The bedroom is an inevitable part of your home, even more important than the living room. Otherwise, not many people pay enough attention to decorating their bedrooms. Compared to the living room, which has more details and color rules, it’s not hard for you to transform your bedroom into something more modern, charming, and comfortable. All you have to do is replace your regular bed with a mid-century modern one. This will make a big difference.

Mid-century modern furniture has always been a great choice for home decor because it looks good and works well. As a result, decorating a mid-century modern bedroom is a viable interior design option. So what are the distinctive points of a mid-century modern queen bed? Let's find out with Adria Workshop's list of the 15 best mid century modern queen bed designs in this style.

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What makes a bed frame mid-century modern?

The mid-century modern style (also called Mid-Century Modern) is an interior movement that began in the mid-20th century. Mid-century modern furniture is assessed as being minimal, functional, and convenient. These pieces are mainly made of natural materials like wood, metal, etc. Customers can enjoy authentic and pleasurable living experiences thanks to mid-century modern design.

Like other mid-century pieces such as sofas, benches, etc., mid-century modern beds focus on function with a minimalist design inspired by the Scandinavian style. The legs of the bed tend to be tapered or angled and then upholstered with mid-century modern fabric. The mid-century modern bed’s frame, made of natural wood, also gives off a pleasant fragrance.

Mid-century modern room decor ideas:

A mid-century modern bed is assessed as functional and minimal
A mid-century modern bed is assessed as functional and minimal. (Source: internet)

15 elegance mid-century modern queen bed frames

According to your demand, mid-century modern beds are produced variously with loads of colors, sizes, shapes, etc. Another advantage of queen beds is their space-saving shape, which is easy to move around in case you need to clean your house or move out. The central part of the bed is not the mattress or accompanying motifs but the bed frames.

Mid-century bed frames are lower in height than standard bed frames. As a result, mid century modern bedroom is almost perfect for all house decorations. Here is a list of 15 examples of mid-century modern beds that are the most magical.

Mid century modern furniture you'll love:

Tessa Wooden Queen Bed Natural Oak/Dark Walnut - Adria Workshop

First, on the list, is the mid-century modern queen bed we would like to introduce, the Tessa Wooden Queen Bed. The Tessa Bed is made from oak and walnut, which are two of the best woods for making furniture. The bed's simple design and pattern minimization indicate a modern and delicate look.

Another point worth mentioning is the variety in size. You can choose the most suitable one for your home space according to your interest and demand for a mid-century modern bedroom.

Cost:  $495

Tessa Wooden Queen Bed is an ideal option for your bedroom design. (Source: Adria Workshop)

Tessa Upholstered Queen Bed White/Gray/Black - Adria Workshop

Whenever you decorate a  mid-century modern bedroom, you can’t miss this mid-century modern queen bed. Here is another worthwhile Tessa queen bed at a bargain price. The most remarkable thing about the bed is the various colors. You quickly find three different color codes according to preference: white, gray, and black. 

The bed’s leg is not too high and is tapered, and the bed's frame is covered by high-quality upholstery fabric. With its low weight, you can move the bed quickly when cleaning or rearranging your home.

Cost:  $405

TESSA Bedroom_WhiteBed_PC_ps4
This other Tessa bed is available in three colors: white, gray, and black. (Source: Adria Workshop)

The Essex Bed

The mid-century modern queen bed  Essex Bed is the option we wish to provide. Durability over the years is one benefit that makes this bed appropriate. Essex becomes distinctive due to its classic and sleek shape. The frame has many sizes, like a queen size, king size, or California king size, and plenty of covered fabrics in various colors for you. 

Cost:  $2950

The Essex Bed has many sizes available for you
The Essex Bed has many sizes available for you (Source: Internet)

Percey Bed

If you are a follower of the mid-century modern style, you shouldn’t miss the Percey. This bed shows its classic look with a minimal and stable design. The primary material of the bed is natural wood. Therefore, the wood grain has become an exciting highlight of this sample. King and queen sizes are available for this mid-century modern bed. There are loads of options for you to choose the fabric and tufting.

Cost:  $2345

Mid-Century-Modern-Queen Bed-5
Percey is ideal for those who prefer a more traditional look in their home decor (Source: Internet)

Chorus Bed

Chorus Bed is a mid-century modern queen bed appropriate for aesthetics. The bed is extraordinary, with sleek lines, charming color, and plenty of custom options. The bed sizes are customizable to your needs, like the queen, the king, or any size that fits your mid-century modern bedroom. You can also choose the bed with or without a queen headboard and the upholstery fabric. Assembling this bed is also quick and easy without using tools.

Cost:  $1195

Mid-Century-Modern-Queen Bed-6
Chorus Bed provides numerous options based on your demand and interest (Source: Internet)

Dune Bed

The customization of the headboard distinguishes Dune Bed from the others on the list. You can adjust the bed frame in order to feel comfortable and protect your lumbar. The Dune Bed is also made with kiln-dried wood and high-quality fabric on the frame, which will make it last longer. You can also select the material of your bed's legs, such as walnut or beech wood. There are various sizes for you to select from, too.

