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How mid-century modern dining room look like

What is mid-century modern style?

mid century modern dining room

What is mid-century modern style? (Source: Internet)

Mid century modern is often used to refer to a style of architecture and interior design that gained popularity in the United States during the 1950s, but its roots reach considerably deeper into the past. The organic forms and clean lines of the mid century modern style are a refreshing take on conventional furnishings.

This design advocated for clean lines and minimal clutter to create a more functional living area. The influence of mid century modern design can be seen everywhere, from homes to workplaces, in the architecture, furnishings, and even artwork of the past decades.

Best mid century modern dining room furniture

There is a growing trend of showcasing one's taste in a mid century modern dining room. That way, you can entertain in style while spending ample time appreciating your furnishings and accents. 

mid century modern dining room set

A set of round table and Collin chairs create a chic aesthetic in the dining room (Source: Internet)

Get in the zone by furnishing your mid century modern dining room decor with dining tables and chairs. Dining tables with simple, tapered legs are especially adaptable because they can be used with a wide variety of decor styles, from rustic to classic to minimalist modern. These tables are timeless so that you can use them for years of celebrations and meals. This piece's glitzy glossy legs are capped with polished brass toes, giving it a nod to the mid century modern style. 

mid century modern dining room furniture

Light wooden cabinets will make the dining area cozier and more inviting (Source: Internet)

Cabinets in the mid century modern style will update your dining room thanks to their simple design and sleek lines. In addition, using organic materials like wood will make your dining room feel cozy and welcoming. 

mid century modern dining furniture

A large colorful rug with geometric shapes can enhance other furnishings in the room. (Source: Houzz)

Complete your house with a mid century modern dining rug. Rugs do more than soften the sound of our footsteps. A mid century style rug with geometric forms such as ovals, rectangles, and circles will lighten up and add personality to a room. 

Rico dinning chair in mid-century modern dining room

Add a mid century Rico Dining Chair to your dining space (Source: Adria Workshop)

50+ inspiring mid century modern dining room design

If you're at a loss for how to decorate your a mid century modern dining room, you're not alone; however, we are here to compile a selection of the most beautiful mid century dining rooms to help you get started.

1. Use dark bead board

mid century modern dining idea 

Bungalow on snow hill. Source: Houzz

To be perfectly honest, this is the most stunning example of a dark bead board we've ever seen. These mid century built-ins are given a modern update with an on-trend color of dark brown, which also hides many imperfections if you live in an older property.

2. Hand-painted wallpaper

mid century modern dining room ideas

Modernists can try murals or painted wallpaper with flat patterns in the dining area. Source: Houzz

When it comes to a mid century modern dining room, even the most ardent minimalist modernists may appreciate the unique charm of hand-painted wallpaper or, for the truly crafty, hand-painted pattern murals. Remember that less is more when it comes to your color scheme to complement your sleek furniture.

3. Including a seating area

mid century modern dining room design

Add a seating area in your dining room. (Source: Houzz)

Including a seating area in a room is a simple way to increase seating and pay homage to mid century design. But if you have the room for it, a complete banquette is an excellent option than a bench. With its sleek mid century vibe and hidden storage space, this table is an excellent addition to any mid century modern dining room.

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4. Put a Plant Stand

mid century modern dining room design

Put a Plant Stand in Your Mid century Dining Room. Source: Houzz

It's an attractive approach to soften the clean lines of a high-quality mid-century modern dining room set with some warm, organic touches. Bonus points if your pathos cascades over the edge of the bar cart.

5. Incorporate a Mirror

mid century modern dining room set

Incorporate a Mirror into Your Mid century Dining Room. (Source: Houzz)

Everyone is familiar with the age-old method of using mirrors to make a room appear larger, but in a mid century modern dining room, this trick accomplishes so much more. Mirrors can accomplish wonders, from boosting the mood at your next party to vividly reflecting candlelight from your tablecloth.

6. A black fireplace to accent

decor mid century modern dining room with fireplace

A fireplace is attached with high ceilings. (Source: Houzz)

A great way to make a mid century modern dining room stand out is to surround them with lots of dark colors. The built-in black cabinets provide a striking backdrop for the white tableware and silverware (with a fireplace to match). The room is beautifully balanced with its predominance of light colors.

