Planters are beautiful foundations for plants and the go-to items for bringing aesthetic style to your house. Mid-century modern plant stands add a decorative touch to showing off your plants. With so many styles and sizes, choosing the best plant stand for your space can take time and effort. Thus, in this blog, Adria Workshop will help you by giving you the top list of mid-century modern plant stands.

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Magshion 3-Tier Bamboo Plant Stand

mid century modern plants stand 1
A Magshion 3-Tier bamboo plant stand (Source: internet)

Bamboo's attractiveness, durability, and weather resistance make it a popular material for making plant stands. This bamboo mid-century modern plant shelf has been finished to be insect-resistant and waterproof so that you can use it indoors and outdoors. These mid-century modern plant stands come in three sizes, including two-, three-, and four-tiered, with each tier able to fit one plant. Because it is multi-level, this stand allows you to display plants by size (with the larger ones lower down), and trailing vining plants can go higher up.

Mkono Mid-Century Wood Plant Stand

mid century modern plants stand 2
A Mkono Mid-century modern wood plant stand (Source: internet)

This mid-century wood plant stand is an easy way to add warmth to any home. Inspired by the clean lines and organic forms of mid-century modern style - the Mkono plant stand is committed to bringing you centerpieces that turn heads. More than just 2-pieces of wood carefully crafted to fit together seamlessly, it is a robust and non-wobbling plant stand. Also, these mid-century modern plants can hold up to 150 pounds, which makes them an excellent choice for heavier ceramic pots and trees.

Amelia Side table Plant Stand - Adria Workshop

mid century modern apartment 1
You can use the Amelia Side Table instead of a plant stand (Source: Adria Workshop)

Why buy a standard plant stand when you have a side table that also serves as a plant stand? Consider this beautiful, multi-functional, clever furniture from Adria Workshop. The Amelia Side Table by Adria is made of wood and features a sleek mid-century modern design. Unlike other plant stands, this mid-century modern side table comes in multiple colors. You can choose between two color options: natural oak or dark walnut. This mid-century modern plant stand side table is waterproof and won't rust, so if your planters leak, they won't ruin your stylish furniture.


Zpirates Plant Stand for Indoor Plants

mid century modern plants stand 3
A Zpirates Plant Stand for Indoor Plants (Source: Internet)

Buying a plant stand becomes tricky and downright frustrating when the one you want can only fit one plant pot size. These mid-century modern plant stands can solve this problem completely thanks to their adjustable base. You can adjust the diameter between 8 and 12 inches to fit your pots easily. Besides, ZPirates is the best plant stand if you want to add a pop of gold to your space. This plant stand makes a statement for your indoor plants decor and draws more eyes to your beloved plants. 

Ufine 3-Tier Bamboo Foldable Plant Stand

mid century modern plants stand 4
A Ufine 3-Tier bamboo foldable plant stand (Source: Internet)

This mid-century modern plant stand is perfect for a small studio apartment because it saves space. It has three tiers of all different widths to fit different-sized pots and help each plant get the most sunlight possible. This vintage mid-century plant stand is made of solid bamboo wood resistant to moisture, insects, and rot. Therefore, you don't have to worry as much about its damage. You can style the top shelf with plants and the bottom with coffee table books or knick-knacks for yet another display to show off in any room you want.

GDLF 5-Tier Metal Plant Stand

mid century modern plants stand 6
A GDLF 5-Tier metal plant stand (Source: internet)

This mid-century modern plant shelf is a standout option. It has 15 dedicated spaces for your plants, with five tiers on each side that cater to various plants. The curved ladder design gives this Bonsai-style display shelf rack a stylish and modern look. This mid-century modern plant stand can separate into two pieces, each looking like a half-moon shape. This indoor metal stand is also made of solid metal and high-quality wood, so it will last a long time and be fun to use.

Multi-Tier Flower Shelves Stands

mid century modern plants stand 7
A multi-tier flower shelves stand (Source: internet)

This unique multi-tier mid-century modern plant stand allows you to create a lush garden inside your home. It creates a vertical space that can comfortably house up to ten potted plants. The top tiers are ideal for plants that need direct sunlight, while the partially shaded middle and bottom tiers are perfect for plants that can survive on indirect sunlight. Plus, with these plant stands mid-century modern, you’ll be able to display most of your plants in one spot, so you won’t have to buy many stands. 

Dip-Dyed Stools

mid century modern plants stand 8
A two-toned dip-dyed stool (Source: internet)

You can't just let your shorter plants chill on the ground, so you should shop for something like these mid-century modern plant stands . The two-toned, dip-dyed stools give the room a fun twist rather than a classic appearance. The set includes two stands, one 22 inches tall and the other 29 inches tall, so you can combine them to create a contrasting height in your houseplant's decor.

SONGMICS Bamboo Shoe Bench and Storage Rack

mid century modern plants stand 9
A bamboo shoe bench and storage rack. (Source: internet)

Putting your plants on a shoe bench is also an exciting decor idea. Because this mid-century modern plant stand was initially made to support a seated person, it should also be strong enough to hold even the heaviest pots. The clean look of varnished bamboo helps this plant stand tie into just about any decor space, and if it is assembled correctly, it should last for years.

Unho 6-Tier Corner Plant Stand

mid century modern plants stand 10
Unho 6-tier corner plant stand. (Source: internet)

Decorating corners can be incredibly challenging. However, this cleverly cut shelf is super convenient because it allows you to use bare corner space by decorating with houseplants. These mid-century modern stands are made of wood, so they look sturdy and durable. Because it's painted wood, this plant stand is better for indoor use. However, you may bring this plant stand outside in a covered area. Besides, you can experiment with different plant arrangements with six shelves of varying heights.


This Adria Workshop blog has helped you find the perfect mid-century modern plant stand for your space. You can learn more about us by visiting our website. We have numerous mid-century modern pieces of furniture for you at a reasonable price, many home decor style ideas, and decoration tips.

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