The mid-century modern dining set with various sizes, colors, and shapes has captured customers’ attention. Most tables are created mainly with wood, such as oak, or walnut, combined with glass or metal. Adria Workshop gratefully introduces to you the top 10 dining table samples which are the most noticeable. These table sets are not only appropriated by their beauty, and their quality is also astonishing.

10 Mid-century Modern Dining Sets

The dining room is one of the first impressions whenever you visit a house. The room should be cozy and convenient. To set up your dining room as expected, you can’t ignore the importance of a dining set table. You must select the table's material, shape, and color cautiously. 

The& mid-century modern dining set is worth considering for your family’s living space. The mid-century dining set table combines utilities, aesthetics, and quality. Here are 10 dining table set samples to choose from for your home.

Bradding 66" Rect Dining set Table

Bradding 66” Rect is a mid-century modern dining set table for minimalism followers. This table set is the main highlight of your dining room. On the top of the table, the wood grain has notable beauty with ashwood details and natural color from walnut.

The legs and frame of the table are also crafted of solid ashwood. Furthermore, this table set is eco and health-friendly due to its based-water paint. Bradding 66” Rect can accommodate 4 people for dining and working. 

With light tones, the table possibly makes your dining room cozier and brighter. However, to maintain the long-lasting beauty of the table, you have to prevent it from being exposed directly to sunlight which negatively affects the brightness of the surface. Besides, keep your wood table away from heat sources or radiators. The quality of wood will decrease according to the sudden changes in temperature. Detergents are also restricted. Despite that, you would rather clean your table with a damp cloth. 

To know more information on the table, look at Bradding 66" Rect Dining set Table of Adria Workshop.

Cost: $909.

Bradding 66” Rect dining set table of Adria Workshop (Source: Adria Workshop)

Lily Walnut/Brass 71" Dining Table

If you want to find one proper piece for your mid-century decoration, the Lily Walnut/Brass 71” Dining Table is the following mid-century modern dining set you should be concerned about. The exceptional point is the detailed wood grain of walnut on the tabletop. These details are handcrafted according to the chevron sample. The Lily Dining Table has a slender and delicate design symbolizing the modern century interior style. 

With a vast shape, the Lily Walnut dining table can seat up to 6 people. Therefore, this mid-century modern dining set table is intended for big family meals or small parties. You can also cooperate with the table with some canvas chairs which bring you the most satisfaction and comfort. 

Cost: $799

Lily Walnut/Brass 71" Dining Table
Lily Walnut/Brass 71" Dining Table is a mid-century modern dining set you can choose (Source: Internet)

Weaver II Dining Table

Oak wood is one of the best materials for interior pieces these days. With advantages like being hard, strong, and no termites, oak wood is utilized in interior construction. Thus, the Weaver II Dining Table is a worthwhile decoration option. Crafted of aged oak wood, the Weaver II became intriguing with cracked wood effects on the tabletop. 

Furthermore, the natural wood source always has a pleasant aroma, generating a comfortable environment in your dining room. Another benefit of owning a Weaver II Table is its vast size, which can accommodate 8 seats. 

One other point worth mentioning here is furniture preservation. The oak wood's longevity depends on how you “treat” it. Remember to clean stains as soon as possible to keep the brightness of the surface. To restrict that issue, you can use tablecloths in daily meals. Besides, cleaning fluid is not encouraged due to its bad impact on the table.

Cost: $695.

Weaver II Dining Table
Weaver II Dining Table set is your alternative (Source: Internet)

Amata Dining Table

The following mid-century modern dining set is Amata Dining Table, the smallest dining set in our top 10 lists. The Amata dining table is the optimal option for the small dining room. With minimal design, the table won’t occupy too much living space. 

Moreover, its beauty and utility are also appropriate. This mid-century modern dining set table design is highlighted with brass finishing material on the legs of the table and the chair. For something more unique and creative, you can decorate small pieces on the table, like dining lights or tablecloths. 

Wood furniture tends to be moldy unless you know how to protect them. To avoid it, you can apply specialized anti-mold paint. Besides, put the table far away from places with high humidity. Sometimes, you can expose your dining table to light sunlight as well. 

Cost: $670

Amata Dining Table
The following mid-century modern dining set is the “Atama” Table (Source: Internet)

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Olivia Rectangular Dining Table

Constructed of American Oak, Olivia Rectangular Table is a dining set inspired by the Scandinavian style. The main point of this table set is the light tone color, bringing warmth to your dining room. A substantial rectangular shape is capable of seating up to 6 people. The Olivia mid-century modern dining set table is not only utilized for meals but also for working.

