The term "industrial style" refers to interior design that takes cues from factories and other industrial places. Industrial-style furniture is made with bare bricks, metals, and wood, as well as materials that have been reclaimed or recycled. Adria Workshop has 25+ easy modern industrial furniture design styles to help you decorate your home if you like modern industrial style furniture.

Industrial Style Furniture - Modern Industrial Tables

Wood & Mesh Coffee Table

The Wood & Mesh Coffee Table is a handmade, industrial furniture design coffee table with a solid wood plank and stylish decorative mesh on the sides.

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industrial 1
Wood & Mesh Coffee Table is urban industrial furniture. (Source: Internet)

Grandview nightstand/side table

The steel-built GrandView nightstands will give your bedroom a dash of industrial elegance. Also, these versatile pieces can be used as foyer tables, side tables, file cabinets, or stylish accent pieces in any home office or living room.

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industrial style furniture
One of metal modern industrial style furniture is this Grandview nightstand/side table.(Source: internet)

Oleg 68" Rect Dining Table from Adria Workshop

The Oleg 68" Rect Dining Table by Adria Workshop will breathe industrial elegance and sophistication into your plain dining room. This vintage industrial furniture has a  cool color interior design  that goes with any style.

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industrial 3
The industrial style furniture - Oleg 68" Rect Dining Table from Adria Workshop (Source: Adria Workshop).

Dempsey sofa table

The custom-made sofa table is entirely made of steel drawers and has plenty of storage space. This unique steel table can instantly add an industrial look to your living room, home office, or hallway.

side table
Dempsey sofa table is vintage industrial furniture. (Source: internet)

Janae Dining Table

The contemporary design of this rectangular dining table will go well with your industrial-style room. It is supported by an iron, trestle-style base and composed of solid mango wood with a light brown finish accentuating its grain. With this dining table, six people can eat in comfort.

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industrial 5
An example of rustic industrial furniture is the Janae dining table. (Source: internet)

Industrial style furniture seating

Taxim Sectional Sofa

A great example of industrial furniture design is the Taxim Sectional Sofa. The sleek form keeps it fresh, while the tufting on the cushions harkens back to the industrial era. The industrial furniture legs and the soft wool of the Taxim sofa are the ideal complements. This sofa has a neutral color, which is essential for any industrial room setting.

industrial 6
The industrial furniture legs and the soft wool of the Taxim sofa are the ideal complements. (Source: internet)

Carter Solid Wood chair

The Carter Solid Wood Chair is an excellent piece of modern industrial style furniture. It is made of solid metal and has a sleek, powder-coated frame. The seat and back are made of plantation-grown wood. This chair will be ideal for those who enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee or a relaxing afternoon cocktail.

industrial chair
Carter Solid Wood chair is one of pieces of industrial style furniture (Source: internet)

Industrial oak wood bar chair

This industrial oak wood bar chair with a backrest is made by hand from long-lasting wood. It will look great in a simple, clean-looking urban apartment or loft. This rustic industrial furniture will improve the look of your room.

industrial wood chair
The industrial oak wood bar chair is known as a popular industrial style furniture (Source: Etsy)

Industrial Chairs

Industrial chairs are hot products today. This product is very much loved by those inclined to upgrade their room to an industrial style. With its convenience and minimalist design, the chair always impresses customers.

industrial 8
These industrial chairs are used as industrial-style furniture in the industrial homes (Source: Internet)

Model XI Industrial Chair By Rowac Circa 1930s

Industrial chairs are entirely handcrafted from special steel. One of its special features is that it can be produced in desired colors and sizes. This can make it easy to choose the right color and size for the space and style you're following. 

industrial 10
Model XI Industrial Chair is urban industrial furniture (Source: internet)

Urban Industrial Furniture dressers

Freightbar media console

This "FreightBar" media cabinet can store all of your A/V equipment and gives lots of flexible storage for tapes, CDs, DVDs, and gaming consoles. It was inspired by the durability and resilience of factory tool chests from the early 1900s. An ideal fusion of industrial design for the present day.

industrial 11
You can not ignore this industrial style furniture - Freightbar media console (Source: Modern Industrial Furniture)

Coffee bar station 60-in

Begin your day with a delicious coffee from the 60-in coffee bar/station. It has a solid wood top and an area underneath to store essentials. This is an ideal industrial furniture design for those with a small room.

industrial bar station
The coffee bar station is an ideal industrial furniture design for those with a small room. Source: internet)
bar station
One example of an industrial-style coffee bar station. (Source: internet)

