A  mid-century modern dining chair would be a perfect addition to your living space. Because they fit in every space, you can create a unique ambiance and play with colors, materials, and shapes. But it can be hard to shop for these pieces because there are so many to choose from. How do you know which will be best for your home decor? In this blog, Adria Workshop gives you nine perfect mid-century modern dining chairs to go with your dining table.

How to choose the right mid-century modern dining chairs?


The most important thing about your mid-century modern dining chairs is their material, which affects how they look, feel, and are made. When choosing your dining chairs and their materials, remember that chairs are the most used furniture in the entire house and are more susceptible to wear and tear. So durability and maintenance should be a top priority, especially if you are looking for more durable dining chair options.

Some common materials you can choose are wood, steel, leather, or a combination of the three. A typical mid-century dining chair is made of antique lumber and features many geometrical elements, round edges, and smooth upholstery made of fabric or leather. The designs usually feature a mix of materials.


Choosing the right dining chair style is key to making any mid century modern dining room stand out. You can choose from various types, each of which has its look and use, depending on how you want to look and what you need. High-back dining chairs are great for formal events or meetings, while low-back chairs can create a more casual atmosphere.  Mid-century modern dining chairs with arms that bring comfort and coziness. And if you have limited space, opt for armless chairs.

mid-century modern dining chair 1
Choosing the right dining chair style is key to making any mid-century modern dining room stand out (Source: internet)


Budget plays a vital role in any purchase decision. How much money are you willing to spend on mid-century modern dining chairs? People may consider repairing old chairs, doing DIY tricks, or buying something cheap from a nearby retail store. However, they will get damaged without giving you much service.

In most cases, the materials used to make the furniture significantly impact its price. Furniture made of low-quality materials is the cheapest on the market. What if you could get your mid-century modern dining chairs in great styles at an affordable price? Well, that’s made possible by Adria Workshop. Our shop has numerous affordable mid-century modern furniture, especially dining chairs. Visit our website and browse an exclusive collection of high-quality mid-century modern dining chairs at the best prices.

Rico Dining Chair Dark Walnut/Natural Oak - Adria Workshop

mid-century modern dining chair 2
The Rico Dining Chair is the best mid-century modern dining chair from Adria Workshop (Source: Adria Workshop)

The Rico Dining Chair is a basic-looking but elegant mid-century modern dining chair. It has light cushioning at the seat and open space at the back, which provides you with a comfortable, enjoyable dining experience. Because it has no armrests, it can also be a real space saver if you push it underneath your mid century modern dining table when you’re not using it.

Mariana Upholstery Dining Chair - Adria Workshop

mid-century modern dining chair 3
The Mariana Upholstery Dining Chair from Adria Workshop (Source: Adria Workshop)

Mid-century upholstered dining chairs are a classic choice for most homes because of their comfortable seating. With its distinctive features and quality construction, the Mariana Upholstery Dining Chair makes a cozy dining room piece that could give you the best dining experience. Not only is it more durable than the average chair, but this chair is also nicely curved to shape and hold your body in natural comfort.

Mullica French School Chairs

mid-century modern dining chair 4
Mullica French School Chairs (Source: internet)

A simple  Mid-century modern dining chair made of plywood and steel-framed, this dining chair is sturdy and comfortable enough to sit in for hours on end. These French school chairs are an excellent fit for anyone finding dining chairs under $100 to go with dining tables for small space

Affordable Seating Cane Wood Restaurant Chair

mid-century modern dining chair 5
Cheap Seating Cane Wood Restaurant Chair (Source: internet)

These dining chairs are elegantly made and will turn your mid-century modern dining room into a work of art. The black stain on the wood frame of this dining chair looks great with the woven design of the backrest. Also, these details bring to mind the well-known mid-century style, which looks great in modern and urban settings.

Umbra Ringo Chair

mid-century modern dining chair 6
Umbra Ringo Chair (Source: internet)

Umbra Ringo chairs are an excellent option for eye-catching dining chairs. Besides having organic shapes, these mid-century modern dining chairs are made of rust-proof bent metal frames, making them suitable for use indoors or outdoors. It also has an ergonomic, injection-molded seat that is comfortable to sit in and lounge in. 

Ton Ironica Chair

mid-century modern dining chair 7
Ton Ironica Chair (Source: internet)

Made from solid oak and available in a wide range of colors, this chair is the piece you want to have in your mid-century-inspired setup. Even though the backrest and seat are not padded, they are still comfortable because of the way they are shaped. This dining chair is easy to combine with any dining table to create a perfect mid century modern dining set

Normann Copenhagen Form Chair

mid-century modern dining chair 8
Normann Copenhagen Form Chair (Source: internet)

Without a doubt, the Normann Copenhagen Form Chair is one of the best when it comes to giving your dining room a sense of mid-century modern dining. The curved seat and ideal height provide good back support for the user. Because of how simple it is, this mid-century modern chair can be used in many places, from the dining room to the home office to the kids' room. It comes disassembled, but it’s pretty easy to put together.

Dims Cleo Chair by Stine Aas

mid-century modern dining chair 9
Dims Cleo Chair by Stine Aas (Source: internet)

This mid-century wooden dining chair is a sturdy piece of furniture inspired by nature, Scandinavian culture, and geometric patterns. The seat is made of a soft, laminated shell for comfort, and the backrest is shaped like a half-circle to remind people of classical arches. 

Carl Hansen & Søn Wishbone Chair

If you’re into comfortable, interwoven seats, then these mid-century modern dining chairs are for you. The chair's frame is made from solid wood, and the seats are wrapped in a natural paper cord. When the Wishbone Chair's color is paired with its paper cord seat, the dynamic contrast in texture and tone creates a distinctly contemporary statement. Because the chairs are short in height and lack armrests, they can always be pushed under the table, saving much space.


mid-century modern dining chair 10
Carl Hansen & Søn Wishbone Chair (Source: internet)


This blog post from Adria Workshop should help you choose the right mid-century modern dining chairs for your room. If you are still afraid of the dining chair design that comes with your mid-century modern table, these chairs should be reasonable and impressive. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can give you the most helpful advice about home decor style ideas decoration tips.