Styles from the past often make a comeback, and Mid-century Modern style is no exception. Find out the history of this significant design movement and why it continues to have such an impact today.

What defines the Mid-century Modern design style?

Mid Century Modern style (MCM) is the term used to describe the mainstream furniture of the mid-20th century. It is a simple, convenient teak with a solid curved design feature. Mid Century style flourished after World War II (after 1945); architects and interior designers transformed decaying houses into dazzling products. They wish that this world will be more optimistic and brighter in the future.

The history of Mid-century Modern style

mid century modern

As mentioned above, the Midcentury design style appears as a breath of fresh air, stirring up the forward spirit of Westerners. These designs are colorful and bright, just like people's wishes.

According to design expert Amanda Thompson: "Mid Century designs are rooted in the needs of life, clean and simple lines, reflecting the essence of the time. "At this time, the house's interior mainly caters to a small family, not many generations.

According to designer Eleanor Trepte: "This Mid Century-style furniture is like putting on a new shirt in the house, where all members enjoy a welcoming lifestyle with nature and modernity."

How Mid-Century Compares to Styles of the 1800s and 2000s:


Also Known As  

Key Elements
1880 – 1930


Opulence, plush textures, wrought-iron lighting



Warm colors, minimalist, function over form, tapered legs, Danish-inspired, Bauhaus inspired



Neutral colors, soft lines + comfy textures, natural elements

MCM Today

Mid-century modern designs are timeless, so it's no surprise that they're still popular today. Today's MCM feels nostalgic while also being futuristic, bringing nostalgia to those who enjoy it. MCM style's key characteristics are still popular today. Despite the fact that the style has been around for almost 80 years, it nevertheless looks modern and original.

Key characteristics of Mid-Century Modern style

Mid-Century Modern Furniture made from teak wood

After World War II, the thrifty and durable lifestyle was preferred by many people. Because after the war, their lives were destroyed in many aspects. Therefore, the trend of using teak panels is used most of all. Teak is preferred for its richness in color and steadiness. In particular, rosewood and oak are commonly used, especially in furniture such as large tables, desks, and storage cabinets.

In addition to teak, in this Mid Century style, there are several other materials, such as metal, glass, vinyl, etc.

midcentury modern
A dining room in mid century modern home with solid wood floors and high ceilings. (Source: Internet)

Curved furniture

Curved furniture is a hallmark of the Mid Century modern home decor style. This bend is everywhere in the house, from the table and chairs to the storage cabinet.

mid century modern houses
Smooth, uncluttered contours in mid century modern interior design. (Source: Internet)

Unlimited Creativity

With this Mid Century's style, creativity is unlimited. Because striking colors are fully utilized, they can be creative in many ways. Therefore, this Mid Century's style is at the top of the most popular contemporary design styles.

mid century modern home
Natural materials and organic forms are united in mid century design. (Source: Internet)

Outstanding and vibrant interior colors

The highlight of this Mid Century's interior design style is colorful. The color is boldly emphasized in one or more striking and vibrant pieces of furniture. From there, the room becomes bright and full of life. Traditional hues for a midcentury modern interior are ochre, orange, brown, and mustard yellow. These natural tones are evocative of the handmade, organic quality of midcentury modern design, and they work well both in combination with other colours and as a stand-alone palette.

mid century modern decorating
The colorful Mid-Century Modern style (Source: Internet)

With the above four characteristics, it is possible to summarize the main elements that make up the MCM decoration style:

  • Furniture is applied thoroughly, stronger than decorations Furniture was applied in a helpful way rather than just decoration.
  • The decorative lines are simple and angular.
  • Wood is used by the primary material used, including Rosewood and Oak.
  • Bend by materials made from metal, glass, and vinyl.
  • Use bold, striking colors to decorate.


Tips to decorate a house's interiors in mid century modern

Floor and walls of mid century modern home

mid century modern interior design
Distinctly noticeable dark elegant pieces. (Source: Internet)

Homes built in the mid-20th century were known for their high-quality woodwork, especially their floors and walls. Golden oak was a popular wood choice due to its warmth and durability. Subtle grain wood flooring is a modern option for renovating a Mid century modern home. Remember that period appropriateness requires a clean and uncluttered appearance, so more dramatically marked hardwood varieties are inappropriate.

Furniture in Mid century modern houses

mid century interior design
Organic shapes, gentle curves, and clean lines. (Source: Internet)

The hallmarks of mid century modern interior design are its smooth curves, soft lines, and organic forms. Furniture in the Mid century Modern style, which dates back to the middle of the twentieth century (hence the name), is still fashionable today.


mid century design
Mixing textiles with diverse alive textures. (Source: Internet)

Tactile textiles were prominent in mid century design; velvet, crushed velvet, corduroy, leather, and even fur were all used regularly, sometimes all at once. The concept of combining textiles of different textures is preserved in mid century design, albeit on a much pared-down scale.

