The entryway is always the first thing guests see when they walk in and is where they greet you after a long day. Therefore, decorating the entryway is essential to expressing your taste and giving your home an extra touch of sophistication. You have plenty of design options, no matter what size space you’re living in, but a small apartment takes a bit more creativity. In this article, Adria Workshop will show you some entryway ideas for apartments.

Small apartment entryway ideas that make the best first impression. (Source: Internet)

Install A Bench For Practicality And Style

entryway 2
Modern entryway bench ideas will make your apartment entryway more convenient (Source: Internet)

If you are looking for entryway ideas for apartments, buy a bench and place it in the entryway. Modern entryway bench ideas will make your apartment entryway more convenient and beautiful. The bench seat gives you a place to put on shoes before you walk out and also gives your guests a place to set up their bags upon entering. In addition, the space under the chair can help you store knick-knack items such as shopping bags, and shoes.

Adding Textures

entrway 5
Adding textures to your list of apartment outside entry ideas. (Source: Internet)

Adding textures to your list of entryway ideas for apartments is a great initiative. Because they will add a focal point to your home, giving your guests an unforgettable first impression when they walk in. This will also show your personality and the style of home decor that you are pursuing.

Moreover, adding textures at the entrance will stimulate your senses and help you become more creative, as well as relieve stress after hard - working hours.

Create Space For An Entry Table

entryway 3
For a mid-century modern apartment, create space for an entry table is essential.  (Source: Internet)

When you decide to search for small apartment entryway ideas, create a space for an entry table first. Even the smallest spaces such as alcoves, you can make more special by placing entrance furniture.

For Mid-century modern apartment, create space for an entry table is essential. This saves you some space in your small apartment and helps you make your narrow hallway a functional entryway.

Make A Focal Point

entryway 11
Making A Focal Point will make your entrance the most elegant and luxurious. (Source: Internet)

Even narrow hallways can be gorgeous. If you want your guests to be impressed with your small space, let’s know how to create a focal point for the space behind the front door. For example, you can order a beautiful round table with a vase of flowers in the center of the entryway. These apartment entryway ideas will make your space the most elegant and luxurious.

Decorating With Handmade 

entryway 6
Decorating the apartment entrance with DIY interior design will make you excited (Source: Internet)

As recommended by interior design experts, to create small entryway ideas modern on a budget, decorate with handmade things. Decorating the apartment entrance by yourself with DIY interior design will make you excited whenever you come home.

Moreover, to avoid messing up too many things, keep the entrance furniture minimal. For example, you can put on a coat rack or a storage table without choosing both.

Make Space For Storage At Entryway

entryway 7
The best apartment outside entry ideas include making space for storage at the entryway. (Source: Internet)

The best apartment outside entry ideas includes creating space for storage in the entrance. This storage space will be very convenient for organizing shoes, boots, and coats neatly. The apartment entryway storage will help you to save time looking for things before going out.

Moreover, you can also buy storage furniture in neutral colors to match all modern and small apartment design ideas.

Utilize A Large Mirror

entryway 8
The smallest apartment entryway can feel open-plan if you place a huge mirror. (Source: Internet)

Even the smallest apartment entryway can feel open-plan and bright if it's furnished with a huge mirror. Utilizing a large mirror is always a practical thing for small entryway ideas modern. These apartment entryway ideas are especially good for people who like to keep things simple.

However, clothes racks or shoe cabinets should not be placed in front of the mirror because this will cause the mirror to reflect and create unsightly and messy reflections. You just need to make sure that there is nothing in front of it but an empty wall, and you will be surprised by its effect. 

Or Using A Mirror With A Shelf

entryway 9
A mirror with a shelf can be ideal choice for entryway ideas for apartments.

You can put a mirror with a rack in an entryway if you want to create the illusion of more space or if you simply like the appearance of an entryway mirror. A mirror can add personality and light to a room, making it more open. Besides, the framed mirror combines glamorous chic home decor with functionality. Hang this mirror in your entryway for one last look out the door and to hold your keys, hooks, mail, or anything else you need to remember as you leave the house.

Set Up A Locker

entryway 10
The locker brings great benefits to your apartment. (Source: Internet)

If your entryway needs to be bigger, just put a safe there. It will help you store many things, like shoes for family members or raincoats.

Tiny Table For Small Entryway

entry way 1
A functional entryway with a tiny table (Source: Internet)

You can turn your entry into a place that is not only fancy but functional with a tiny table. Place a flower vase, a mirror, and some decorative objects in the same color tone on this small table. This decoration will make a great impression on guests entering your home

Vertical Storage

entryway 12
Vertical storage would be a great initiative for entryway ideas for apartments. (Source: Internet)

Vertical storage would be an excellent initiative for entryway ideas for apartments. This vertically oriented wall storage stores essential items at the entrance, such as keys, umbrellas and other things you need before stepping out. In addition, Vertical storage will help you save a lot of space and make your entrance more open-plan and spacious.

A Variety of Hooks

entryway 13
The simple dowel-style coat hook is suitable for minimalist homeowners (Source: Internet)

The simple dowel-style coat hook is an affordable solution for entryway ideas for apartments. This decor is especially suitable for minimalist homeowners. It both saves space and makes your entryway more cute and tidy.i

Floating Shelves

entryway 14
Floating Shelves are a great storage for small entryway ideas for apartments (Source: Internet)

Floating shelves are great storage for small modern entryway ideas. They're such a ubiquitous part of today's homes and they won't never suddenly fall out of style!  Moreover, a good rule of thumb for spacing floating shelves is to measure 12 inches between the shelves. 

Add Wall Sconces

entryway 15
Sconces are a timeless style in entryway ideas for apartments.

Sconces are a classic style of light fixture that can go with other lights and design elements in an apartment entryway. These fixtures always stay in style and have been in use for centuries! Wall sconces are more energy-efficient than other illumination options and they provide adequate illumination for your entire entrance

Use A Variety Of Frames

entryway 17
An entryway gallery wall is a surefire entryway ideas for apartments to create a welcoming vibe.

An entryway gallery wall is a surefire entryway ideas for apartments to create a welcoming vibe. While most gallery walls typically display framed photos and artworks, you can get creative by combining flat pieces with three-dimensional items. This will improve the texture of the entryway and make the space more interesting to look at.

How Can I Decorate My Apartment Entryway?

Decorating your apartment entryway is similar to how you would decorate any room in your apartment. The apartment entryway is the first impression, so try to make it as appealing as possible with gorgeous paint, wallpaper, carpets, floors, and interior design furniture. Another good tip for studio apartment entryway ideas is to use neutral tones to match any style of apartment entryway ideas you pursue.


What Looks Good For My Apartment Entryway?

Entryways are usually quite small, so make the most of your space by sticking to the essentials. For example, a small space will need a streamlined console and will benefit from a large mirror to help make the entryway appear larger. 

How Can I Decorate The Front Door Of My Apartment?

Apartment outside entry ideas is one of the first things visitors see when approaching your house; your front entrance is the best chance to give your home a pleasant first impression. Bright colors, seating, outdoor lighting, and more can help set an inviting tone for your apartment's entrance from the outside. Then hang cute decorations or small potted plants to welcome guests to your home.


Entryways are people’s first impression of an apartment, and the first impression could be great if decorated correctly. In this article, Adria Workshop provides some entryway ideas for apartments. If you want to learn more about some apartment entrance outside or studio apartment entryway ideas, please visit our website.