The mid-century modern style is one of the most enduring and beautiful design styles over time. Appearing from the 40s of the 20th century, the mid-century modern successors have developed rapidly to many countries, many decorative categories, and are loved by many people. In particular, this style is most evident in the kitchen.

While contemporary modern designers are repeating the same aesthetic, the style of the 50s and 70s is entirely different. Features clean lines, simple shapes, and emphasis on the layout. If there is a blend of modern and mid-century modern styles, it will create a whole new look for your kitchen. Here are kitchen ideas inspired by mid-century modern design.

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1. Renovate the kitchen space with wooden wall panels.

The wooden panels in deep, dark tones are the easily recognizable feature is the mid-century modern design style. If your kitchen is still a current, degraded concrete slab, you can use woods like oak and walnut to add a historic touch to the style. For added vibrancy, the floors are mixed with colored marble, and the kitchen countertops are clad in modern marble.

2. Change the dining table.

Mid-century modern style typically features upper cabinets, sideboards, or lower cabinets. As is common sense. However, to be more innovative, do not care about those cabinets. Instead, use a dining table with walnut legs, marble or wood tops, and mid-century modern chairs.

3. Break the way with the color of the seat.

The mid-century modern style still has the shapes and silhouettes loved today, considered the most popular period. And more disruptive if using a naughty chair. This combination is both classic and contemporary style for the kitchen.

4. Middle for warm primary tones.

Warm wood tones - characteristic of the MCM style, blend seamlessly with the iridescent stone kitchen and matte black countertops for mid-century modern kitchens.

5. Floor tiles with stacked textures.

If during the mid-20th century, floor tiles used to have a classic touch, today, to emphasize the sophistication of clear lines and shapes by using tiles with overlapping patterns.

6. The color scheme for kitchen cabinets.

Taking inspiration from mid-century modern kitchens requires a neatly coordinated color palette. Usually, kitchen cabinets will be made from light oak and dark brown walnut. Your job is to use a few other striking colors to decorate more.

7. Remove enclosed spaces.

In the MCM kitchen style, open shelves or floating shelves are often a way to separate areas in the house but still maintain a relaxed, friendly, entertaining atmosphere.

8. Using Terrazzo Stone.

Compared to many years ago, the mid-century modern style for the kitchen only applies a few samples of stone/tiles for floors, walls, countertops, etc. Nowadays, many unique materials are born that bring many ideas. Great idea to customize and get creative in this design style. This material is made from cement mixed with marble chips, quartz, granite, and colorful glass.

9. Keep the layout and arrangement simple.

Mid-century modern kitchens weren't known for square footage, often resulting in the use of every square inch. Therefore, having a small kitchen can still apply this style thoroughly but still ensure the combination, light and simple layout,

10. Use sweet tones.

Sometimes profound, cold tones must create a unique mid-century modern style. However, there is another color that is more prominent but still meets the design requirements of those who like sweetness and romance. Orange and burnt orange tones were all popular tones in the MCM-Bohemian period. They are used to add sophistication and vibrancy to furniture and decoration.

11. Using materials made from metal.

The industrial house design style is also in the CMC style when using materials for interior and decoration mainly from metal. They're a great way to add an ancient charm to a kitchen.

12. Try to keep the lines simple and linear.

Whatever material you use to create the CMC space for the kitchen, try to keep the lines simple and linear.

What is called mid-century modern kitchen design?

As a new homeowner, you probably have not heard about mid century kitchen design. Here, you can have an overview of this interior style. 

The definition of mid-century modern

Mid-century modern houses are defined as interior home design using dominant furniture from the 20th century. The furnishing items have simple designs but are very functional. Most items are made of teak wood with curved shapes. 

How does a mid-century kitchen look like?

Quite similar to mid-century modern dining room, a mid century modern kitchen looks impressive with a beautiful and stylish cooking space. The classic furnishings, with clean lines and warm colors, create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. All equipment, including cabinets, tables, and chairs, is mainly made of wood, along with a graphic pattern.

mid century kitchen
Mid-century modern kitchen.

mid century kitchen design include: cabinet, table, and chair made of wood
A typical mid-century modern kitchen design.

Mid-century modern kitchen elements

A mid-century modern kitchen consists of the following elements:

Ceramic tile floor

Many homeowners always choose a ceramic tile floor due to its sturdiness. This floor is unaffected by moisture, resists stains, and never absorbs bacteria. Do not worry about weird smells from the ceramic floor.

Mid-century modern kitchens use ceramic tiles floor
Ceramic tile floor.

Earthy, Rustic Color

The earthy and rustic color makes the mid-century modern style unique. The rustic tones are deep, usually green of leaves, brown of earth, and orange of the sunset. They make your kitchen appear to be more natural.

Mid-century modern kitchens use floor rustic color
Rustic color.

Simple Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets are ideal for any kitchen, as they are highly durable. Each type of wood has a different lifespan. However, most wooden cabinets can last up to several years. Even when you accidentally damage the wood cabinets, there are ways to sand and restrain them. Therefore, you can use it for  mid-century modern kitchen cabinets.

Mid-century modern kitchens use simple wood cabinets
Wood cabinets.

Open Shelves

Open shelves don’t take up much space but provide more storage options. You can put on these shelves any cooking item, such as coffee mugs, plates, and bowls. The open style of the shelves allows users to reach easily and quickly get the cooking tool they need.

Mid-century modern kitchens should have open shelves
Open shelves.


There is no limitation for wall colors. You are free to choose any color that you like. Make sure that it matches the appearance of all mid-century furnishings.

