Mid-century modern carpet is excellent mid-century modern furniture for bedrooms, dens, and any room where water damage is possible.  Mid-century modern rugs are the perfect way to add a touch of style to your home. Their pretty colors can make any room feel cozier and more elegant. They also do it all without taking up any valuable living space.

Mid-century modern carpets can be simple and neutral or have bright colors and bold geometric patterns. There is something for everyone. Adria Workshop has compiled a list of the best mid-century modern rugs in this blog so that you can find the perfect match for your home decor.

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What is a Mid-Century Modern Rug?

The mid-century modern design features frugal and noble lines and forms. So, it's not hard to find mid-century modern rugs with clean lines and simple designs made from natural materials. Furthermore, mid-century modern area rugs emphasize the shape and outline of the textile prints. As a result, mid-century modern rugs are the ideal way to add a touch of modern style to any room in your home.

mid century modern carpet (1)
The bold colors and patterns of the mid-century rug in the living room are typical of that style (Source: internet)

How to achieve a Mid-Century Modern room?

The mid-century modern style of architecture and interior design is known for its clean, simple lines and shapes. The extraordinary allure of a bygone era is reflected in the midcentury furnishings. In these interiors, one can find one-of-a-kind wooden furnishings.

mid-century modern room has rich tones, geometric patterns on the walls and furnishings, and a cozy autumn vibe. Also, there are characteristic retro details, such as lamps, vases, sculptures, and paintings.

15 amazing mid-century modern carpets for every room

Tsung Carpet

mid century modern carpet 1
This mid-century modern flatwoven rug was made in Turkey and had a pattern that looked like it came from the 1970s (Source: internet)

This Tsung wool rug is made in Anatolia, Turkey. Because of their beautiful pattern, Tsung rugs add to the mid-century modern look of any room they are in. In addition, this mid-century modern carpet is made entirely of wool, which makes it incredibly soft and comfortable.

Line Drawing Flat Weave Rug

mid century modern carpet 2
With its abstract, organic design, the Line Drawing Flat Weave rug is a true ambassador of mid-century style (Source: internet)

If you're worried that adding a patterned carpet to your mid-century modern living room will limit the rest of your decor, think again. The fun and lively pattern on this abstract area rug is a new take on mid-century modern style. It comes in many sizes, from narrow runners for hallways to large mid-century modern carpets for the living room.

Fez mid-century modern carpet

mid century modern carpet 3
This abstract area rug has lovely, soothing pastel colors and an organic pattern (Source: internet)

This hand-painted Fez rug is the perfect finishing touch for your mid-century modern home. Additionally, the mid-century modern rug has a stain- and spill-resistant surface and is non-slip, so you can be sure that it will remain where you put it. This beautiful rug would look even better with a mid-century modern side table covered in dark colors.


mid century modern carpet 4
This area rug is ideal for high-traffic areas like living rooms, dining rooms, offices, and bedrooms (Source: internet)

Consider a mid-century modern Codie plaid carpet if you plan to mix patterns in your room. Plaid is a classic yet contemporary design element that works in almost any room of your home and adds depth to the space. This mid-century modern carpet is made by hand from 100% natural wool fibers, so it will last a long time and look good for a long time. 


mid century modern carpet 5
This bright Indian hand-loomed rug features whimsical Art Deco details (Source: internet)

This colorful mid-century modern rug was made by hand in India and had fun Art Deco details. Handmade and one-of-a-kind, these rugs have natural differences that make them elegant and stand out in any mid-century modern living room.

Rainbow Two Tone

mid century modern carpet 6
This gray area rug is perfect if you're a subdued mid-century modern decor fan (Source: internet)

This mid-century style carpet can quickly turn every room into a cozy cocoon of inviting warmth and soft luxury. This unique rug is a modern solid color with two rainbow-colored rings of tufted shag in a circle around it. It is expertly made to guarantee enduring style and comfort.

Ometri Rug

mid century modern carpet 7
This geometric indoor area rug complements the mid-century modern decor and furniture (Source: internet)

Like a work of mid-century modern art, the Ometri rug features a mixture of colorful shapes and geometric design. Using medium pile, hand-tufted 100% wool, it's ideal for your cozy living room or bedroom.

Barret Printed Rug

mid century modern carpet 8
The distressed vintage rugs have a retro feel ideal for a mid-century modern room (Source: internet)

This rug's lovely pattern will make your bedroom look amazing and finished. Each mid-century modern rug is one of a kind because skilled artisans use a unique printing process. Also, it comes in seven neutral colors that look good with almost any color scheme. 

Mariela Geometric Area Rug

mid century modern carpet 9
Mariela's geometric area rug ranges from small circular accent rugs to large octagonal and rectangular rugs (Source: internet)

Is the bare floor bumming you out? An area rug is an excellent way to update the look of your mid-century modern living room! The classic honeycomb pattern on this geometric area rug will never go out of style. With shapes intertwining and connecting, your mid-century modern carpet will be a show-stopper in your home.

Mcquaid Handmade Wool Rug

mid century modern carpet 10
This mid-century-inspired area rug features freeform curves in neutrals and blues (Source: internet)

Add a hint of art appeal to your floors with this mid-century modern carpet . This perfect rug is made by hand from 100% wool and has clean-lined patterns in bright colors on a bold background. It has elements of both natural and elegant design and would look great in any room.


mid century modern carpet 11
The mid-century modern Collet rug is made by hand out of 100% wool and has a graphic and geometric pattern that stands out (Source: internet)

This hand-woven rug's simple geometric pattern and sleek color scheme make it the perfect finishing touch for a mid-century modern room. Because it is handwoven from 100% wool, this rug is soft to the touch. Moreover, the Collet Rug is available in three attractive colors, gray, haze, and oat, that go with any room decor and in multiple sizes for any use. 

Block Party Rug

mid century modern carpet 12
Another mid-century modern rug filled with shapes tops our list of mid-century modern rugs (Source: internet)

The combination of mustard yellow and light gray in this area rug is a surefire way to inject some mid-century modern charm into any room. The Block Party rug is decorated with overlapping blocks and pops of yellow, and it’s made from recycled polyester. Because it is made from recycled polyester performance fabric, this mid-century modern carpet is extremely resistant to stains.

Hazelwood Area Rug

mid century modern carpet 13
This inviting Hazelwood area rug features soft, organic colors and a color-block design (Source: internet)

The great thing about this mid-century modern carpet is that it is filled with many different colors. Soft, organic colors combine with a color-block design to create this inviting indoor area rug that will look great in various settings. This fine rug is a versatile choice for your living room or office.

Lorenzo Wool Area Rug

mid century modern carpet 13-1
This subtle shag rug is handcrafted from 100% wool and has a cotton and latex backing (Source: internet)

Characterized by its linear patterns, Lorenzo's tufted loop construction provides versatility and warmth in any part of the home.​ This mid-century modern area rug features a white background that lets the black geometric design of diamonds.

Charm Rug

mid century modern carpet 14
This mid-century modern viscose-woven rug looks expensive because of the subtle changes in tone and silky smooth texture (Source: internet)

A neutral carpet is often the best option if you're laying carpet in a frequently used room, such as a family or living room. The Charm carpet is a hand-loomed rug with a smooth texture and a slight sheen to its finish. Charm rugs are a unique and stylish addition to any contemporary home.


There are many options for choosing a mid-century modern carpet for your home. The best way to determine the rug of your choice is to break it down into a few different categories, such as the material, color, or size of the rug you are looking for. If you can answer these questions, you are on the fast track to finding the perfect mid-century rug to cozy up your home. 

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