While the holiday season is steeped in tradition, there is still room for current trends, particularly in how you decorate your home for the holidays. In this blog, Adria Workshop will give you a list of  Christmas decoration trends for 2022. Find the Christmas decoration trends for 2022 and use them to make your home's Christmas decorations stand out.

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15 trends for Christmas decoration 2022


christmas decoration trends 2022 - 1
Making a Christmas tree out of discarded materials like wood and rope. (Source: internet)

Sustainability will continue to be an essential focus this year. We are all aware of how important it is to make every effort to be more sustainable; for many of us, that starts at home. Using artisanal, handcrafted, wooden, recycled glass, and paper decorations is not only a sustainable decorating idea but also a  budget Christmas decorating idea.   

Pink Christmas Decor

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 2
Break from tradition by putting up a pink Christmas tree or hanging rosy ornaments. (Source: internet)

The bright colors are back, and pink and pink hues have dominated 2022. Dip your toe into the pink Christmas decor trend with this pink Christmas tree. This tree is decorated with vintage ornaments and pink ribbons for a  merry and bright decorations look.

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A New Take on Traditional Colors

Deep blues and luxurious golds are the  Christmas color trends in 2022. This timeless, elegant color palette aligns perfectly with increasingly popular celestial designs and products. While the rich blues bring a lavish vibe, the new metallic colors help add depth to the decor when combined with existing gold and silver. 

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 3
Blue and gold decorations are a Christmas decoration trend in 2022 that you won’t want to miss. (Source: internet).

Paper Decorations

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 4
Paper decorations are an eco-friendly Christmas decoration trend for 2022. (Source: internet)

Instead of traditional decorations, choosing paper decorations is a planet-friendly and sustainable trend for Christmas decor in 2022. They're reusable, recyclable, and, in most cases, can be folded away when not used. If you fancy a craft project at home, you can do paper DIY to make folded stars, accordion Christmas trees, cut-out ornaments, chain garlands, and even tinsel made of multi-colored paper.

Nostalgic Accents

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 5
Using nostalgic items such as Christmas villages to grace your sideboards. (Source: internet)

The Christmas season is a time for nostalgia. We spend a lot of this time of year thinking about Christmases past and doing things we've done since we were kids. Those classic Christmas icons, traditional colors, and heirloom ornaments all help create a familiar, comforting scene. So it’s hardly surprising that these nostalgic accent items are one of the key trends for Christmas decor in 2022.

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Nature-Inspired, Neutral Decor

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 6
Real Christmas foliages are cheap, eco-friendly, and abundant, making them a popular Christmas decoration (Source: internet)

We all know the benefits of bringing outdoor Christmas decoration ideas, such as a real Christmas tree. Therefore, greenery is expected to become one of the top  Christmas 2022 decorating trends this year. Skip the fake greenery and opt for forest-inspired foliage and a real Christmas tree to make the most of this trend. 

Homey Comfort

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 7
Treating ourselves better this Christmas season will be as crucial as spoiling our loved ones. (Source: internet)

During the holidays, many families look for ways to spend quality time together at home in greater comfort and pleasure. Dreamy, cozy decorations like tea lights, string lights, snow globes, and cuddly throw blankets reflect a desire for a sense of familiar warmth and security at home. 

Decorate Christmas Mantelscapes

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 8
Garlands made of felt balls, wood, or pom poms are popular for decorating mantelpieces. (Source: internet)

Traditional holiday decorating has always centered around the mantel. These days, it's all the rage to decorate with garlands of greenery or pom poms, felt balls, wood, or other trendy materials. Decorating around mantel scapes is still a key  trend for Christmas decor in 2022.

Vintage Glamour

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 9
Using vintage glamor is also a big Christmas decoration trend this year. (Source: internet)

Another popular  Christmas decoration trend for 2022 is vintage glamor. Glitter ornaments, gold spray-painted pinecones, or a sparkling Christmas tree topper will add sparkle to your holiday decor.

Cone-Shaped Trees and Gonks

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 10
Cone-Shaped Trees and Gonks add festival flair to your home. (Source: internet).

Mid-century modern Christmas decorations like tall, thin trees and goblins' hats with long brims have this exaggerated cone shape. They are based on gnomes and hobgoblins from Scandinavian and Nordic mythology and are more popular than ever this holiday season in 2022.

Brass Jingle Bells

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 11
Christmas bells come in all colors and sizes, and you may also choose between a classic shape and a vintage bell. (Source: internet)

Jingle bells are the most widespread symbol of Christmas, and decorative bells will appear in  Christmas decoration trends for 2022 . Christmas bells are traditionally used as decorations on trees, wreaths, and garlands. They add more visual texture and strength than putting different decorations in different rooms. 

Handmade candles

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 12
Handmade candles will become a Christmas decoration trend in 2022. (Source: internet)

Candles are an essential part of Christmas decor, but this year it is more popular to use handmade candles with colorful DIY covers. Candles are essential to Christmas decor but think about using handmade candles with colorful DIY covers this year. When making your candles, don’t forget to add some essential oils to make your candle's fragrance fill the air when burned.

Candy cane

christmas decoration trend 2022 15 (1)
The Christmas decoration trend for 2022 will be all about candy canes (Source: internet)

Candy cane Christmas decorations are one of the most popular  Christmas decorations trends in 2022, and they are stunning. Candy cane decorations can be hung on the tree or even in the window, which will look fantastic. 

Classic winter white

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 13
White snowflake decorations will become a Christmas trend in 2022 (Source: internet)

Many of us will be looking for rest, improved wellness, and a sense of unwinding this Christmas, and the calming colors of classic white in the home can provide just that. Layers of white, like Christmas decorations and soft furniture, will help you make your home feel like a white Christmas.

Colorful brights

christmas decoration trends 2022 - 14
Colorful decorations will likely be a major 2022 Christmas trend (Source: internet).

Using vibrant colors is one of the  Christmas decoration trends in 2022 . Bright pinks, oranges, blues, and purples clash, contrasting the dark days of winter. Not only are these bright colors a fun and playful way to refresh your interiors during the holiday season, but they are also the perfect mood booster. 


We hope our blog gives you an informative list of Christmas decoration trends for 2022. Besides, buying new furniture is also a good Christmas decoration idea because there are many stores with huge discounts. And if you want to buy one, visit our Adria Workshop website for various selections, from a side table to a bed.