Mid-century modern kitchens should have Free wall color
Feel free to with the wall's color.

15 Ideas for your Mid-century modern Kitchen

Here are the top 15 mid-century modern kitchen ideas.

Glass sliding door - Wood cabinet - Extendable table

You can use a sliding glass door to save space in the kitchen. The transparent glasses allow you to look outdoors right from the cooking area.

Mid-century modern kitchen table you should have. You can use a wood cabinet and a wooden table with an extension mechanism to create a clean space and minimal beauty. The functions ensure the convenience of use but still provide room for cooking, eating, and entertaining.

Glass sliding door - Wood cabinet - Extendable table
Kitchen design with glass door, expandable table, and wooden cabinet.

Wooden Chairs - Wooden Cabinets With Sliding Drawers - Table With Open Shelves Under

The most 3 essential furnishings in the kitchen, including cabinets, tables, and chairs, are made of wood, with white surfaces on top and 2 sides. 

The cabinet has sliding drawers to keep all cooking tools clean while not occupying space. There is an open shelf under the table where you can keep your stuff.

Wooden Chairs - Wooden Cabinets With Sliding Drawers - Table With Open Shelves Under
Wooden furnishings with shelves.

Bold Color With Black And White Floor

Your classic mid-century modern kitchen will look appealing with bold colors (chartreuse green, turquoise, pale). The room is beautiful with a retro style. You can also set up a pale cabinet and a white dining set.

The highlight is the black and white floor. This floor design is inspired by the mid-century style, creating a playful pattern for the entire kitchen.

Bold Color With Black And White Floor
Bold colors and checkerboard floor kitchen.

White Mid-Century Inspired Kitchen

The room looks elegant with full white color. You use a flat front cabinet with polished chrome hardware and a marble hexagon tile to enhance the mid-century style. The simple lines and patterns offer a great atmosphere of minimalism.

White Mid Century Inspired Kitchen
White mid-century modern kitchen.

Kitchen With Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile always looks attractive under backsplashes in the kitchen. It also matches the design of most countertops. The idea is to combine different colorful tiles that have a black border. This interior design makes the kitchen elegant and retro.

Kitchen With Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tile floor in the kitchen.

Laminate Countertop In The Kitchen

The concept is about using a laminate countertop with a retro-style pattern. This furnishing design will match the white color of the walls and the brightness of other pieces of furniture. 

Laminate Countertop In The mid century modern kitchen
Kitchen with laminate countertops.

Grain Wood Furnishings

Types of grain woods, such as teak and black walnut, are strongly applied in building pieces of mid century furniture.  You use these items as highlights for your kitchen. The room space will throw you back to the beautiful 20th century.

Grain Wood Furnishings
Grain wood furniture.

Nature In The Kitchen

You create a basic mid-century modern kitchen with all the required elements. But in addition, you add some paintings of the jungle, along with some pots of green plants. These items will add colors and make your kitchen look closer to nature.

Use nature in mid-century style the kitchen
Nature in the kitchen.

Warm And Modern Kitchen

Combine pieces of furniture with different shades of brown and gray to create an ultra-sophisticated space for the kitchen. The furniture should have unique shapes of the classic mid-century, such as spheres, oblong cylinders, and sharp lines.

Warm And Modern mid-century Kitchen
Warm and modern kitchen.

Kitchen With Different Shapes

Make your kitchen look diverse by combining different shapes of furniture. You can take advantage of the curve of the chairs, the flat of the cabinet face, the straight line of the shelves, and so on. 

Kitchen With Different Shapes
Different shapes in the kitchen.

Moody Tones For Kitchen

Moody tones always make your kitchen look calm and quiet. If you prefer a peaceful atmosphere in the cooking room, try combining some colors with moodier hues, such as dark green avocados, the dark brown chocolates.

Moody Tones For Kitchen
Moody colors in the kitchen.

Fresh Vibe

The mid-century modern kitchen focuses on using wooden pieces of furniture. This does not mean the wood of the furniture has to be in dark colors. Try adding furnishings with bright wooden colors to enhance the fresh vibe of the kitchen space.

Mid century modern kitchen focuses on using wooden pieces of furniture.
Fresh vibe from bright wooden colors.

Stick With The Rustic And Earthy Colors

Earthy and rustic tones never go out of trend. Moody colors such as dark avocado green, slate blue, chocolate brown, and sunset orange are always the elements that make the mid-century modern style unique.

Stick With The Rustic And Earthy Colors
Rustic and earthy colors.

Wall Decoration With Patterned Wallpaper

It is not necessary to paint the walls. You can try using wallpaper with patterns from the mid-century. Many wallpapers with monotone floral images, including chevrons, herringbone, etc., will emphasize the kitchen's theme.

Wall Decoration With Patterned Wallpaper
Patterned wallpaper in the kitchen.

Style Mixing

Besides the particular furnishings due to their mid-century modern style, you can also place some art decoration items. Two styles will mix to create a balance of contrast for the space.

The Mid-century modern style mix with decoration items
Art decor mixed with mid-century modern style.

Last words

We have shared with you the best 15 modern mid-century kitchen ideas. Now, you will be the one who decides the most suitable concept for your cooking area.

Always remember that a mid century modern kitchen should include the following elements:

  • Ceramic tile floor.
  • Earthy, rustic color.
  • Simple wood cabinets.
  • Open shelves.
  • Free wall color.

If you want more ideas for house decor, please follow our website! We update new posts to share more home design concepts, including neutral style, modern, mid century modern dining room ideas.

And now, our article will come to an end. Many thanks for reading!

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