A contemporary style kitchen is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners because it saves space and money thanks to the minimalist style. Adria Workshop will introduce 24 cool and stylish contemporary kitchen ideas in this blog post to help you design the perfect kitchen for your home.


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What is a contemporary kitchen style?

Contemporary kitchen design takes a minimalist approach to make the kitchen look cleaner and more organized. The key features of contemporary style kitchens are simplicity, functionality, and minimal ornamentation. It is a perfect fit for contemporary style home interiors. The contemporary style kitchen is suitable for all sizes and aesthetics, including small contemporary kitchens, mid century modern kitchens, etc.

contemporary style kitchen 1
What is a contemporary style kitchen? (Source: Internet)

Decorate contemporary style kitchen with kitchen elements

Decorating a contemporary style kitchen is easy by incorporating modern kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, etc. With contemporary kitchen decor, adding these elements will give your contemporary interior design kitchen a fresh and unique look. 

contemporary style kitchen 2
Contemporary kitchen decor on a budget with kitchen elements.

Decorate contemporary kitchen cabinets ideas

White and gray kitchen cabinets

In a classic contemporary kitchen, white and gray kitchen cabinets are often used because they look sleek. It looks good in a classic kitchen because these colors will never go out of style.

contemporary style kitchen 3
Contemporary kitchen cabinet ideas include white and gray kitchen cabinets.

Dark Wood Cabinets

Dark wood cabinets are excellent kitchen design ideas for a contemporary style kitchen. They add a touch of warmth and elegance to the space. They are suitable for a contemporary transitional kitchen style.

contemporary style kitchen 4
Dark wood cabinets distinguish contemporary interior design kitchens.

Contemporary kitchen hardware ideas

Contemporary kitchen hardware made of brass 

Incorporating brass hardware will add a touch of luxury to modern minimalist interior design, perfect for a contemporary style kitchen. You can use this kitchen design idea for a contemporary transitional kitchen.

contemporary style kitchen 5
You can decorate a classic contemporary kitchen with contemporary kitchen hardware made of brass.

Gold or silver gold kitchen hardware 

Gold kitchen hardware can bring warmth to your kitchen. It is a perfect choice for an industrial style interior kitchen because the color gold is versatile and easy to use.

contemporary style kitchen 6
Contemporary kitchen decor will have gold or silver gold kitchen hardware.

Contemporary kitchen decor by color palette

Contemporary Blue Kitchen

Another way to decorate a contemporary style kitchen is by using a specific color palette. A contemporary blue kitchen is the perfect gathering spot for family and friends.

contemporary style kitchen 7
The contemporary blue kitchen is a great place to gather family.

Black Contemporary Kitchen

Black contemporary kitchens are the best choice for a contemporary style kitchen. The black color brings elegance and makes the kitchen space more stylish. At the same time, they are also easy to clean and less likely to become old-fashioned.

contemporary style kitchen 8
A sleek contemporary kitchen decor can be created with a black contemporary kitchen.

Decorate ultra modern kitchen designs with furniture

High-end and minimalist kitchen furniture

For a contemporary style kitchen, consider incorporating high-end and minimalist furniture. A sleek dining table paired with white leather chairs will create a comfortable and cozy space.

contemporary style kitchen 9
High-end and minimalist kitchen furniture can help you create ultra-modern kitchen designs.

A unique, sculptural piece of furniture

A black marble kitchen island with a built-in sink and a waterfall edge creates an elegant focal point. This is perfect for a luxury modern kitchen design photo gallery.

contemporary style kitchen 10
A unique, sculptural piece of furniture in the modern contemporary kitchen.

Contemporary kitchen countertop ideas

A countertop made of dark-colored stone

A gorgeous gray kitchen with a dark-colored stone countertop adds sophistication and strength.

contemporary style kitchen 11
A countertop made of dark-colored stone in the small contemporary kitchen.

White quartz kitchen countertop

A contemporary style kitchen with a white quartz countertop adds a sleek, modern touch to the space.

contemporary style kitchen 12
White quartz kitchen countertop can make the gorgeous gray kitchen.

Classic contemporary kitchen flooring ideas

Flexible Kitchen With Rubber Floors

A flexible kitchen with rubber flooring adds durability, comfort, and ease of cleaning. The rubber flooring also provides a non-slip surface that is safe for children and the elderly.

contemporary style kitchen 13
Flexible kitchen with rubber floors in the contemporary transitional kitchen.

