Your home will reflect your personality and sense of style. If you are creative, a few DIY home furniture plans will be your best option. Beyond saving tons of money, these DIY home decor ideas will put your creativity to the test. Let's check out Adria Workshop's 30+ cheap DIY home furniture plans for beginners that are easy DIY furniture projects.

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DIY home
Affordable DIY home furniture plans and DIY home furnishing ideas.

Cheap DIY living room and dining room ideas

DIY Storage ideas -  Infinity wall shelf by Adria Workshop

Adria Workshop products often inspire cheap DIY home furniture plans. Infinity Wall Shelf is a way to make your favorite bookshelf easier to use and make the best use of space. It can hold a lot of weight and be changed easily by adding modules to make an enormous shelf.

industrial 16
DIY Storage ideas - Infinity wall shelf by Adria Workshop (Source: Adria Workshop)

DIY Storage ideas - Boxy modern shelving by Rain on a Tin Roof

Another great DIY home furniture plan is shelving, which is less expensive to build than to buy. This shelf has many compartments, helping to store some knick-knack items and making your small space larger. So, this is an initiative to find DIY furniture ideas for small spaces.

DIY home 2
Boxy modern shelving by Rain on a Tin Roof (Source: Internet)

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving

These DIY pipe shelves are perfect for farmhouse, rustic, or industrial modern decor. To complete this DIY rustic home furniture, you must be able to stain wood, screw pipes together, and use a drill.

DIY home 3
DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving is an example of DIY home furniture (Source: Internet)

Upholster your lounge chair

Upholstering your lounge chair is an essential cheap DIY furniture idea for keeping your room clean. In addition, the color of the seat cover can be selected according to each person's preferences and interior design style.

DIY home 4
Upholster your lounge chair (Source: Internet)

Large Modern Coffee Table by House on Longwood Lane

This DIY rustic home furniture has a well-known design. It provides a large surface area for a small investment in materials. And this large modern coffee table is simple to customize to fit your needs.

DIY home 5
Large Modern Coffee Table (Source: Internet)

Space-Saving Sofa End Table

This was a really simple design that we used daily. This is an ideal small space coffee table and would look fantastic in any room where you need a convenient location to store a drink, remote, or computer.

DIY home 6
Space-Saving Sofa End Table (Source: Internet)

Live edge table with steel base by Lemon Thistle

One of the DIY home furnishing ideas is to make an entry chair. This do-it-yourself home furniture wood chair could be made by yourself. It will be far less expensive than the markup you would otherwise pay for a finished product.

DIY home 7
Live edge table with steel base (Source: Internet)

Transform your mid-century modern dressers

This is a fun build made almost entirely from plywood. To give the dresser some extra support on the bottom, the bottom frame is made from 2x4s. You can cut the feet for this dresser from 1x material, 2x material, or plywood as desired.

DIY home 8
Transform your mid-century modern dressers (Source: Internet)

DIY furniture for the bedroom

DIY nightstand for small spaces

The minimalist look of this DIY nightstand is the best idea. It has an excellent geometric design, and this DIY wood furniture project requires lumber and a few tools, including a dowel jig, a circular saw, a nail gun, and a drill.

DIY home 9
DIY nightstand (Source: Internet)

DIY Barn Door

There are so many different barn door designs and methods for building them. It may sound challenging, but it is quite possible. Now you can say goodbye to builder-grade closet doors for good.

DIY home 10
DIY Barn Door (Source: Internet)

DIY Stikwood Headboard

Making a statement with a simple DIY wooden headboard from Ikea. Your bedroom needs this DIY home furniture wood plank headboard to add an elegant touch. 

DIY home 11
King size headboard ideas (Source: Internet)

DIY a daybed

A DIY daybed can be the perfect solution for any space issues in your home. It will be the ideal answer if you need a special place to sleep or for a visitor to sleep, you need a couch in the same room during the day, and you'd also enjoy some extra storage space.

DIY home 12
DIY a daybed (Source: Internet)

DIY home furniture bathroom

Open Storage Sink Vanity 

When you build a bathroom vanity, you can make it fit your storage needs and look the way you want. Refinish something you found at a flea market for a unique vanity, update an old cabinet, or change a table.

DIY home 13
Open Storage Sink Vanity (Source: Internet)

Simple Brass Toilet Paper Holder

Check out this primary brass toilet paper holder, which you may also find helpful. It's built within a sophisticated storage module ideal for all types of bathrooms.

DIY home 14
Simple Brass Toilet Paper Holder (Source: Internet)

DIY home furniture for plants and gardening

Simple DIY wood plant stand

Decorate your home and garden with your imagination and handiwork. Plants and gardening are essential for both indoor and outdoor design. A DIY plant stand is an adorable way to add your favorite indoor plants and flowers to your home decor.