Cost: $1800

Mid-Century-Modern-Queen Bed-7
With Dune Bed, you can adjust the customizable headboard to protect your lumbar (Source: Internet)

Seb Bed

Seb Bed is an alternative for your home space, especially if you want a cozy and warm environment. This Seb Bed is a queen-size mid-century modern bed made of acacia wood with a beautiful veneer. The Seb Bed can combine with almost any small bedroom decor due to its size variety. The most important part is the bed frame, which should be stable enough for a long time.

Cost: $999

The Seb bed is made of acacia wood
The Seb bed is made of acacia wood and will complement your comfortable and cozy environment (Source: Internet)

Mikkel Bed

Elmwood is another common material used in interior furniture. Elmwood is assessed as a material with beautiful wood grain and high stability. Thus, the Mikkel bed is a charming insert for your mid-century modern bedroom. The Mikkel bed’s legs are made of solid natural ash wood. The fabrics used to cover the bed are also various per your request.

Cost: $1699

Mikkel beds made of ash wood can be an ideal alternative for decoration
Mikkel beds made of ash wood can be an ideal alternative for decoration (Source: Internet)

Collette Upholstered Bed

The following mid-century modern style bed is the Collette Upholstered Bed. The bed boasts a modern look with walnut wood grain and neutral upholstered fabrics. The clean lines and padded king headboard are guaranteed to make you feel comfortable. Black and gray walnut are the two primary colors of the bed. Besides, queen and king sizes are also available.

Cost:  $880

Mid-Century-Modern-Queen Bed-10
A Collette Upholstered Bed is a worthwhile interior option for your resting space (Source: Internet)

Nera Bed

Made of solid wood with steel legs, the mid-century modern queen bed  Nera is stable. The accents of the bed are chevron patterns on the headboard. This accent makes the bed subtle and delicate. Furthermore, oak and walnut are used to create finishes that enhance the bed's aesthetics. Nera Bed is available in many sizes (like a queen, king, or California) and various colors of upholstery fabrics.

Cost:  $899

Nera Bed is made of solid wood
Nera Bed is made of solid wood with steel legs and oak/walnut finishes (Source: Internet)

Buhr Platform Bed

The Buhr Platform Bed is astonishing with its low-height shape, combined with a sideboard and footboard. The legs of the bed are customizable in size, following the customer's desire. The frame bed is crafted to work with any kind of mattress. The Buhr Platform Bed can become a fascinating and unique factor of your mid-century modern bedroom.

Cost:  $369.99

The Buhr Platform Bed has been evaluated to be strong and unique
The Buhr Platform Bed has been evaluated to be strong and unique, with no flaws (Source: Internet)

Hannah Platform Bed

The Hannah Platform Bed has a light wood frame with a mid-century modern appearance. The footboard and headboard of the bed are woven from mango wood panels. You can easily choose from tons of sizes for your bed, like a king, queen, or twin size. If you want to find a mid-century modern queen bed , remember the Hannah Platform Bed.

Cost:  $1399

Mid-Century-Modern-Queen Bed-13
The Hannah Platform Bed is extraordinary, with mango wood panels in the footboard and headboard (Source: Internet)

Mid-Century Bed Frame

This mid-century bed frame is made of solid wood with a clean and simple design. The legs, footboard, and headboard are solidly crafted. The bed is available in many sizes and colors of covered fabrics. Depending on your desire, you can choose the proper one for yourself. 

Cost:  $799

Mid-Century-Modern-Queen Bed-14
The mid-Century bed frame is crafted durably (Source: Internet)

Middlebrook Blaney Solid Wood Spindle Platform Bed

One unique and memorable option for your mid-century modern bedroom is the Middlebrook Blaney Solid Wood Spindle Platform Bed. The bed will bring a vintage vibe to your home. There are many color options for you to choose from, such as caramel, white, black, etc. As for the name of the bed, the most distinctive part is the spindle headboard.

Cost: $397.49

Mid-Century-Modern-Queen Bed-15
Middlebrook Blaney Solid Wood Spindle Platform Bed is available in many sizes (Source: Internet)

Wood Frame

Last on the list is the mid-century modern queen bed with a wood frame. The bed is made of tough wood, which is genuinely permanent. You can choose the material for finishes like oak or walnut. This bed is suitable for almost any bedroom design.

Cost: 1395

Wood framing has a stable look with a hardwood design
Wood framing has a stable look with a hardwood design (Source: Internet)

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Above are 15 mid-century modern queen beds for you. Adria Workshop is grateful to support you in choosing the right one for your home decoration. Also, visit Adria Workshop’s blog to get more decorating tips and great home decor style ideas.