If you are looking for the best contemporary dining room ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Adria Workshop will help you discover more contemporary dining room ideas and modern contemporary dining room furniture in this article!

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Add modern art

Art can make the space more cohesive and livable. A modern abstract painting is an excellent choice to give your dining room a modern look. Choose one with geometric shapes to create exciting conversation pieces that stand out against blank walls. A good piece of art should match the colors in your dining room decor and easily fit into any decor style. However, choosing what makes you happy and relaxed is the most important thing.

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Modern art is a stylish way to improve your dining room’s wall decor. (Source: Internet)

Chic and elegance

The easiest way to elegantly decorate a modern dining room is to bring in antique and opulent furniture. Mirrors are our go-to. Hang a large gold-framed mirror on the main wall of your dining area for an elegant upgrade. Besides, when choosing fabrics for an elegant dining room, go for rich and tactile materials like chenille and velvet that weigh them down. And make sure to add a sizeable modern carpet to keep the floor soft and comfortable.

Make your dining room shine by furnishing it with chic elegance. (Source: Adria Workshop)

Pick statement pieces

There are many ways to showcase your taste through your dining room design. The table is the centerpiece of the dining area, so make sure it makes a statement. Start with a modern tablecloth or runner, then add unique candles, flower vases, and other accents to create a stunning tablescape.

On the other hand, you can go bold with floors to make a bold statement that seamlessly flows into your dining room. The key is having a large rug covering the entire dining table's bottom. If you want to go the extra mile, consider a bold, textured rug for your contemporary dining room ideas.

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Remember to make a statement in your dining room (Source: Internet).

A contemporary and formal dining space

Formal dining rooms are back in style. However, you want to modernize the look while maintaining the traditional formality. You can add a modern twist with bold furnishings and decor. Use a free-form dining table made of metal, glass, or stone for a daring aesthetic. Low-back dining chairs with leather or fabric upholstery, like the Mariana Upholstery Dining Chair from Adria Workshop, create a casual and cozy atmosphere.

Finally, don’t forget about eclectic light fixtures like globe pendants or sputnik chandeliers to brighten your space with a striking glow.

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To update your formal dining room, try this creative Contemporary concept. (Source: Adria Workshop).

Bold textured wallpaper

Neutral-colored wallpapers are usually the best choice because they are easier to work with but take the chance to give your dining room a neutral home decor look with textured wallpaper. Try to use bold wallpaper with fun geometric patterns to add to the playful vibe of your dining area. Choose a floral wallpaper to add a touch of nostalgia to your contemporary dining room ideas.

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Improve the look of your dining room with textured wallpaper (Source: internet).

Open-concept modern dining space

People choose open-plan layouts to make the space stylish and seamless. But how do we divide the space into an open-concept dining space? It can be done in several ways. You could define the room with an area rug. Whether in the center of a dining area or under a dining table, rugs are always a great way to create separation. Or consider using a glass screen. It provides privacy and separation while still allowing the rooms to flow together.

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Open-concept dining spaces maximize the feeling of space and light. (Source: Internet)

A mix of modern and traditional

One of the most significant contemporary dining room ideas is to mix modern and traditional. A wooden Oleg dining table with a metal stretcher in the middle is paired with classic touches like Rico dining chairs and a light that looks like it came from an old factory. Be bold and play with traditional pieces as long as the rest of the room feels modern.

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Combine modern and traditional elements in a contemporary dining room. (Source: Adria Workshop).

A modern art collection

A home with an extensive collection of modern art that goes with the dining set stands out. They're a perfect way to display your favorite photographs, artworks, and even mirrors or ceramics.

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The art collection and contemporary dining room are a match made in heaven. (Source: Internet)

Use a glass table

If you like contemporary decor, a minimalistic glass dining table would fit your taste well. Because it can be perfectly matched with neighboring furniture and merged in a modern house with a simple, clean, and elegant look without bringing any abrupt feelings. Additionally, it’s better to use glass dining tables for small spaces. Because the table is see-through, your guests will think you have a bigger dining room.

contemporary dining room ideas 9
Glass tables give your contemporary dining room a sophisticated and elegant look. (Source: Internet)

Decorate mid-century modern style

Mid-century modern is a great way to give your space a more modern and fresh feel. For starters, many mid-century modern dining rooms have a chestnut wood table. They often choose simple side chairs designed according to the minimalist style of the 1950s. You can also play with colors like red, teal, mustard yellow, and deep orange, which are often used in mid-century modern decor.

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Decorate in a mid-century modern style for the dining room. (Source: Internet)

Mix-matched dining chairs

You might think that mix-matched dining chairs only belong in farmhouses or shabby-chic homes. However, the fact is that they work just as well in contemporary interior style. You can make your dining area stand out by using different seating options. For example, toss in a bench for communal seating instead of sticking with six or eight of the same chairs.

Mismatched chairs bring a modern and playful feel to your dining room (Source: Internet)

Keep dining room minimalist design

When it comes to decorating a contemporary style home interior, less is always more. Therefore, try a minimalist design for your contemporary dining room ideas. A minimalist dining room is generally devoid of all but essential items. However, adding a few accents, like an area rug and framed artwork, will keep your space from looking dull. More importantly, let the natural light in to make your area airy and bright. A minimalist style will give you a clean place to eat with your family and guests.

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Try a minimalist design for your contemporary dining room ideas. (Source: Internet)


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