DIY home 15
Simple DIY wood plant stand (Source: Internet)

Modern Planter With Hairpin Legs 

Regarding DIY furniture ideas, we love the modern planter and hairpin legs. As a result, this DIY modern planter with hairpin legs is one of the most unique DIY wood furniture projects on this list.

DIY home 16
Modern Planter With Hairpin Legs (Source: Internet)

DIY potting bench

While it can be as simple as an old table, you can also build a DIY potting bench with reclaimed wood or convert repurposed furniture, such as an old dresser. Add a galvanized bucket or an old sink to limit soil spillage, and connect a garden hose through the rear to provide cleanup alternatives. There is no limit to your creativity!

DIY home 17
DIY potting bench (Source: Internet)

DIY trellis for vines

Making a modern garden trellis is easy and can add something extra to your outdoor space without costing much money.

DIY home 18
DIY trellis for vines (Source: Internet)

Retro Indoor Cat House Build Plans

You can find a variety of indoor cat houses. For example, you can make this cat house from an old nightstand or side table with just a few modifications. If you don't have much money, this is a good DIY pet-friendly furniture option.

DIY home 19
Retro Indoor Cat House Build Plans (Source: Internet)

DIY pet furniture ideas

Ikea hack cat condo 

In many inexpensive DIY furniture projects like this one, Ikea comes to the rescue. We did this amusing Ikea hack years ago. Cat trees can be expensive, so people who don't want to buy one can make one out of two inexpensive Ikea Lack tables. 

DIY home 20
Ikea hack cat condo (Source: Internet)

Cat Tree Made Out of Real Branches

We’re sure you’ll get along better with this efficient wall-mounted cat tree. Moreover, you can choose the color of this cat tree to match the style you have designed for your living space.

DIY home 21
Cat Tree Made Out of Real Branches (Source: Internet)

The ultimate DIY cat condo

The DIY cat condo is a creative idea that helps people save a lot of money. When making the ultimate DIY cat condo, people can also make changes to make their cats more comfortable.

DIY home 22
The ultimate DIY cat condo (Source: Internet)

Modern Raised Dog Feeder

The Raised Dog Feeder is simple to make, offers a sleek modern look, and only costs around $30 in materials. You can put this together with minimal tools and a six-foot board in just a few hours. With all of the above, this modern DIY-raised dog feeder hits all the marks: practical, pretty, and cheap.

(thay ảnh)Modern Raised Dog Feeder (Source: Internet)
DIY home 23
Modern Raised Dog Feeder (Source: Internet)

DIY Cat Scratcher

This sleek and modern cat scratcher might keep your furniture from getting scratched up while your cat has a good place to sharpen its claws.

DIY home 24
DIY Cat Scratcher (Source: Internet)

DIY home furniture projects for kids’ spaces

Kids Play Kitchen by Abbotts at Home

Abbotts at Home Kids Play Kitchen is exactly like the products displayed in the store. As a result, it will give your children a sense of what a real kitchen is like.

DIY home 25
Kids Play Kitchen by Abbotts at Home (Source: Internet)

Modern Dollhouse Bookcase

Modern Dollhouse Bookcase is a one-of-a-kind gift for your child. Not only does it save money, but it is also designed with your child's taste in mind.

DIY home 26
Modern Dollhouse Bookcase (Source: Internet)

Water Play Table for Toddlers

Here are some simple and budget-friendly DIY water table ideas for kids and toddlers, so your child can fully enjoy the season. It is especially safe, so you won't have to worry about your child being in danger.

DIY home 27
Water Play Table for Toddlers (Source: Internet)

Modern outdoor kid's table and chairs

Kids love having their own space for creating, playing, and doing homework. So if you want to make this furniture for your children, here are some easy DIY kid's table and chair set ideas, no matter your skill level!

DIY home 28
Modern outdoor kid's table and chairs (Source: Internet)

Outdoor DIY furniture projects

DIY Outdoor Wood Chairs

Although they appear to be challenging to construct, these incredible DIY outdoor wood chairs and benches are actually simple, even for a beginner!

DIY home 29
DIY Outdoor Wood Chairs (Source: Internet)

Outdoor Coffee Table With Concrete Top

In general, outdoor furniture may be quite costly, particularly if you want something that isn't made of plastic. So, inexpensive DIY furniture projects like patio furniture might be fantastic. Let's try to make a small outdoor coffee table for your deck out of a 2x2 piece of wood and some cheap concrete pavers.

DIY home 30
Outdoor Coffee Table With Concrete Top (Source: Internet)


If you are a newbie and wonder how to decorate your house, this blog post from Adria Workshop provides some DIY furniture projects for beginners. If you are interested in furniture, let’s look at the Adria Workshop blog for more information.