Does your rental apartment look so essential? Do you want to make it more gorgeous? If yes, this article is for you! Adria Workshop shares the top 10 ways how to decorate a rental apartment. You don’t even spend much on decorating your home because all our ideas are budget-friendly. Let’s get started!

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Priority Easy-Moved Furniture

You will not stay in your rental apartment forever, and there will be a day you move to another place. You surely don’t want to struggle with a lot of heavy and oversized stuff at that time. As a result, choose furniture that is easily moved for your apartment. The apartment furniture should have a compact size, be lightweight, have a low number of sharp edges, and be simple to assemble. Adria Workshop offers many living room and dining room pieces of furniture that are easy to move, simple to make, and offer free shipping. Simplicity does not mean low functionality or low attractiveness. If you know how to combine different pieces of furniture, they will look beautiful in your room and offer convenience.

how to decorate a rental apartment
Easy-moved furniture (Source: Internet)

Improve Window Coverings Is One Of The Ways To Decorate

A rental room only provides a window with no equipment surrounding it. Even when there are other extra items, they are dirty old curtains and ugly blinds. Don’t let the window be lackluster! Equip it with new and beautiful curtains and roller blinds. The idea is not only to make your room more attractive but also to increase functionality. You can close or open the window cover to get more light or make your room dark.

how to decorate a rental apartment
Window covering (Source: Internet)

Transform The Bathroom - How To Decorate Your Rental Department To Be Clean And Suitable

Don’t ignore the bathroom just because your apartment is temporary! It is a place where you clean yourself daily. It would be best to spend time cleaning and tidying this room. For many people, the bathroom is a place to relax after a hard day of stressful work. So, this room's interior design needs to create a calm atmosphere so that you can relax.

Try furnishing an apartment on a budget to add more dimension to the bathroom. If the owner does not allow you to change the tile, you can use peel-and-stick tiles. They can be stuck to the floor and easily removed when you are about to move out.

how to decorate a rental apartment
Clean and tidy bathroom (Source: Internet)

One Of The Ways To Decorate An Outdated Apartment - Freshen Up The Paint In Your Home

Your rental apartment looks so outdated with the old painting. It is time to change the background of the room! The new paint will create a unique atmosphere in the entire space and enhance your mood.

The painting job is not as simple as it sounds, as there are many things to consider. You need to learn about the materials of the paint so that they can withstand the weather's impact to remain beautiful over a long period. Also, you need to pick out the paint's color, which should match your style and suit the tones of other furniture.

how to decorate a rental apartment
New painting for the apartment (Source: Internet)

Update The Kitchen - How To Decorate A Rental Apartment

Kitchens in rental apartments are usually small. You will have to do something to solve this problem. The meal is always delicious when you are enjoying it in a bright and expansive kitchen.

The idea is to maximize small space apartment vertically since the horizontal space is limited. You can remove all the cabinets and standing shelves and replace them with wall shelves and stacks of dishes. Also, take advantage of flexible tables that can be expandable and feature built-in storage.

how to decorate a rental apartment
Kitchen design (Source: Internet)

Depending On Your Budget, Upgrade Your Lighting Wherever Possible

Lighting is essential for any designer when decorating a rental studio apartment . A sound lighting system will brighten the house space, make all pieces of furniture look lovely, and affect the homeowner's mood directly. However, the more complex the lighting system is, the more money you will have to pay. 

Of course, it is not worth investing in a temporary rental apartment.  Therefore, you need to consider your budget and plan for the essential areas where you should set up the lighting. You can use low-cost types of lights, such as LEDs.

how to decorate a rental apartment
Lighting (Source: Internet)

Divide The Small Living Room And Open-Plan Spaces

It is uncomfortable living in a small room and designing your apartment. Although a small open-plan space may be challenging to decorate, you can still do it with some valuable tricks. With this method, the small room is split up into many parts to create a semi-private effect.

Of course, you can not build a wall or any other static thing in your apartment. However, our trick to dividing the small apartment living room is to use a bookshelf. Place this shelf in the middle of the room, and it will separate the space into two parts. You will feel that the room is double-wide.

how to decorate a rental apartment
Small room dividing (Source: Internet)

Swap Out Apartment Furniture

The furniture in the rental apartment may be in good condition. But you don’t have to keep and use it if it does not match your style. How the furniture is made should reflect your tastes so that you can use it easily and comfortably. Keep in mind that this method is not a must-do thing. You should replace the items only if your budget allows it. If you don’t have much money and the existing furniture works just fine, then keeping it in your home is okay.

We assume that you are free to change the table. What you need to do now is consider what the furniture should have. Consider the color, shape, and cover of the items. Don't forget that beauty should go hand in hand with functionality! 

how to decorate a rental apartment
Swap furniture (Source: Internet)

Creative Rental Apartment Bedroom Design By Yourself

The bedroom is where you relax at the end of the day. You will want it to be cozy, warm, and peaceful. If the room looks so essential, the atmosphere is relaxed and dark, which is not ideal for relaxation. It is time to show your creativity in designing the bedroom.

How to decorate a rental apartment bedroom creatively? Just think about your style, your hobbies, and your favorites. Match all these things together to form a complete design for the bedroom. The plan may include what color you will paint for the walls, what covers you will use for your pillows and blankets, what types of sleeping lamps to put in the room, etc.

If you have your favorite singer or movie character, print the images of them out. Put the prints in a frame and hang them on the walls of your bedroom.

how to decorate a rental apartment
Bedroom design (Source: Internet)

Add Art To Decorate Your Rental House

Decorating a rental apartment on a budget does not mean keeping the room in a minimalist interior style. You can make the room inspiring and unique by adding art to it.

If you have intelligence in art, try decorating the house by yourself. You can draw art on the walls or design covers for your pieces of furniture by yourself.

On the other hand, if you are not good at art, there are many items you can buy on the market. It is optional to purchase expensive art products. You can use low-cost items such as 3D prints, complex paintings, etc.

how to decorate a rental apartment
Art in the apartment (Source: Internet)

Last Words

After reading this blog, you know 10 tips on decorating a rented apartment. Follow all ten options to create an inspired and lovely rental apartment. Although it is just a temporary place to stay, you should still consider it your home and pay attention to it. Let’s go to the Adria Workshop Blog to get more ideas for decorating a home or decoration tips! We will update new posts in the future to share our design tips! Many thanks for reading!

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