Classic Kitchen With Tile Or Hardwood Floors

A contemporary style kitchen with classic floorings such as hardwood or tile adds timeless elegance to the space.

contemporary style kitchen 14
Classic kitchen with tile or hardwood floors and modern wooden kitchen design.

Modern contemporary kitchen appliances ideas

Dishwasher - contemporary kitchen appliances

Dishwashers are one of the most important appliances in contemporary style kitchens. It saves time and effort while also keeping dishes clean.

contemporary style kitchen 15
In a contemporary style kitchen, the dishwasher is the kitchen appliance.

Decorate the hood in contemporary style kitchen

A range hood is a necessary appliance for modern kitchen design. It keeps the air fresh and reduces food odors. It is suitable for all kitchen spaces, from small to large.

contemporary style kitchen 16
The hood is the aspect of contemporary interior design kitchen.

Decorate the small contemporary kitchen with tile

Use colorful tile

Decorate a small contemporary style kitchen with colorful tile for an interesting and vibrant look. It can brighten up a small contemporary style kitchen.

contemporary style kitchen 17
Use colorful tile for a contemporary style kitchen.

Geometric Tile Backsplash

Add a modern touch to your kitchen with a geometric tile backsplash. It is the ideal option for a contemporary style kitchen. Choose bold colors and shapes for a distinct and trendy appearance. This backsplash is easy to clean and perfect for tiny kitchens and open-concept living areas.

contemporary style kitchen 18
Geometric tile backsplash in the classic contemporary kitchen.

Contemporary timeless kitchen design with backsplash ideas

Combine a neutral color palette with a distinct texture or pattern

A white or gray subway tile backsplash with a slight geometric pattern could be used. This design is timeless and will never go out of style. Moreover, it can be coupled with any kitchen design, especially a contemporary style kitchen.

contemporary style kitchen 19
Combine a neutral color palette with a distinct texture or pattern.

Combination of glass and stone tile

You can mix clear and frosted glass tiles with natural stone in a neutral color scheme. This can add depth and dimension to the space, creating a timeless and contemporary kitchen. 

contemporary style kitchen 20
The combination of glass and stone tile is a timeless kitchen design.

Contemporary kitchen decor lighting ideas

Modern pendant lights

They are a great addition to a contemporary style kitchen. They can add a touch of elegance to a room while giving enough light to do work. Pendant lights are available in several styles, shapes, and sizes, making it simple to pick the appropriate light. 

contemporary style kitchen 21
Modern pendant lights are the contemporary kitchen decor.

Under-cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is a fashionable addition to a contemporary style kitchen. You can choose LED strip lights, halogen, or xenon lights. They can be installed under the cabinets or on the bottom of the cabinets and controlled by a dimmer switch.

contemporary style kitchen 22
Under-cabinet lighting is one of ultra-modern kitchen designs.

Contemporary style kitchen sink ideas

The sink is made of stainless steel

Modern materials like stainless steel and composite are used in contemporary style kitchen sink ideas for a sleek and modern look.

contemporary style kitchen 23
The sink is made of stainless steel modern contemporary kitchen.

Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

Upgrade your coastal kitchen decor with a sleek, durable granite composite kitchen sink. This modern sink option is an excellent choice for any modern kitchen because it combines the strength of granite with the ease of care of composite materials.

contemporary style kitchen 24
Granite composite kitchen sinks play an important role in the modern, contemporary kitchen.

Modern wooden kitchen design ideas

Oak wood cabinet

The oak wood material ensures high durability and sturdiness for the kitchen cabinet. Because of its natural light color, it is effortless to paint in various styles to create a warm, friendly, and modern kitchen space. Therefore, it can be chosen according to personal preference for kitchen cabinets.

contemporary style kitchen 27
The most important aspect of modern wooden kitchen design is the oak wood cabinetry. 

Matte cherry wood furniture

Furniture made of matte cherry wood brings a unique and beautiful look to your kitchen. Because it is a neutral and easy-to-use color, this color is very trendy and unlikely to go out of style. It is appropriate for all home decor styles, particularly the contemporary kitchen.

contemporary style kitchen 26
Modern kitchen designs feature matte cherry wood furniture.


It is a sleek and trendy contemporary kitchen design that is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. With these 24 trendy and sleek contemporary kitchen ideas, you can design the perfect kitchen for your home. We hope you will enjoy decorating tips and home decor style ideas from Adria Workshop’s blog!