It's hardly shocking that industrial interior design has become one of the most desired styles in recent years, besides contemporary style home and mid-century modern style. An ideal play of contrasts is achieved by combining industrial design furnishings' sleek modernism and old-world charm with an organic, lived-in feel. But what exactly does it mean to decorate an interior in an industrial style? Is it possible to incorporate an industrial aesthetic into a residential design without making it seem forced? These are difficult questions, but we're here to help. Continue reading for in-the-know designer tips on achieving a beautiful blend of rustic and industrial decor!

What defines an industrial design interior?

industrial design

Industrial living room with an exposed ceiling and open windows.

The original setting for an industrial design interior is an old warehouse that has been turned into an urban loft. As a result of these alterations, previously concealed architectural details were readily apparent. Exposed ceiling rafters made of iron or wood, brick walls and flooring, cement, ducting, and large windows. Together, they laid the groundwork for a rustic and aesthetically pleasing style.

However, as the years passed and industries changed, these hardy plants needed a new use. Beautiful new homes have been appearing in these once-abandoned buildings for decades. A fresh aesthetic for interiors emerged, which has inspired architects and designers ever since. 

While centered on minimalist, open spaces, the blend of rustic materials in furniture and lighting accents brings modern industrial interior design into every living environment. Never out of date, the unfinished look of the modern industrial design interior can be incorporated into any space to make it feel more unique and cutting-edge.

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5 Key characteristics of industrial design interior

Interior designers and architects frequently choose the industrial aesthetic while working on projects for clients in major metropolitan areas. It's a classic look that has stood the test of time because it revolutionizes the idea of conventional architecture. Read on for 5 characteristics of industrial design interior to get a new look for your house.

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The main color of industrial design interior

neutral color

Neutral colors are typical colors in modern industrial design interior

Unlike other types of minimalist decor, industrial spaces don't stick to a single color palette. It uses the whole color gamut, from pure white to black, and even some neutral browns.

industrial color

White, black, gray, and brown should be present in modern industrial elements.

Materials of industrial design interior


The use of metal and wood will hit the difference in industrial homes.

Industrial material is an homage to the utilitarian objects that furnish a house. One of its most intriguing features is that it may be used for any aesthetic. The building's framework, made of steel or wood, or even the walls themselves, in their unfinished state, can be viewed as a work of art.

industrial meterials

Metal furniture paired with wooden floors in an industrial kitchen.

Stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and copper are all viable options. Glass, concrete, brick, and unfinished or salvaged wood are some of the other materials that might be used. Leather and linen will work wonderfully as upholstery.

Natural light

natural light

Natural light will help to enhance other elements in the living room. 

It is well-known that the body's natural circadian rhythms play an essential role in maintaining health. They depend partly on indicators in the natural world, such as the day and night cycle. Hence, it is essential to use natural light while designing a home's interior. Large windows with black panes, sometimes arranged in a grid pattern, are a signature feature of industrial design.

let natural light in

Open large windows create more space and light up the room.

Textured industrial design interior

The industrial aesthetic is no exception to the rule that texture is an essential component of any design style. Raw materials typically exhibit a wide range of granularity in their natural state. Concrete, brick, hammered metal, and other naturally textured surfaces are typical of this aesthetic.

textured industrial design

Different types of textures are associated with different types of interior design styles.

exposed brick

Exposed brick, concrete floors, and visible ductwork will highlight the features of the industrial design style.

Open space

open space industrial

Open floor plans offer additional room flexibility.

These days, open floor plans are a staple of industrial interior design. The success of such layouts is based on the seamless transitions between individual rooms. It transforms a drab location into the cozy confines of a home.


A living room with a Grafton interior.

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Industrial design interior elements

Dripping Bricks

Exposed brick walls give many industrial lofts a vintage, manufacturing vibe. While most brand new construction has had drywall slapped over its original brick walls, exposed brick walls are making a comeback in many types of residential construction.


Metal and wood

The juxtaposition of raw wood and exposed metal is a hallmark of industrial furniture. Stunning industrial design can be achieved by combining elements from many different furniture styles.


Framing, Pipes, and Vents Protrude

Keeping the raw materials of a factory intact is essential. Showing the bare bones of the space helps create that industrial feel. You'll achieve the desired "unfinished" industrial effect by exposing structural elements like steel beams, pipes, and ducts.


Antiques and Vintage Accessories

In the case of furniture, the industrial sector frequently looks to the past for inspiration. The best-case scenario is acquiring authentic antiques in person.


Color Scheme in Silver Metallic

Industrial settings are not known for their use of vibrant colours. Some browns and dark navy blues may be present, but silver, grey, and gold predominate.


Distressed Leather

To soften the harsh metal of an industrial area, distressed leather is essential. When I see a typical industrial-style living room, I picture a space filled with worn brown leather sofas.


Plain old Edison lights

The Edison bulb is the standard in commercial and factory lighting. Firms like Schoolhouse Electric have gained notoriety for their stunning, bulb-free light fittings.


Cage Lighting

Another common type of modern industrial lighting is the cage lamp. In this fixture, the lightbulb is "caged" by metal bars.


Massive metal pendant lights and lamps with dome-shaped shades

Many of the pendant lights and desk lamps that I've seen in factories and warehouses have big metal domes.

