Have you grown bored with your current bedroom decor? Then it's high time you added some taste of the 1950s and 1960s to your interior. Mid-century modern bedroom designs emphasizing practicality, bright primary colors, organic shapes, and simple lines have a classic look that won't go out of style soon.

If you wish to be a fan of mid-century modern furnishings, you'll find plenty of ideas for your bedroom in this post. Adria Workshop will look at some beautiful mid-century modern bedroom design ideas you might want to use in your master suite. You can be confident that it will enhance its aesthetic value.

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1. Beige Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Mid Century Modern Bedroom
Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Decoration Idea: A stunning Beige mid-century modern bedroom (Source: Amazon)

The mid-century modern bedroom will perfectly combine sandy tones, a Sputnik-style chandelier, and a light wood coffee table if you know how to play with the dreamy palette. The picture above perfectly shows how you can create a mid-century modern bedroom just by combining "boring" colors.

2. Splash of Boho

Splash of Boho
Several organic wooden pieces are included in the Splash (Source: Decorated Life)

Not only does mid-century bedroom décor embrace bright hues, but areas around the room are also encouraged to do so to complement one another. To add some complexity while still keeping the originality of the mid-century modern style, you can also try it out in the form of a mural painting or eye-catching window treatments.

3. Mid-Century Modern Dresser

Mid-Century Modern Dresser
Wooden dresser with tapered legs (Source: Fine Funiture San Diego)

Nothing can go wrong with a mid-century modern dresser in the middle of a bedroom. The prime example is a gorgeous dresser with angular lines, exposed wood, and tapered legs. This item fits in with a mid-century modern bedroom style because it is made of stained pine wood and has cutout handles. This fascinating style incorporates a contemporary style appeal that will look amazing in any room.


4. '60s Dream Style in the Mid-century Modern Bedroom

'60s Dream Style in the Mid-century Modern Bedroom
A dreamy look will never be out of style (Source: MyDomaine)

The mid-century modern style was still popular in the 1960s, so homes decorated in this style tend to have bold patterns and colors. It's impossible not to be obsessed with a mid-century modern bedroom with unusual color combinations that still make you feel at home. 

5. All Hail Sputnik

All Hail Sputnik
This beautiful indoor sputnik chandelier with a soft gold finish will look great in any modern room. (Source: Amazon)

It's possible to enjoy your home with some out-of-the-ordinary decor without ruining the midcentury modern feel. This lighting fad, named after the first satellite in prickly pear, became extremely popular in the late 1950s and 1960s, which was when mid-century modernism was at its height. It's prickly, but as it hangs, the lamp has an amusing appearance, making it a darling among interior professionals. You can also combine a Sputnik-style window with a boho sunburst as a great representation of how simple it is to mix the two styles successfully.

6. Desert Oasis Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Desert Oasis Mid-Century Modern Bedroom
Succulents and cacti are the perfect way to add a splash of color to a bedroom decorated in this style. (Source: Inland Empire)

Midcentury architecture and modern decor go well together, just like the desert interior style does. This mix-and-match shown in the above image demonstrates perfectly why they should go together, with natural materials, simple settings, and unstructured designs all complementing one another.

7. Natural Materials in the Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Natural Materials in the Mid Century Modern Bedroom
Wood, stone, and man-made steel and concrete are all components in mid-century modern design. (Source: Homedit)

The aesthetics of the mid-century modern bedroom are all about organic forms, free-flowing energies, and, most of all, natural materials. Thanks to the wood paneling and stone, the room has a warm, natural feel, but it still looks sleek and modern.

8. Platform Beds in the Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Platform Beds in the Mid-Century Modern Bedroom
You can't go wrong with a platform bed as the central piece in a bedroom or guest room decorated in the manner of the mid-20th century. (Source: West Elm)

A wide variety of sizes, forms, and styles are available for mid-century modern bedroom frames. A platform bed, irrespective of its size, will aid your journey in decorating the mid-century modern bedroom on a budget. Moreover, it can also lessen the number of cumbersome objects you need to deal with when rearranging your bedroom.

9. Retro Style Meets Mid-Century Modern

Retro Style Meets Mid-Century Modern
A bit of a retro vibe in the mid-century modern bedroom is simple to replicate and adapts well to various wallpaper patterns and colors. (Source: Decorilla)

With the help of some vintage-inspired circles, geometrics, and cosmopolitan accents, an unremarkable vintage mid-century modern bedroom can provoke some nostalgic memories and immediately transport you back to the 1950s. 

10. Hairpin Legs on Furniture - Hallmark of mid-century modern style

Hairpin Legs on Furniture - Hallmark of mid-century modern style
Metal legs called "hairpin legs" take their inspiration from the mid-century modern era and can transform even the most mundane furniture into works of art. (Source: Caravana)

Similarly, it is acknowledged that wooden materials can never go wrong with mid-century style. Therefore, in the photo, black-brown wood is used to display a sense of old-century bedrooms that still look like they belong in the present.

11. Blue as an Accent Color in a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Blue as an Accent Color in a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom
The space will be given some much-needed flair by a grayish blue accent wall, a great little chair, and some brightly colored throw pillows. (Source: Houze)

The bedroom with the blue accents is astonishingly beautiful. Because of the cobalt accents, we have to rethink of those simple color schemes. In all honesty, mid-century modern color schemes could be anything from warm to earthy to neutral to bright primary colors. If none of those color schemes appeal to you, you can always bend the rules a little to maintain your individuality. 

12. White Elegant Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Mid-century modern decorating ideas
For a mid-century modern meets contemporary or minimalist aesthetic, lighter colors such as white and off-white are recommended. (Source: The Spruce)

Although, as previously said, mid-century palettes are not often as basic as black and white. However, if you are a person who pursues minimalism but still prefers a mid century modern bedroom, the tranquility of white and natural wood will still meet your expectations. It even creates more spaces and elegant vibes.

13. Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-Century Modern Style
Mid-century contemporary furniture has a simple elegance that can revitalize any space. (Source: Stilolinea)

A stylish mid-century modern bedroom might have wood paneling, a pendant light, and a molded plastic chair, all the style's classics.

14. Macrame in the Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Macrame in the Mid Century Modern Bedroom
The mid-century modern aesthetic was infused with a variety of groovy 70s trends. (Source: Fond Willow)

Different styles of cool 1970s furnishings are often incorporated into the midcentury modern aesthetic. Macramé, for instance, unlike woven or knitted fabrics, is made through a series of knots. The square knots can be untied into full- and double-hitch configurations. Cotton thread, hemp, leather, and yarn were the main building materials, and different kinds of beads were used to decorate them.

15. Wood in the Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Wood in the Mid Century Modern Bedroom
Mid-century modern design is known for using natural wood, especially woods with a light or medium tone. (Source: Remodelista)

Using natural wood is one of the things that makes mid-century modern design stand out. During this time, teak wood was used for many furniture and other household items because of its dark color, durability, and reputation as a sign of quality. Similar to teak, oak is also a popular choice because of its strength and durability.

16. Houseplants in a Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Houseplants in a Mid Century Modern Bedroom
The mid-century modern era saw a rise in the popularity of plants with dark green leaves (Source: The Spruce)

Even though people have had houseplants for a long time, they became popular around the middle of the 20th century. It's no wonder that adding mid century modern plant can bring space and life to your bedroom with a bit of a touch of nature and still hold the freshness of a cozy mid-century modern bedroom.

17. Built-in bookcases in the bedroom

Built-In bookcases in the bedroom
Bedroom with built-in bookcases and display niches (Source: Decoist)

A beautiful mid-century modern bedroom with a wall of built-in bookcases would be hard for any book lover to turn down. The built-in bookcases are not only warm and welcoming, but they also add to the mid-century modern style's charm. Furthermore, if you want, a mid-century armchair can make the bedroom the ideal place to relax with a good book.

18. Luxurious Mid-Century Modern Style

Luxurious Mid-Century Modern Style
Luxurious touch in a cozy mid-century bedroom (Source: The Spruce)

The mid-century modern bedroom can look stylish and somewhat glamorous if you combine the strong abstract paintings, plush fur blanket, mustard armchair, and sparse yet elegant furnishings, all together.

19. Colorful Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Colorful Mid Century Modern Bedroom
The wooden dresser, mustard throw pillows, and chic planter are all lovely allusions to midcentury modernism, yet they seem quite at home in this contemporary setting. (Source: Modsy)

Even if you're going for a mid-century modern look, you shouldn't put a hold on your creativity. Let's look at many vintage mid-century modern bedrooms. The owner's personality and sense of humor are on full display, which features various '70s throwback pieces, such as pop art Beatles photos or an acrylic hanging chair. The perfect compromise between bold and dull, a neutral room with a few strategically placed pops of color is a win for everyone.

20. Feminine Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Feminine Mid-Century Modern Bedroom
This midcentury modern bedroom is bursting with the artistic femininity of its owner (Source: The Spruce)

Lastly, . If you're on a tight budget but still want a sleek, modern bedroom, this is another option to consider. Mid-century modern design often uses unfinished wood, but this bedroom's use of white shows a more delicate, feminine side and is best for those who want a mid-century modern bedroom but don't have a lot of money. The bedroom's walls are a modern charcoal gray, a sophisticated addition that prevents the space from becoming overly sweet


What are the colors used in mid-century modern?

If you want to re-create a mid-century modern vibe in your bedroom, here are some recommended matches:

  1. Brown and orange: Orange and brown are a typical color scheme in mid-century modern design; they are both warm and inviting. The majestic wood ceiling and glass windows, both typical of this era, are set off by the bright orange wall of this room. Orange's energy is muted by brown, even in the shape of wood.
  2. Chartreuse and gray: These two pieces are so hip and modern, they'll update any room in no time. The photo's sunny yellowish-green sofa provides a welcome contrast to the photo's muted gray wall. The style is definitely mid-century modern when used in a room with architectural characteristics like an inclined ceiling and glass window walls.
  3. Teal, brown, and white: With the appropriate piece of furniture, this refined color scheme can create a luxurious mid-century vibe. These turquoise accent pillows on an ivory couch are a beautiful visual contrast. Extra blue from an accent chair in a more intense shade of teal adds visual appeal to an already interesting space.

How can I get affordable for the mid-century modern bedroom furniture?

Don’t mind dropping by thrift shops and flea markets or even searching for some hands-me-down items at garage sales if you want to grab some mid-century modern bedroom furniture while still sticking to the budget. Here are some affordable sites to shop for decorations:

  1. Wayfair: The Foundstone collection by Wayfair is loaded with affordable modern furniture. The sofa's sleek form and tapered legs have us completely smitten, and we simply cannot get enough of its luxurious, dark green color.
  2. AllModern: You can buy high-quality items for hundreds less than you would anticipate on this flash deals website, as the prices are consistently low and there are new discounts running every day.
  3. Apartment Therapy Mall: Vintage mid-century furniture abounds in Bazaar, Apartment Therapy's online marketplace. You can find hundreds of MCM desks, tables, cabinets, and more right now because it is one of the most popular styles. Products range from gently used name-brand items to vintage treasures of varying ages.
  4. Amazon: The quality of Amazon's in-house furniture brands consistently exceeds our expectations. The above leather sofa is part of Amazon's Rivet range, which specializes in mid-century modern furniture but also includes beautiful plants and other basics for the living room .