Do you want to enjoy the architectural appeal of a fireplace mantle but do not have a real one? A faux fireplace might be just the thing you’re looking for. A striking faux fireplace is a great home decor affordable way to add visual interest to your space without breaking the bank or requiring you to rebuild your home. Here are 19 easy DIY faux fireplace ideas from Adria Workshop to help you make your fireplace mantel one of your living room home decor ideas.

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Mantel With a Shelf

faux fireplace ideas 1
A shelf at the bottom of this faux fireplace idea provides a space to display decorative items. (Source: internet)

This white faux fireplace provides a place to put some knick-knacks like candles, vases, or decorative items. Although there are many items you can put on a mantel shelf, this doesn’t mean you should put all the items on at once. This can create a clash and make the outfit look busy rather than classy.

Curved Limewash Mantel

faux fireplace ideas 2
The curved design combined with the white color makes this faux fireplace idea more striking (Source: Internet)

Limewash brick is the perfect blend of that freshly painted feel, while still embracing the warmth of brick. Many homeowners will love this easy DIY limewash brick fireplace idea. You can do your home decor on a budget by following a few simple steps and using high-quality limewash.   

A Simple White Wooden Mantel

faux fireplace ideas 3
A faux fireplace doesn't have to be overly decorated or styled (Source: Internet)

This faux fireplace in the dining room idea exemplifies how straightforward can be the most effective. With some basic wood and white paint, you can create a fireplace mantel that fits your room's size and style. This idea is appropriate for small house decorations because white can make space appear larger.

Chic Marble Mantel

faux fireplace ideas 4
This faux fireplace idea with marble is the perfect choice for creating a sleek modern look (Source: Internet)

This faux fireplace idea was made by using marble wallpaper and painting the black inside to create a feeling of a real fireplace. These fake fireplace wall ideas make your fireplace look like a real one. 

A White Mantel With Herringbone

faux fireplace ideas 5
Using a herringbone pattern is one of the interesting faux fireplace ideas (Source: Internet)

A white mantel stands out against colorful curtains in this living room. It is inset with gray and white herringbone tile that extends into the floor. Cozy decor accents like fake fireplace surround kits and a fresh plant brighten up the mantle.

Wooden Mantel With Shiplap Insert

faux fireplace ideas 6
Elevate the faux fireplace as the focal point of your living room by cladding it with a shiplap (Source: Internet)

Buy some shiplap in the color of your choice and you'll have one of the cheapest faux fireplace ideas. This bright white color of the shiplap inside the mantel provides a subtle contrast to the beige color of the wooden mantel and gives this faux fireplace idea a contemporary feel. 

Mantel With Brick and Summer Shield

faux fireplace ideas 7
This faux fireplace idea demonstrates how simple it is to DIY your mantel (Source: Internet)

You can finish this cheap idea for decorating your home by getting a single item from an online market and bringing it to your warehouse. 

Mantel With a Built-In Chalkboard

faux fireplace ideas 8
This faux fireplace idea allows children to personalize their mantel (Source: Internet)

Let's put a chalkboard in place of the firebox on your mantel. This is one of the most creative faux fireplace ideas for any room. Plus, the whole family can enjoy this mantel, as children can use the chalk to leave messages for one another or decorate it for a special occasion.

Faux Antique Mantel

faux fireplace ideas 9
This antique faux fireplace idea brings a rustic and nostalgic look (Source: Internet)

Rather than permanently installing a fireplace in the wall, you can make a DIY beautiful antique mantel and then lean it up against the wall in the corner of your house. 

A Curved Mantel Made from Plasterboard

faux fireplace ideas 10
This DIY faux fireplace idea is sure to bring cozy character to any room (Source: Internet)

Featuring an elegant white arch with clean modern lines, it is a perfect place to decorate seasonal items whenever festivals come around. Especially with some cozy accessories like pillows and blankets, it is one of the best ideas for autumn home decor ideas

Small Mantel Shelf

faux fireplace ideas 11
With a mirror or artwork inside, your mantel could be one of the best faux fireplace ideas (Source: Internet)

Adding a mirror or artwork inside instead of an empty mantel is another interesting way to add character to a fake fireplace.

Bookshelf Turned Mantel

faux fireplace ideas 12
Bookshelf Turned Mantel (Source: Internet)

This faux fireplace idea is an example of upcycling old furniture in your home. An old bookshelf can be reused to make this faux fireplace idea.

Door Turned Mantel

faux fireplace ideas 13
This faux fireplace idea is to upcycle an unused wooden door into a fireplace (Source: Internet)

Mantels aren’t just for living rooms—many bedrooms feature them, too. This is a fabulous example of a  faux fireplace in bedroom ideas. An old door with 1950s style home decor has been transformed into a fireplace mantel by simply painting it white and adding a shelf. 

Thrift Store Mantel Given New Life

faux fireplace ideas 14
Remaking your fireplace is one of the more favorable faux fireplace ideas (Source: Internet)

If you are looking for faux fireplace ideas to update your outdated fireplace but don’t want to pay a lot, this Thrift Store Mantel idea might be what you need. With some new paint and a sander, you can bring new life to your old fireplace with these cheap faux fireplace ideas. 

Mantel with Trim

faux fireplace ideas 15
This faux fireplace idea can be elevated with the addition of trim (Source: Internet)

Try one of these fireplace mantel ideas, which combine artwork, mirrors, vases, and other accents to turn a boring hearth into the focal point of the room.

Tiled Frame

faux fireplace ideas 16
A tile fireplace is sure to catch the eye of any guest coming to your home (Source: Internet)

If you don’t want to buy a fireplace, just come up with fireplace design ideas and then execute your fireplace tiling project yourself. 

From Brick to Grout

faux fireplace ideas 17
From Brick to Grout (Source: Internet)

Grout mantel is also a favorite choice for many homeowners. This fake fireplace looks much more modern and Mediterranean when the grout is covered up.

A Headboard is Transformed

faux fireplace ideas 18
This is one of the cheapest faux fireplace ideas: Recycling old headboards (Source: Internet)

Do you have an old headboard that you no longer use? Go ahead and transform it into something interesting with this faux fireplace idea.

Roman Clay Addition

faux fireplace ideas 19
One of the ideas for a faux fireplace is to use Roman clay (Source: Internet)

If you don’t know how to  decorate your home with a fireplace, just consider this faux fireplace idea. This wood fireplace, surrounded by Roman clay, adds a bit of contrast to the stark white wall around it, giving it a 70's style home decor look.