In recent years, indoor plants as decor have become increasingly popular among apartment dwell. They have many benefits, such as improving the air quality, reducing stress, and making the space look better. In this blog, Adria Workshop will explore the 15 best indoor plants for apartments.

Key notes when decorating indoor plants for apartment

It can be challenging to decide which indoor plants for apartments are best suited for your space. Therefore, when decorating with houseplants, consider a few key factors:

  • The lighting in your space: Different plants require varying levels of light, so you need to choose plants that can thrive in your lighting conditions. 
  • The size of your space: If you live in a small apartment, you may opt for smaller plants that can fit on tabletops and shelves. 
  • The maintenance level of the plant: Some plants require more care and attention than others, so choosing plants that fit your lifestyle is essential.

Small apartment indoor plants for tabletop

Panda Paws (Kalanchoe tomentosa)

For those looking for home decor ideas with plants, the Panda Paw is an excellent option. It features fuzzy leaves that resemble a panda's paw, giving it a charming appearance. These low-maintenance indoor plants only require watering once a week.

indoor plants for apartments 1
Indoor plants for apartments must be low-maintenance (Source: Internet)

Zebra Plant (Haworthia fasciata)

Zebra Plant (Haworthia Fasciata) is one of the most popular indoor plants for apartments. It has beautiful flowers and green leaves that have white stripes. You can keep them healthy and growing for many years if you give them enough light, soil that drains well, and little water.

indoor plants for apartments 2
Zebra plants for apartments with low light require minimal watering (Source: Internet)

String of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)

String of pearls are great apartment indoor plants for adding greenery to your balcony. This succulent plant has long, hanging stems covered in small, banana-shaped leaves. These plants for an apartment balcony can grow well in a hanging basket, a pot with a drainage hole, or a terrarium. You should water it sparingly to avoid overwatering.

indoor plants for apartments 3
The string of Pearls is one of the best plants for an apartment balcony (Source: Internet)

Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides)

Chinese money plants are excellent choices for anyone looking for pet friendly plants to decorate. Its leaves are round and fleshy, and they're a vibrant green color. It thrives best in a spot that gets bright, indirect sunlight but can still survive in areas with low to moderate light. These indoor plants for apartments are ideal for tabletops or shelves.

indoor plants for apartments 4
One of the best plants for apartments with cats (Source: Internet)


are known for their thick, fleshy leaves and ability to store water, making them ideal apartment plants for beginners. Instead of overwatering them, wait until the soil is completely dry before watering. Mixing sand or gravel into the potting mix is a good idea. Whether you place them in your living room or bedroom, succulents are versatile apartment plants that can liven up any space.

indoor plants for apartments 5
Succulents are iconic indoor plants for apartments (Source: Internet)

Trailing plants for shelves

Heart-leaf Philodendron (Philodendron hederaceum) 

The Heart-Leaf Philodendron is a common trailing plant that is perfect for frames. It features heart-shaped leaves and can grow up to 10 feet long. Fertilize monthly during the growing season and prune to control its size or shape.

indoor plants for apartments 6
These indoor plants for apartments are commonly used for interior decoration (Source: Internet)

Wax Vine (Hoya carnosa)

Wax Vine has beautiful clusters of fragrant, star-shaped flowers in shades of pink, white, and red that bloom throughout the year. These indoor plants for apartments can be grown in hanging baskets or trained to climb a trellis.

indoor plants for apartments 7
Wax Vine is a wonderful indoor plant for apartments to take care (Source: Internet) 

Devil’s Ivy Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

Devil's Ivy Pothos, also known as Epipremnum aureum, are great indoor plants for apartments to decorate your kitchen. You can place it on a windowsill or hang it from a hook in your kitchen. Make sure to water it once a week.

indoor plants for apartments 8
Decorating shelves or cabinets with Devil’s Ivy Pothos (Source: Internet)

Wondering Jew (Tradescantia zebrina)

Simply hang Wandering Jew from a high shelf to decorate your apartment's shelves. The plant's striking purple and silver-striped leaves add a pop of color and texture to any space.

indoor plants for apartments 9
One of the most beautiful indoor plants for apartments (Source: Internet)

Satin Pothos (Scindapsus Pictus ‘Argyraeus’)

You can create a vivid picture on your apartment shelves by decorating satin pothos. Its silvery, heart-shaped leaves with dark green edges can add a touch of elegance and beauty to any space.

indoor plants for apartments 10
Satin Pothos are apartment-perfect indoor plants. (Source: Internet)

Medium-sized plants display on the floor

Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa)

If you want to turn your apartment into an indoor jungle, the Swiss cheese plant is the top pick. This tropical and mid century modern plant has large, lush leaves with unique perforations. You can also mix and match the Swiss cheese plant with other indoor plants for apartments.

indoor plants for apartments 11
The Swiss cheese plant is suitable for display on the floor (Source: Internet) 

Rattlesnake Plant (Calathea lancifolia) 

With its unique foliage, you can enjoy the beauty of the rattlesnake plant in your apartment. It's important to note that it is sensitive to temperature changes and doesn't do well in cold drafts or overly dry air.

indoor plants for apartments 12
Rattlesnake Plant is one of the finest selections for decorating indoor apartments  (Source: Internet)

Iron Plant (Aspidistra Elatior)

Iron Plants have deep green leaves, which make them visually appealing. These indoor plants for apartments can be used to enhance any dimly lit corner. They like it when there isn't a lot of light and can do well even if there isn't much water or food in the soil. 

indoor plants for apartments 13
The iron plant is a wonderful choice for indoor plants in apartments (Source: Internet)

Ficus Tree (Ficus benjamina)

Consider getting a ficus tree if you have a lot of room for medium-sized plants. You can decorate these indoor plants for apartments in your dining room with their lush and green foliage. They don't like too much water, so it's important not to keep the soil too wet. Regularly dust the leaves with a damp cloth to keep them clean and avoid the accumulation of dust that can affect the plant's ability to absorb light. 

indoor plants for apartments 14
The Ficus Tree is an attractive indoor plant (Source: Internet)

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii)

Due to its white flowers that bloom throughout the year, many people choose the Peace Lily as a favorite indoor plant for apartments. It's often used to decorate apartments and can live in places with low to medium light. Flowering plants for apartments can do well if they get enough water, indirect light, and fertilizer every so often.

indoor plants for apartments 15
Peace Lily grow in low to medium light conditions easily (Source: Internet)

Ways to choose apartment indoor plants that are suitable for you

When picking indoor plants for your apartment, it's important to think about things like light, space, and your own personal tastes. Choose plants you love and fit your lifestyle to create a thriving indoor garden. For instance, if you like to create an urban jungle in your apartment, look for jungle plants such as Swiss cheese plants, satin pothos, and heart-leaf philodendrons.


Decorating your apartment with indoor plants can enhance your living space while providing numerous benefits. You can start to decorate your apartment with these indoor plants for apartments, which have a fresh look that will never go out of style. Visit the Adria Workshop blog to see more decoration tips.