7. Use dining nook wallpaper

mid century modern dining room wallpaper

Modern dining nook wallpaper mid century. Source: Houzz

A simple method to inject new life into your eating nook? Cover the walls with wallpaper that has a pattern or color scheme that is whimsical or artistic. You can't go wrong with an accent wall or nook to display your originality; whether you decorate it or not is up to you.

8. Set the Table with a Ledge

mid century modern dining room set

Set the Table with a Ledge from the Mid-century. Source: Houzz

This is a great notion that can be supported by even the most indecisive home decorators. Change the look of your space whenever the mood strikes with the help of a basic set of floating shelves and some artwork. On top of that, it won't mess up the simple aesthetic of those '60s chairs.

8. Add raw beams and woven light fixture

mid century modern dining room design idea

Dine in a very natural mid-century modern setting. Source: Houzz

Highlight the organic elegance of modern Danish furniture, such as those recognizable wishbone chairs, by duplicating the texture in other room areas. We adore the way the raw beams and woven light fixtures work together to create harmony in this room. The flawlessly imperfect mid century modern dining table is a show-stopping centerpiece that encapsulates the spirit of mid century design.

9. Indulge Art Cravings

Art cravings in mid-century modern dining room

Indulge Your Mid-century Modern Art Cravings. (Source: Houzz)

It's one of the least difficult mid century items to track down. Coordinating with art from the era can provide a more genuine vibe to your dining room, whether you go for the kitschy-cool paint-by-number pieces or choose something a little more subtle.

10. Incorporate a few layers of '60s-'80s-style decor

60s-80s style fit in mid century modern dining room

Incorporate a few layers of '60s-'80s-style decor into your dining room. Source: Houzz

Fabrics can significantly soften the appearance of otherwise starkly modern mid-century furniture. Dress up the place settings during a dinner party (or any time) with colorful throw blankets and pillows.

11. Incorporating round tables

Incorporating round tables into mid century modern dining room

Mid century dining room with round table. (Source: Houzz)

It's not required that every formal dining room have a massive, rectangular table as its focal point. It's clear from this space that big round tables can also get their fair share of Mid Century Modern adoration. Incorporating another geometric element, round tables offer abundant space and flexibility when designing a table cape.

12. Installing a unique light fixture

timeless touches mid century modern dining room style

Enhance a modern dining room with timeless touches from the past. Source: Houzz

Even with a more contemporary aesthetic, you can choose to honor heritage. Shaker-style chairs and other minimalist seating can coexist with geometric mid century furniture without clashing. These astute homeowners added a touch of mid century modern flair by installing a unique light fixture.

13. Use a regular mid-century modern table

regular mid century modern dining table

To keep it simple, use a regular mid-century modern table. (Source: Houzz)

Sometimes, one flash of color is all you need to set your place differently. This timeless Eames-inspired set has been given a blank canvas to shine against, thanks to white walls and an exposed beam ceiling. Moreover, the room seems much more complete with the addition of a gold starburst chandelier.

14. 1970s-style wallpaper

1970s-style wallpaper use in mid century modern dining room

Be Bold. Source: Houzz

However, minimalism and midcentury modern style can also work well together. The room's crowning glory is undoubtedly this bold, 1970s-style wallpaper. The joyful, vivid hues allow the white decors to shine—something that white doesn't typically get to do fully.

15. Warm color palette

orange seats in the mid century modern dining room

Add Warmth to the mid-century modern dining room with orange seats. (Source: Houzz)

A warm color palette can be used in several ways with a mid-century modern dining room. The subdued white and orange chairs in this room create the mood, but you may make more personalizations with the help of carpets, drapes, and bold lighting.

16. Focus on using wood and wicker

cohesive aesthetic in mid century modern dining room

Save it a Scandinavian mid-century modern dining area with a cohesive aesthetic. (Source: Houzz)

Although mid-century modern is a great style to take risks, it is also possible to achieve unity by sticking to a single color palette. Or, how about this: Focus on using wood and wicker because their colors complement one another so well.

17. Decorate with a neutral color palette

white mid century set

Mid-century modern rustic dining room with the neutral color palette.