Like all other oak wood furniture, Olivia Table should be taken care of in the right way to increase its longevity and maintain its beauty. Using polish periodically is the first thing you must do to keep the table fresh and bright. Besides that, you should use tablecloths to avoid direct contact with high-temperature objects on the table.

Cost: $1999

Olivia Rectangular Dining Table
“Olivia” table is another ideal option inspired by the Scandinavian style (Source: Internet)

Mid Century Expandable Dining Table, 39-55", Walnut

Mid-century expandable dining table is one of the perfect options on our list. Mid-century Expandable Dining Table, 39-55”, has a remarkable surface covered by the walnut finish. The unique shape enhances the elegance and modernity of your house decoration. This mid-century modern dining set table is an ideal interior piece for any house.

Furthermore, the table size is diverse, with 3 different sizes. Thus, you can apply this furniture in any room in your home.

It is inevitable to avoid scratches emerging on the surface of the table. Sharp objects should be restricted from putting on the table, or you can use tablecloths to protect the surface. To resolve the issue of scratches, you can use coffee grounds or olive oil. Moreover, putting your table away from direct sunlight exposure would be best.

Cost: $899

Mid Century Expandable Dining Table, 39-55", Walnut
Mid-century Expandable Dining Table, 39-55", Walnut has 3 different sizes (Source: Internet)

Alexa Acacia Wood Dining Table

The following mid-century modern dining set is Alexa Acacia Wood Table. The significant material of the table is Acacia wood which is currently assessed as one of the most valuable wood materials. “Alexa” has a unique top table part with natural wood grain and an enjoyable color. The table is crafted in A shape that enhances the stabilities and aesthetic. With a considerable size, the table is competent enough for 6 to 8 people to use it simultaneously.

While using this table, you should check and clean it regularly. Remember to use a soft broom or cloth to clean, and this will help you avoid making scratches to the table accidentally. Another tip is that vinegar and water should be prioritized rather than using specialized cleaning fluid. 

Cost: $1080

Alexa Acacia Wood Dining Table
Alexa Acacia Wood Dining Table with A-shape is stable and delicate (Source: Internet)

Magnolia Home Slide Walnut Dining Table By Joanna Gaines

Magnolia Home Slide Walnut Dining Table is an extraordinary dining set with a traditional and minimal design. Combined with drawers, the table brings a very convenient experience. You also can mix up your table with some pieces for your room design. The table can seat up to 6 people, which is suitable for a cozy family gathering. 

As with other dining table sets mentioned in the list, you need some tips to preserve the “Magnolia” table. Although walnut furniture is hard to get moldy, you still need some strategies to limit this problem. If you live in a place that has a tropical climate, the table possibly increases the humidity. You can sometimes put your table under the light sunlight and do not forget to clean it more frequently.

Cost: $750

Magnolia Home Slide Walnut Dining Table By Joanna Gaines
“Magnolia” table with convenient drawers is a perfect option for you (Source: Internet)

Winston Dining Table - 63"

Winston Dining Table is the only round table in this top 10 list. Round shape tables always have a unique and modern beauty. Then the “Winston” is no exception. The aesthetic of this table is a mix of a mid-century modern dining set and minimalism. This table will highlight your house whenever a person visits it. 

The Scandinavian interior style inspires the Winston Dining table. The only leg is thick and solid with wood grain, bringing you a feeling of stability. This table design has 2 dissimilar sizes for you, which can be used for 4 to 6 people. 

Cost: $2886

Winston Dining Table - 63"
The minimal and unique round Winston Dining Table - 63" (Source: Internet)

Hudson Dining Table

Hudson Dining Table set has a classic look combining modern interior style, which is an exciting piece in your dining room. The design applies dark primarily wood with highlights from brass. Another point is the natural wood grain, which experts and customers continuously appropriate. This modern dining table set also has many different sizes for your selection. The largest size can seat up to 8 people at once. 

Cost: $659

Hudson Dining Table
Admire the classic mix of modern shapes with Hudson Dining Table (Source: Internet)

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The top 10 modern dining table sets have been popular recently. We hope this list is helpful for you in choosing your ideal mid-century modern dining set. For colors, shapes, sizes, and more information about the products, don’t hesitate to contact us!