Mid-century modern dining tables can give a room an impressive classic style that is guaranteed to withstand the test of time. These tables are frequently made of natural materials like solid wood, giving them a high level of durability and aesthetic appeal. Mid-century modern dining tables will be popular for years to come because of how elegant they look and how well-made they are.

Here are some of the most popular mid-century modern dining tables and what they look like. Let's take a look!

What is mid-century modern style?

Mid-century modern style is the dominant furnishings style of the mid-20th century during the mid-1930s to the 1960s. Due to the economic upheavals in Germany after World War II, Bauhaus architects and designers moved to America, which led to the creation of the mid-century modern style. The simplicity and utility of the Mid-Century Modern design are its hallmark characteristics. As a result, thanks to these characteristics, many people still choose this style while creating homes and selecting furnishings nowadays.

The best features of mid-century modern style

There are some key elements and features of mid-century modern decor style:

  • The hallmarks of mid-century modern style include a classic, sophisticated look and clean lines.
  • Home and furniture design emphasize function than ornament.
  • Choose geometric lines and simplify ornate frills in design home.
  • Limit cumbersome decorative patterns.
  • Use different traditional such as teak, rosewood, oak and non-traditional materials like metal, glass, and vinyl.
  • Use almost bold accent colors.

Colors and materials in mid-century modern style

Mid-century modern can also mix traditional materials like wood with less common types like metal, glass, vinyl, plywood, plexiglass, and lucite. Teak is used to make most real midcentury modern furniture. People liked teak because it was strong and had a rich color. Rosewood and oak were also used a lot, mostly for furniture like tables, desks, and storage cabinets.

But wood wasn't the only material used to make midcentury modern pieces by any way. Metal, glass, and vinyl are used a lot, and they are often put together to make a unique look. Most of the time, these materials were used to make curved furniture. This style is best known for the famous Eames chair. Moreover, sofas that were curved and almost round, coffee tables with odd shapes, and even geometric shapes that felt sharp and clean were also popular.

Color was also a big part of the style of the 1950s and 1960s. Mid-century modern style usually uses a wide range of colors, from neutral to bright, as well as black and white graphics. Color is often used as a bold accent or to make a single piece of furniture stand out in a room.

The outstanding features of mid-century dining table

Made of different materials: Mid-century modern dining tables have clean lines, often have an organic look, and have small bases and tops. Usually, they are made of wood, like teak, American black walnut, and rosewood. However, they can also be made of metal or even plastic.

Less decoration and have simple shapes: Unlike the elaborate styles of the early 1900s, mid-century modern dining tables are very simple, with straight lines and sharp angles. They usually don't have any decorations and have simple shapes. Mid-century modern tables often have long, tapered legs that give them an airy feel while still being strong and long-lasting.

Aesthetic and function features: Mid-century modern design also has a lot of soft, organic lines, since the style is all about harmony with nature. The key to making a mid-century modern table is to combine good looks with useful features. Most of the time, these dining tables can be made longger or have chairs that fit into the sides.

Seven mid-century modern dining tables you should buy

The modern dining table is an essential centerpiece of mid-century modern style, where your friends and family gather to eat and drink, from casual dinners to house parties or light breakfasts. Because of their simplicity, modern dining tables are increasingly popular for urban interior spaces, where space is limited and needs more optimal design solutions.

These are some modern dining table designs including the most beautiful wooden dining tables that you can choose them for your home.

1. Bradding 66" Rect Dining Table

mid century modern dining table
Bradding 66" Rect Dining Table of ADRIA Workshop.

Bradding dining table is a model for creating a warm and cozy mid-century modern home due to its natural beauty and minimalist look. The natural and walnut-colored finishes on the ash wood table top make the beautiful wood grain stand out. Whether you need a table for four for dining or a function co-working place, the Bradding 66" Rect Dining Table is an excellent option.

Advantages of the table:

- Made in Vietnam.

- Solid ash legs & frame; engineered wood top with ash veneer.

- Eco-friendly water-based paint.

