Adria Workshop shares with you the top 10 plans for mid-century modern decor in this article. Check them out and start enhancing the beauty of your house space right now!  

Mid-century modern decor is always a favorite interior style of many house owners and designers. This decoration style is appealing due to the beautiful clean lines, tapered legs, and minimalist appearance. Of course, the functionality of the furniture is still high for convenience in use.

However, not everyone knows how to decorate a mid-century modern house. That’s why Adria Workshop has made this article showing you the top 10 DIY plans for the design. You can refer to our ideas to make your mid-century home attractive! Let’s get started!

1. Small Plant

Midcentury Modern Decor with smaill plant
Use small plants (Source: Internet)

Houseplants are considered the best thing that helps bring your mid-century modern home space to life. They enhance the beauty of your house, clean the air, and make the atmosphere in your mid-century modern space peaceful, natural, and inspired.

Houseplants give you rest in mind for caring. Some types of plants don’t need much light or a lot of maintenance, for example:

  • Aloe vera.
  • ZZ plant.
  • Snake plant.
  • Spider plant.
  • Cast iron plant.
  • Succulents.
  • Pothos.
  • Lucky bamboo.

Due to the plant's small size, you can decorate these green decorations everywhere you desire in your home space. Feel free to place small plants near the window, on the wall shelves, or the work desk.

2. Create Your Plant Stand

Midcentury Modern Decor with Create Your Own Plant Stand
Create Your Plant Stand (Source: Internet)

Try building a plant stand by yourself if you want a special place to showcase your most beautiful mid-century modern plant. You don’t need to be a professional to design and create a DIY stand. Just consider what you need from this stand. Make sure that this furniture provides the essential amount of surface to place the plant pot on it.

Don’t forget to consider the height of the stand. This furnishing item must be high enough so that when you put the plant on it, the leaves can still receive light from the source outside.

If you want to divide the stand into different levels, ensure a wide gap between the 2 racks. These are essential things to consider if you don’t want the plants to touch each other. Keep in mind that the stand must be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the plant pots. Otherwise, the plants may fall anytime and leave a big mess in your room.

3. Replace The Sofa Cover

Midcentury Modern Decor idea: Replace the sofa cover
Replace The Sofa Cover (Source: Internet)

Don’t let the sofa look boring with 1 cover over a long time. It is time to put a new coat on this furniture.

Nowadays, many online retailers and stores sell covers for sofas. You can find ones that have the design of mid-century modern. But overall, it is more meaningful if you make a cover yourself, especially when you are good at designing. You don’t need to do all the steps to create the sofa cover. Just focus on completing a design file, find a print service, and ask it to make the cover.   

The mid-century modern style is unique, with clean lines and solid colors. Therefore, you should focus primarily on the tones of the coat. Better choose bright ones so the sofa can draw the guests' attention right from the moment they walk into your house. The best retro colors you can trust are browns, tans, charcoal gray, and burnt orange. On the other hand, neutrals such as light white also do a great job.

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4. Buy And Replace The Coffee Table In Your Own Home

Buy And Replace The Coffee Table In Your Own Home
Buy And Replace The Coffee Table (Source: Internet)

A coffee table with a vintage modern appearance will be a great addition to your mid-century modern house. Most coffee tables for homes nowadays are equipped with storage to keep stuff tidy and wide surfaces for convenience. For the design, the straight legs, square sides, and dark colors make the table entirely suitable for the MCM style.

Many places provide high-quality coffee tables nowadays. You can either go online or visit the shop directly. Here are some tips for buying a coffee table that matches the mid-century modern style:

  • The table needs to be minimal in design
  • Primary materials are glass, wood, and steel
  • The common appearance of the mid-century modern table has straight legs and geometric constructions
  • Make sure that the tabletop is wide 

5. Make Your Scented Candle Box

mid century modern houses: Make Your Own Scented Candle Box
Make Your Scented Candle Box (Source: Internet)

A scented candle box is an excellent item for mid-century modern decor. The sweet scent of the candle will help create a peaceful, relaxing, and warm atmosphere for the entire house, while the box design works as a highlight for the space.

It is not difficult to find a place that sells scented candle boxes nowadays. But the decoration item will be more meaningful if it is made by yourself. There should be no worry about this DIY plan taking up your time, as it is super easy to do.