Windows with natural light

mid century modern
Favor Statement Lighting. (Source: Internet)

Lights are a fundamental aspect of mid century modern house designs. However, even if your house doesn't have many extravagant lamps and light devices, you can make the most of the sunlight that enters through those windows. Ditch heavy drapes and window coverings in favor of simpler, unfussy, sheerer versions that allow for better views of the outdoors.

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49+ Mid century modern interior design ideas you’ll love

midcentury modern
The Importance of Letting in the Sunlight. (Source: Internet)

Mid century contemporary couches are characterized by their low profile. The utmost in relaxation can be achieved by combining a low coffee table with a stockpile of pillows.

mid century modern houses
Mind the Flow. (Source: Internet)

The combination of blue and white will soften the presence of each room. The beautiful woodwork on the coffee table goes great with the sharply tailored sofa; together, they avoid being too matchy.

mid century modern home
Actively Pursue Diverse Experiences. (Source: Internet)

Orange crush, beware of the pastel palette! Overstock nailed it with the layering of the peachy shade throughout this delightful home, from the baking oven to the mid century modern kitchen hood. 

mid century modern decorating
Mid Century Modern Chair (Source: Internet)

The Mid century modern aesthetic tends to favor more private rooms. Discreet spaces with a natural stone fireplace, unadorned furnishings, and bare bookshelves will be perfect. The vistas and sightlines outside are crucial. Doesn't being in here tempt you to unplug for a while?

mid century modern interior design
Mid century modern furniture made from wood (Source: Internet)

You'll have to ship in a lot of walnut wood to finish your inside. Consider this wonderful piece of furniture, a sofa from Wayfair with a scooped seat and legs made of walnut. It would look great with a walnut table and credenza.

mid century interior design
Use Abstraction and Graphical Patterns. (Source: Internet)

Keeping furniture at or near floor level makes the space more open and less congested. The article's birch sectional could be the ticket if you're looking to get this feeling. The couch is a contemporary update on a Mid century design, with its soft tufting, clean lines, and bolster cushions.

mid century design
Insist on Custom-Fitted Furniture. (Source: Internet)

If you're a fan of Mid century design and have some cash to spare, you'll want nothing less than a collection of classic pieces in your living room. Everything from a square table and soft sofa to a walnut cabinet and an indoor swing can lighten up the room.

mid century modern
Less emphasis was placed on the quantity and more on the furniture and architecture. (Source: Internet)

Unlike the famous Victorian style that came before it, mid century Modern interior design houses are spared in their ornamentation and avoid the cluttered surfaces and overstuffed rooms that are hallmarks of those styles. Instead of an abundance of trinkets, the focus shifted to furniture and architecture. Thus, limit yourself to a minimum of trinkets and store them away in inconspicuous areas like bookcases.

midcentury modern
Make Use Of Flat-Panel Cabinets. (Source: Internet)

The simplicity of mid century modern interior design for houses allows for the use of flat-front or slab cabinet doors in the kitchen. Open shelves in a striking color are another option, but they require you to keep everything on them neat. Contemporary choices include solid wood or wood veneer doors with visible grain and cabinets finished in either stain or paint.

mid century modern houses
Think About Its Purpose. (Source: Internet)

Mid century modern style is adaptable to other aesthetics because of its practicality, clean lines, and lack of frills. In particular, Scandinavian and industrial styles go well together, but combining them with more traditional ones like farmhouses or rustic ones takes courage.

mid century modern home
Harmonize With Variations on the Theme of Visual Art. (Source: Internet)

Invest in a Mid century modern living room as part of a more extensive renovation of the entire house to see the difference. Everything about it looks like it was plucked from the Mad Men era, from the furnishings to the building to the design.

Mid-century modern living room (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern living room (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern house decor (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern living room (Source: Internet)


Mid-century furniture apartment (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern house (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern living room (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern living room (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern living room (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern living room (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern plants (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern furniture (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern house (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern coffee table (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern dining room (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern living room (Source: Internet)


Mid-century modern living room (Source: Internet)

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Last words

In conclusion, the historical significance of the mid century modern trend is ensuring its longevity in this today's age. The following are a few of the most salient points of the article:

Though it has been around for over 50 years, the mid-century modern style remains popular because of its accessibility and adaptability. The mid-century modern aesthetic is characterized by a clear set of features that focus on only the essentials. However, it is still open for a creative mind to be used in various contexts and altered to suit individual tastes.

Wrap up here with all about mid century modern style for houses information that you should know. If you're interested in other home decor styles, follow our Adria Workshop's Blog for more!