Today, a mid-century modern side table has become one of the necessary pieces of furniture for many homeowners to make their rooms more modern and luxurious. It can add a splash of color, a touch of elegance, or more storage space to your home without being noticeable. Plus, this side table can be used in the bedroom, living room, courtyard, or anywhere else you like.

Designers worldwide have come up with many different, engaging, and unique table models thanks to their remarkable creativity. In this blog, Adria Workshop will provide you with a list of 9 vintage mid-century modern side tables for every space. Hopefully, you will find the piece(s) that add something extravagant and valuable to your living room, hallway, or any other room in your home.

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1. Amelia side table of Adria Workshop

mid century modern side table-1
Amelia side table of Adria Workshop (Source: Adria Workshop)

Adria Workshop is a great place to start if you're looking for sustainable mid-century modern furniture. When you visit Adria Workshop, you can find a wide range of eco-friendly furniture designs and purchase them reasonably. Even though this store's furniture is so cheap, its quality is ensured by a strict process of checking goods during production, which must follow a strict set of steps.  

Now, upscale the aesthetics of your home with the Amelia side table from Adria Workshop. This modern round side table will add a contemporary style to any space in your home. It is made from solid ash wood, which is famous for being sturdy and durable. The round tabletop has eye-catching straight wood grains. The natural walnut color of this mid-century modern side table shows off the beauty of the wood grain.  

With designs that focus on making things more valuable, this side table has extra storage space underneath. Also, most customers took only 10 minutes or less to assemble the side table.

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2. Aveley 22" Tall Solid Wood 3 Legs End Table

mid century modern side table 1-1
Aveley 22" Tall Solid Wood 3 Legs End Table (Source: internet)

This side table boasts a minimalist mid-century modern design, perfect for any home decor. This side table is a piece of handcrafted furniture from India. The round tabletop is simple but always needs to be updated. You can use it as a beautiful display table for decorative keepsakes, a storage area for books and media remotes, or a serving table for drinks on coasters. Moreover, it features three round pipe-style legs made from metal with a black finish for a modern look in your space.   

While it's not the sturdiest option on this list, it can hold up to 25 pounds, so feel free to pile on as many books or plants as you like. Besides, this mid-century modern side table has a 3-step assembly process and simple, interconnected tube legs, making assembly faster and more convenient than ever.

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3. Castiglia Tall Solid Wood Table

mid century modern side table 2-1
Castiglia Tall Solid Wood Table (Source: internet)

Because it is simple and valuable, this side table is a classic example of a mid-century modern style. The round tabletop is made from solid mango wood, which is strong and durable. Moreover, the little flip at the end of the tabletop gives it a unique look. And the tri-pin legs have a layer of electrostatic paint on them, which will help them last longer when used. The rounded edges also make this an excellent choice for households with small children.  

This mid-century modern side table is handmade by skilled artisans. Therefore, it is not surprising that this side table has been meticulously crafted. With a round design, it is one of the best pieces of space-saving furniture for any house, especially one with a tiny space. It is easy to assemble; you need to screw the three legs into the tabletop, and you will have your own perfect Castiglia Tall Solid Wood Table.

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4. Orlaith 24.5'' Tall End Table

mid century modern side table 3-1
Orlaith 24.5'' Tall End Table (Source: internet)

The Orlaith 24.5" Tall End Table is a woodside table necessary for your home. This piece was made from solid rubberwood, a type of wood known for having a beautiful grain and being made in a way that is good for the environment. It brings an attractive and soothing feel to any room with its curved edges, long tapered legs, an open cubby, and a large tabletop.   

With a 24" tabletop width, the top lets you stage a lamp or a spread of snacks. At the same time, the open lower shelf provides even more space for the remote, magazines, and more. However, be careful when putting things on this side table because it's easy to make it look cluttered and confusing. You can pair this mid-century modern side table with a pink couch, and it will draw attention without much force in the space. This pick comes fully assembled so that you can enjoy it immediately.   

5. Andersen Tall Table with Storage

mid century modern side table 4-1
Andersen Tall Table with Storage (Source: internet)

The Andersen Tall Table with Storage brings mid-century modern design into your home. It is made of solid rubberwood and has a vintage finish. It works as a side table next to a couch or a nightstand in small bedrooms. This piece has a streamlined silhouette with splayed legs.   

Despite its small size, the table has a drawer with a natural wood button pull and offers plenty of space to tuck away anything you want out of sight but close at hand. Plus, it comes in two elegant colors: brown and walnut, which all match easily with various design styles.  

6. Devontae Round Accent Table

mid century modern side table 5-1
Devontae Round Accent Table (Source: internet)

Devontae Round Accent Table is a typical representation of the mid-century modern design style. This side table updates your space with solid wood and a sleek round design. Its top is made of rubberwood with a warm brown finish.  

This hardwood is sealed to protect the surface so you can rest your water cups or coffee mugs on this table without worry. With their playful appearance, the three white leg tips evoke mid-century modern sensibilities.  

This side table is different because it has two shades of white and wood. This makes for an exciting contrast. The unique part of this table is that two colors, white and wood, are incorporated into one piece of furniture, creating an exciting contrast. It is so lightweight that you can quickly move it around as your vision and design style change.  

7. Kampsville 21.65'' Tall End Table

mid century modern side table 6-1
Kampsville 21.65'' Tall End Table (Source: internet)

Kampsville 21.65'' Tall End Table is one of the table models that homeowners who prefer the mid-century modern style should consider purchasing. This traditional piece is inspired by mid-century modern styles, taking cues from the natural and sleek looks of the 1960s.   

Four angled, tapered legs are connected by an X-cross-shaped base and support a round table top. This simple side table is made of walnut wood and has a natural wood grain finish. It is made to last for daily use. The round table top allows you to display coffee table books or fancy vases all year. Additionally, this side table measures 21.65" high and 23.62" wide, and it is a perfect size suitable for any space decor, from the living room to the bedroom.

8. Chaya 24" Tall End Table with Storage

mid century modern side table 7-1
Chaya 24" Tall End Table with Storage (Source: internet)

This solid wood side table will bring a sleek modern style to your bedroom, living room, or home office. It works perfectly as a nightstand or side table in a living or family room. Den. This mid-century modern side table has a rectangular shape, four angled legs, and a brown honey finish. It would look great in the den of your home.  

It also has drawer storage, which makes it space-effective. It has a drawer where you can store remote controls and other things you use often. The high-quality coating protects the table's wood surface from water rings and other marks or dents. Though very solid and sturdy, this pick is easy to put together. This Chaya mid-century modern side table comes with simple assembly instructions.

9. Azevedo 22" Tall Solid Wood Drum End Table

mid century modern side table 8-1
Azevedo 22" Tall Solid Wood Drum End Table (Source: internet)

If you want to choose a unique side table, don't miss this mid-century modern side table. While most side tables offer functionality as a place to put your drink or extra storage in a small space, this pick is all about style. With particular geometric shapes and patterns, this kind of side table will become a one-of-a-kind statement piece in your house.   

The solid wood-crafted side table features a smooth finished octagonal-shaped tabletop and golden mixed lines in its body. The table becomes an accent piece in any space’s decor with its dark color. Plus, this side table is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Adria Workshop introduces the 10 best mid-century modern side tables suitable for your mid-century modern home. Go to Adria Workshop blog to learn more about home decor style ideas and decoration tips for your home.