Cambridge Cabinet

This "Cambridge" cabinet, an original design by Modern Industrial Furniture, is made entirely of steel and was produced in the USA. It can be used as a media cabinet, a place to store media, a locker, or storage in the mudroom.

industrial cambridge storage
Cambridge Cabinet is the vintage industrial furniture to choose for your home (Source: Modern Industrial Furniture)

Vinyl Storage Cabinet - 3-Door

The 3-door vinyl storage cabinet adds industrial style to any room. With a large capacity, it can be a smart choice to optimize space for small rooms. In addition, the black and silver colors will create an elegant and trendy look for your space.

industrial 3 door
An item of rustic industrial furniture is Vinyl Storage Cabinet - 3-Door (Source: Modern Industrial Furniture)

23-Inch Storage Cabinet

The 23-inch storage cabinet is small but trendy. You can store miscellaneous items to make your space more neat and clean.

industrial 14
A piece of modern industrial style furniture is 23-Inch Storage Cabinet (Source: Modern Industrial Furniture)

Industrial shelves

Rolling Steel Bookcases

The Rolling Steel Bookcase is a popular urban industrial bookshelf. It has solid wood frame shelves, ornate steel mesh on the sides, and a backdrop of hot-rolled metal strips that have been welded at an angle for added flair. It is considered a creative and one-of-a-kind item that is ideal for your office or home.

industrial 15
Rolling Steel Bookcases are an industrial furniture design (Source: Modern Industrial Furniture)

Infinity Wall Shelf from Adria Workshop

The Infinity Wall Shelf is an excellent choice for small rooms. This shelf not only highlights the industrial style of your room but also creates a minimalistic look that matches any furniture in the room.

industrial 16
Infinity Wall Shelf by Adria Workshop is vintage industrial furniture for you (Source: Adria Workshop)

Industrial Bookcase

A contemporary industrial bookshelf with shelves made of solid wood and ornamental steel mesh is a truly unique and original piece, perfect for your space.

industrial bookcase
Industrial Bookcase is an urban industrial furniture (Source: Modern Industrial Furniture)

The Corner Bookcase

The Modern Industrial Corner Bookcase gives you much space to display or store things. This corner piece can be used as a display rack, corner cabinet, storage shelf, or bookshelf in the living roombedroom, office, kitchen, and 

industrial 18
The Corner Bookcase is an example of rustic industrial furniture (Source: internet)

Rustic Industrial Furniture Lighting

Tristin Steel Dimmable Pendant 

This beautiful, easy-to-install kitchen island pendant will provide light without wiring many lights together. This five-light fixture is composed of metal with a bronze finish. It is suspended from two adjustable-height down rods and an open rectangular frame set.

Industrial 20
Modern industrial-style furniture is Tristin Steel Dimmable Pendant (Source: internet)

Amadi Dimmable Pendant

The Amadi Dimmable Pendant has a chic mixed-material design, a thick chain, and a rich metallic finish. Two E26 incandescent bulbs with a maximum output of 60 W are housed inside the cage in the white linen drum shade. These lights will be the perfect idea for an industrial design interior.  

industrial 21
Amadi Dimmable Pendant is one of industrial furniture design (Source: internet)

Luisa Electric Café String Lights 

You can make a vintage look inside or outside with electric string lights and hammered bronze domes. Their beautiful glow is perfect for adding extra light to a patio or party tent.

industrial 22
The Luisa Electric Café String Lights is urban industrial furniture (Source: internet)

Mei Dimmable Pendant 

This lamp can light up your room and make it cozier. Because a low-hanging, opal-engraved ball is in the center of the light, it can softly diffuse it.

industrial 23
The vintage industrial furniture - Mei Dimmable Pendant can make a cozy and industrial room. (Source: internet)

Baltimore Kepa 120" Outdoor 

The Baltimore Kepa 120" Outdoor brings sophisticated beauty to your industrial-style room. With just the right amount of light, it will give you the coziest feeling. Also, when you use this lamp to decorate your space, you'll see how minimalism and industrial styles come together.

industrial 24
If you like rustic industrial furniture, don't miss this Baltimore Kepa 120" outdoor lighting (Source: internet)


These industrial furniture designs, which range from weighty cement tables to curved concrete chairs, will bring a chic and modern touch to any living area. Plus, when you have found where to get furniture in other styles, you should follow Adria Workshop’s blog.