines modern and contemporary motifs with vintage mid-century modern touches. The Maxime Sofa has a curvy, flashy brass frame that embraces a mid-century modern form. The mid-century shape of the Maxime sofa is gently held by its curved frame, which has our signature arrow sabots. You can change the look of the cushion by turning it over. One side has buttons, and the other has tufts you can pull out.  

The Maxime Sofa is a famous Mid-Century modern sofa by Jonathan Alder (Source: Jonathan Alder)

8. West Elm

The Brooklyn-based company West Elm was founded in 2002, and it has since expanded worldwide as a design firm with a mission to improve people's lives by enhancing the spaces in which they live. Whether you're shopping on a budget or can afford to splurge, you'll find a couch that suits your needs here. Prices start at $750 and go up to $3,000+.  

The Drake Sofa is a well-known piece of mid-century modern furniture available from West Elm. With its clean silhouette, tapered wooden legs, and grid button tufted back cushions, this sofa maintains a stylish appearance at all times.  

The Drake Sofa is a well-known piece of mid-century modern furniture available from West Elm (Source: West Elm)

9. Blu Dot

Two creative soulmates from college started Blu Dot. From their Minneapolis workshop, Blu Dot crafted every piece of furniture. At Blu Dot, you can choose from a wide range of classic and modern options, such as chairs with different leg finishes and colors.  

The Bank Sofa from Blu Dot is a classic mid-century modern sofa from the company's catalog. It's a square-armed sofa with a deep seat, a slim, minimalist frame that provides some contemporary touches, and rectangular cushions that bring traditional elegance to the piece.  

The Bank Sofa from Blu Dot is a classic mid-century modern sofa from the company's catalog (Source: Blu Dot)

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