All you need to prepare is

  • A big jar or a big glass box that has a lid.
  • A container of pure soy wax flakes.
  • A bottle of non-toxic scented oil.
  • Several stickers.
  • A wooden stir stick.
  • Some candle wicks.

Put the wax flakes, oil, and candle wicks in the jar (or box) and mix them up. After that, add the stir stick to the box. You can decorate the box with stickers or draw on it. Whenever you want to use the candle, fire up the wick. The great thing about self-made candle boxes is that they are reusable. When the candle goes out, you can clean the box and remake a new one.

6. Broyhill Or Cabinet Knoll

Midcentury Modern Decor: Broyhill Or Cabinet Knoll
Broyhill Or Cabinet Knoll (Source: Internet)

kitchen with a mid-century modern style will look more appealing with Broyhill or Knoll cabinets. However, paying much for furniture from these brands is not necessary. Instead, focus on building a DIY cabinet with the features of these 2 brands’ products.

The appearance of items from these 2 brands is unique with the vintage style from the 1960s. These brands usually use metal, glass, wood, laminate, cork, and PVC as the main materials for their furniture. Also, you may refer to the common colors of Broyhill or Knoll for your cabinets, such as

  • Bright White.
  • Soft Gray.
  • Folkstone Gray.
  • Sandstone.
  • Medium Gray.
  • Dark Gray.
  • Brown.
  • Jet Black.
  • Beige Mist Metallic.
  • Medium Metallic Gray.

7. Mirror

Midcentury Modern Decor: Mirror
Mirror (Source: Internet)

Mirrors are the best piece of furniture that works to hack the space of your mid-century modern room. They can reflect the lights from any light source, thereby brightening all pieces of furniture and opening the entire house space. 

There are many ways to use mirrors in the room. You can put large mirrors to cover the entire space. On the other hand, combining many small pieces of mirrors into a big shape is also a good option. You can design the big shape of the small mirrors as you like, and they still make sure to reflexing enough light into your space.

Most mid-century modern mirrors have geometric forms covered in wood frames. The typical colors of the frames are brass and wooden. But there is an important thing to consider about the design of the mirrors. As mentioned, mid-century modern furniture is minimal in design. It would be best if you did not buy a mirror that has a complex appearance.

8. Dressing Table

Midcentury Modern Decor: Dress table
Dressing Table (Source: Internet)

How to make your dressing table classy in a mid-century modern style. The first thing to notice is the materials. We recommend you choose a table that is constructed from wood. The wooden color should be brown with a few warm tones. 

The next thing is to create a focal point. This step is essential as you want to keep the balance for the entire table space. Hang a square or oval mirror in the middle of the table. And keep the surface looks balanced by adding tall items on 2 sides of the mirrors.

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9. Chair

Midcentury Modern Decor: Chairs
Midcentury Modern Decor: Chairs (Source: Internet)

Remember all the following key elements of a mid-century modern chair, and you will be able to easily make a DIY one yourself. In detail, the chair should have the following:

  • Clean lines
  • Organic shapes
  • Gentle curves

The MCM chair does not need to be complex with different curves. You build the furniture as minimally and simply as you can. But pay attention to the construction seriously. Simplicity should not get along with low durability.

To make the chair suit your room space, you can paint a neutral and bold color. The appearance will match the aesthetics of the mid-century modern style.

10. Desk Wall Unit

Midcentury Modern Decor: Desk wall unit
Desk Wall Unit (Source: Internet)

You may consider setting up a desk wall unit for your mid-century modern office. This type of work desk is ideal as it helps save space while maintaining useability and providing convenience.

Instead of a table standing on the floor, you will place many wall shelves close together to create the form of a table. In other words, a unit desk wall does not take advantage of horizontal space but vertical space.

Don’t forget that the mid-century modern desk wall should meet the essential criteria, which are clean lines and organic shapes. There may be some curves, but they should look gentle.

Last Words

We have shared our top 10 DIY plans for Mid-century modern decor. These plans are simple, so you can learn them and decorate your house space yourself. There is no need to hire a professional designer.

For further recommendations for modern mid-century decor, please contact us! We will provide you with all the answers you need to design your house's interior with simplicity.

And now, many thanks for reading!