- Eco-friendly packaging made of honeycomb.

- Made from sustainable wood.

- Easy assemble in 15 minutes with assembly instructions.

How to take care:

Don't put the product in direct sunlight. If wood is exposed to bright sunlight, it will get lighter, and the finish may fade over time.

Try to keep wood tables away from radiators and other heat sources. Sudden temperature changes can cause wood to dry out and crack and cause joints to move out of place.

You should use a damp cloth to clean the table instead of chemicals or cleaners. Spills must be cleaned immediately with a clean paper towel or absorbent cloth. Use coasters and placemats to keep things from getting damaged.

2. Ashby

mid century modern dining table
Ashby dining table of Apt2B (Source: Livingcozy)
  • Brand: Apt2B
  • Price: $1,148

This dining table is made of solid acacia wood with tapered legs and simple shapes typical of mid-century modern design. It also has a rustic finish that gives it a warm, textured look.

The table is just over 70 inches long and can easily fit six people, making it an excellent choice for mid century modern dining rooms. It's also very flexible; you can pair it with mid-century modern dining chairs for a unified look or mix and match chairs of different styles for a more eclectic look.

3. Duncan mid century dining table

mid century modern dining table
Duncan mid-century dining table of Interior Define (Source: Livingcozy)
  • Brand: Interior Define
  • Price: $1,275

This simple dining table by Interior Define is perfect for those who love minimalism. This sleek mid-century table is a great way to introduce some wood to your space without sacrificing modern lines. It has solid wood accents and a walnut veneer tabletop.

The 63-inch length of the table is suitable for seating four to six people comfortably. This table's adaptable style makes it ideal for use in various settings, from the mid-century dining room to the office.

4. Ventura Extension Table

mid century modern dining table
Ventura Extension Table from Room & Board (Source: Livingcozy)
  • Brand: Room & Board
  • Price: $2,999

This gorgeous and versatile dining table has a bit of a mid-century modern and Scandinavian style. This table is made of solid wood and is 72 inches long. It comes in seven natural finishes, so you can find one that matches your color scheme.

It also has a drop leaf that lets it seat two more people for eight seats. You can choose an 80-inch table, which can fit up to ten people, or a 60-inch table, which is excellent for small rooms.

5. Profile dining table

mid century modern dining table
Profile dining table (Source: Industry West)
  • Brand: Industry West
  • Price: $3,279

This dining table is a perfect example of the elegance of mid-century modern design, with its narrow, delicate lines and warm, organic texture. While this table may look delicate, its sturdy wood construction ensures it will last for years.

The table's length options (79" and 87") make it suitable for smaller and large dining spaces. Also, the sleek, uncluttered form allows you to use almost any dining chair.

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6. Lily Dining Table

mid century modern dining table
Lily Dining Table (Source: Castlery)
  • Brand: Castlery
  • Price: $749

This mid-century-style stunner has a subtly decorated tabletop that adds just enough visual interest without taking away from its elegant simplicity.

The table is only 63 inches long but can comfortably fit four people. This makes it an excellent choice for cozy mid century modern dining rooms and other small spaces. You can also buy it as a dining set, which includes a table and chairs that match.

7. Vienna Dining Table

mid century modern dining table
Vienna Dining Table (Source: Inside Weather)
  • Brand: Inside Weather
  • Price: From ~$800

If you want a dining table that can be used in various ways, this one from Inside Weather is perfect. It is available in four shapes, three widths, and several custom lengths. Depending on your color scheme, you can also choose from different finishes that range from dark to light. So Vienna can work almost anywhere. You can add accent chairs to this table to make a bigger remark.

Optionally, the mid-century modern dining table may be outfitted with a power hub that provides three standard outlets, two USB ports, and a six-foot power cord, transforming it into a workspace or study station.

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Last words

In conclusion, mid-century modern dining table is valuable furniture in the home, bringing great utility as well as timeless aesthetics. If you wonder where to buy a mid-century modern dining table, ADRIA Workshop is an excellent option. 

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