These styles work wonderfully with natural materials because those elements are so frequently featured in the designs. The dining area stands out from the others thanks to the curving mid-century chairs and the room's lighter woods, open shelving, and neutral color scheme.

18. Floor-to-ceiling windows

floor-to-ceiling windows in mid century modern dining room

Open the Blinds, and Place A dining table in a mod, mid-century setting (Source: Houzz).

Set your dining table in a spot with access to natural light and a view by placing it near a large window or a wall of windows. This will help bring out the bold colors and clean lines that are hallmarks of the modernist aesthetic.

19. Create a Mid-century Modern Gallery Wall

mid century modern gallery wall

Create a Mid-century Modern Gallery Wall. Source: Houzz

While choosing a unique piece of art to highlight in the dining room is a terrific option, you may also opt to go with a full-scale gallery wall. The mid century modern dining room is more than just a place to eat; it's also a place to socialize and catch up with friends and family.

20. Use a neutral color scheme

unbiased mid century modern dining room setting

You might go for a tasteful and unbiased mid-century modern table setting. (Source: Houzz)

The simplicity of a neutral color scheme is ideal for a mid-century modern dining room. The abundance of natural wood tones, wicker furniture, and gray walls all create a soothing environment.

21. Minimalist approach

Try a minimalist approach into the mid-century dining room

Try a minimalist approach to mid century dining room (Source: Internet)

Stick to a primarily white palette and natural accents, and keep the decorative things to a minimum to make a striking impact as opposed to painting the walls in decor and bold paint.

22. Adding a bold lighting fixture

Bold light fixtures in mid century modern dining room

Accentuate Mid century Modern Dining Spaces with Bold Light Fixtures. Source: Houzz

Adding a bold lighting fixture to your dining area is a great way to show your love for mid-century decor. Your lighting is a great way to combine form and function, whether you go with a conventional bulb and shade or go for a more avant-garde design.

23. Choose eye-catching decorative accents

mid dining room from Any Era

Indulge Your Creative Side with a Mod Dining Room. Soucre: Any Era

There are a lot of wiggle areas in this style if you want to be whimsical and try something new, so why not? Choose eye-catching decorative accents that guests can admire while perusing bookcases. While painting on the walls is one option, accent chairs with bold hues and exciting designs are also welcome.

24. Combine white walls and wood accents

Whit mid century dining room

Construct a Wood and White Mid-century Dining Room. (Source: Houzz)

If you're not sure how to arrange a mid century modern dining room, try to stick with the classic combination of wood tones and white. The combination of white walls and wood accents may keep things simple and provide a solid foundation for future growth.

25.  Decorate with a wide range of hues

low-key mid century dining room

Take advantage of low-key mid-century modern table settings. (Source: Houzz)

With this design style, you may decorate your dining area with a wide range of hues, from neutral to vibrant. Subtle hues are a great way to inject some color without making a huge impact, and they complement the raw wood and minimal lines of mid-century decor beautifully.

26. Use chairs with clean lines and geometric shapes

staple off mid century modern dining room

Cane-back dining chairs are a staple of the mid-century (Source: Houzz).

When guests enter a dining area, their eyes are first drawn to the chairs. Chairs with clean lines and geometric shapes, like those made of cane, are a certain way to achieve the mid-century modern look and feel you've been going for in your home. These chairs epitomize the compelling union of form and function that defined mid-century modern design.

27. Glam up the dining room with these colorful chairs

Glam up your mid century modern dining room with these colorful chairs

Glam up your mid century dining room with these colorful chairs. (Source: Houzz)

Who says that the aesthetics of the mid-century can't be glamorous? No one we know does, but it's something to consider when setting the table. The pink, white, and gold color scheme is the epitome of mid-century modern style and comfort.

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Last words

To wrap it all up, mid century modern dining room's allure stems from its emphasis on organic forms, simple lines, few frills, and priority on functionality. When modernizing your home, here are some tips to remember

  • Use mid century modern furniture as focal points 
  • Incorporate natural elements into your dining room layout
  • Try to play around with color, which shall help you grasp a perfect dining room.

We’re just finished our destiny to bring mid century modern dining into your mind. Follow us on Adria Blog for more exciting home decor styles that you’ll love.