Copper Cookware

Cooking with copper cookware is a great way to bring a touch of cosy industrial style into your home. Copper kitchenware, especially pots and pans, adds a touch of appealing retro chic to an otherwise modern kitchen.
And last, I've seen that many contemporary industrial homes feature concrete in their kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of the home's interior design. Concrete's standard grey hue complements a wide range of tones, including those of metal and wood.



When I think of concrete countertops, I immediately think of Joanna Gaines and how much she adores the ones in her kitchen. However, concrete has been used as a building material for centuries. In any case, how common are concrete floors and walls in storage facilities? It's the epitome of the modern industrial look, and it's here to stay.


Draftsman Task Chairs

The industrial draughtsman task chair is the only kind of commercial furniture that belongs in a private residence. It's safe to say that these metal chairs are par for the course when it comes to office seating. Craftspeople and artists rely on them frequently while creating works of art or constructing functional objects. These chairs have become the standard for the modern architect's or artist's studio.


Coffee Table on Castors

A rolling work table from the factory might serve as a stylish coffee table. Coffee tables on wheels are a staple in homes decorated in an industrial style.


Black Grid-Framed Windows

Get big, dark window frames and install them in a grid pattern. This makes me think of warehouse or manufacturing windows. Furthermore, they let in a lot of natural light.


10+ Tips for industrial design interior

To make it easy for you to recreate industrial design style in your own house perfectly, here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

Exposed pipes, ducts, metal beams

industrial ideas

Leaving some raw elements is the best way to define an industrial home.

A fundamental aspect of repurposing an industrial space is preserving as many raw materials as possible. Showing the bare bones of the space helps create that industrial feel. You'll achieve the desired "unfinished" industrial effect by exposing structural elements like steel beams, pipes, and ducts.

industrial ideas

Exposed pipes right in the dining room.

A room with all-white walls and a ceiling with exposed pipes can be a stunning design feature because of the stark contrast between the metal pipes and the white surfaces. 

industrial ideas

High ceilings paired with exposed ducts.

Vintage furniture

industrial ideas

The industrial design will be completed by adding vintage furniture and accessories.

The aesthetic of antique or historical furniture is frequently used as a source of inspiration in the industrial furniture industry. What's even better is if you can acquire some genuine antiques.

Wood texture is crucial when designing industrial interiors. Distressed wood with knots and a rough touch is excellent. Your wooden pieces' colors don't have to match. Non-matching objects provide color and a laid-back vibe to a room. Plus easy to manage!

industrial ideas

An old cabinet can be reused as a table.

Add some textiles 

industrial ideas

Adding natural textiles to get a cozy look.

Using natural materials, even a modern home can feel cozier and more inviting. The furniture and accents made out of materials such as leather that has been worn or linen are good choices for these situations.

industrial ideas

Mixing patterns creates aesthetic appeal.

Sunlight through windows

industrial ideas

Bring some fresh air with big windows along the house.

Many interiors that come up in searches for "industrial design interior ideas" include large windows reminiscent of those found in lofts. Those windows are, in fact, a classic element of the country-chic factory style. Huge windows in the loft style let in lots of light and can even be considered an aesthetic element due to their metal construction. 

industrial ideas

Living room with multiple windows on the side.

If your restoration plans include new windows, this is the style you should aim for. If you can't make them bigger, at least give them a loft-style framing (preferably in black) to give the room a more factory feel.

Combine palettes and metal

industrial ideas

Matching metals to color palettes creates harmony and unity in the industrial design interior.

The rule against combining metals is not one of those tried and true guidelines for interior design that has stood the test of time. Blending metals creates a sophisticated look that complements any decor. The combination of metals creates depth, drawing attention from the details of the dominant hue to the accent colors.

industrial design

Mixing different metal types can bring a new look to the dining room.

Keep to warmer metals like copper and gold if your room already has a lot of warm tones. Cast iron and stainless steel are great options for a cool color scheme. Most importantly, you will have greater leeway to experiment with color combinations if your room's primary colors are white or black.

Best 10+ Ideas for a Modern Industrial Interior Design

Let's take a look through the best ideas for industrial interior design to decorate your house.


Industrial design interior concept (Source: Internet)


Industrial design interior concept in an apartment (Source: Internet)


Industrial design interior kitchen (Source: Internet)


Industrial design interior office (Source: Internet)


Industrial design interior living room (Source: Internet)


Industrial design interior kitchen (Source: Internet)


Modern Industrial Interior Design (Source: Internet)


Modern Industrial Interior Design (Source: Internet)


Industrial Interior Design Coffee Shop (Source: Internet)


Industrial design interior bedroom (Source: Internet)


Industrial design interior living room (Source: Internet)


Industrial design interior apartment (Source: Internet)


Vintage industrial decor home (Source: Internet)


Industrial design interior small apartment (Source: Internet)

Industrial design interior dining room (Source: Internet)

Industrial vs. Mid-century design interior living room (Source: Internet)

Industrial design interior house (Source: Internet)

Last words about Industrial Interior Design

The architectural elements within a space define industrial interiors. Focus on the unfinished look, and industrial interiors combine old pipes and ducts in brick walls and floor space. These factors blend to create the attraction of industrial style.

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Many thanks for reading!

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