The colors you use to decorate your home depend on what you want to do with each space and what you like. Both warm and cool colors will affect people's feelings differently. For example, you might feel relaxed and calm when entering an area with cool colors like blue. In contrast, an interior space with warm colors like orange and yellow can stimulate your emotions. Thus, understanding the effects of color on your feelings might help you choose the right one for your decoration. In this article, Adria Workshop will give you nine cool color interior design ideas.

What are cool colors in interior design?

Cool colors interior design or cool tones interior design is typified by blue, green, and light purple. Some color combinations with a blue undertone, like cobalt, teal, ocean, or peacock, are also considered cool colors. These colors remind you of soothing feelings, like looking at the sky, the forest, or the water.

Cool colors interior design or cool tones interior design is typified by blue, green, and light purple (Source: internet)

9 cool colors interior design ideas

Cool colors are intentionally used to create an open and tranquil space.  Also, when cool colors are used harmoniously with other colors and decorations, they can create unique visual effects. Look at the 9 cool colors for interior design ideas listed below!

Embrace the power of blue

For a long time, blue has been famous as a trendy kitchen decor color. Just look at the kitchen decor below, and you will figure it out quickly. 

The blue cabinetry, standing out from the pure white walls, is an exciting highlight for the kitchen. Additionally, the blue shades contribute a relaxing and soothing vibe to the kitchen.

Cool colors for interior design to decorate kitchens (Source: internet)

Opt for earthy green

Besides blue, green shades are also appropriate for kitchen decoration. In the design for the kitchen, the cupboards painted in green shades could be the focal point of the whole decor. A kitchen decorated with green tones looks like a chill oasis for cooking. Also, putting together green and white in a way that works well makes the space feel bigger and brings a fresh breeze into the kitchen room.

To create cool interior design tones, you can use green shades for kitchen decoration (Source: Internet)

Use subtle tones

Rooms decorated with cool colors can be bright even when you don't combine them with primary or warm colors. Cool pastel shades can make your room brighter more subtly and gently. For example, a pale sage green wall can still set the mood for serenity in the room, especially when combined with a gray-blue sheet.

So, you can easily change your space's brightness without using warm or bright colors by using soft tones of cool colors.

A pale sage green wall can still set the mood for serenity in the room (Source: internet)

Balance white with cool blues

Instead of using warm or bright colors to decorate, you can make your room brighter and keep a relaxing feel by using cool colors. If you want your bathroom to look both sterile and bright with exciting highlights, combining white with blue is the best option to achieve that effect.

Bathroom decoration ideas with cool colors interior design (Source: internet)

Mix warm and cool colors

Cool colors interior design is not necessarily full of cool shades, as you can combine them with warm or neutral colors to create your preferred decoration. Purple pastel can be applied as the primary color for your room decor because it's neutral and can be mixed with both warm and chill tones. In that room, warm accents such as pink, copper, and rust-toned colors should be complemented to cozy up your space. Meanwhile, a blue piece of furniture might add a splash of chill to the overall color scheme.

You can combine them with warm or neutral hues to create your preferred decoration (Source: internet)

Match paint and wallpaper

In cool colors of interior design, there is no limit to creativity. Instead of painting walls, use patterned wallpaper to make yours stand out. However, you should not overuse wallpapers with different patterns in the same space, as they will be too detailed for the overall look. A wall with patterned wallpaper can be a subtle highlight in cool tones interior design. Other cool pastel tones can also be added to promote a fresh and relaxing vibe for the room.

A wall with patterned wallpaper can be a subtle highlight in cool tones of interior design. (Source: internet)

Nail down the tones

Applying cool color design does not necessarily mean using cool hues everywhere in your decor. In contrast, cool colors gently combined with neutral home decor ones can produce more attractive effects. For example, when combining blue and green shades with gray, the transition from neutral gray to cool tones is so subtle that you cannot point it out obviously. These cold tones, however, contribute to the palette scheme's overall relaxing and chilly vibes.

Combining blue and green shades with gray, the transition from neutral gray to cool tones is so subtle (Source: internet)

Combine cool colors and warm wood

Another idea when mixing cool colors is to use materials with warm tones. Rather than adding splashes of warm colors to balance two shades of the decor, it would be perfect if you used furniture with a warm wooden tone to create a balance in the design's color scheme. This combination will be a harmony between warmth and relaxation.

Combine cool colors and warm wood (Source: internet)

Accent with cool tones

Sometimes, putting too many cool colors together is not the best solution, as it might create confusing decor. Overusing colors will only weaken the effect of each color. In that case, the primary and secondary colors and highlights must stand out against a blank canvas. In cool colors interior design, adding specific whitespace can subtly boost the chilling sense of the overall decor.

Accent with cool tones (Source: internet)


Lastly, the cool-toned interior design might be the best choice if you want your home to feel calm and relaxed. But using cool shades isn't just about putting together cool colors; it's also about mixing them to get the look you want.

In the article above, Adria Workshop gives you nine tips for decorating with cool colors that will help you get the best results. You can mix cool tones with warm shades, neutral colors, patterned wallpapers, and wooden furniture. You can also learn about the effects of intentionally adding whitespace to your decor. With our ideas, we hope you'll find the best way to use cool tones in your industrial design interior. Enjoy decorating with cool colors and interior design. Don't forget to follow Adria Workshop’s blog to keep up with the latest decorating trends, decoration tips, and home decor style ideas!

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