The boho style is easy to spot as a carefree way to decorate because of its comfort. The bedrooms are decorated in a bohemian style, which makes it easy to relax, unwind, and feel at peace. If you are looking for bohemian style interior design ideas, you’re in the right spot. In this article, Adria Workshop will help you mix bohemian style nightstands with other furniture for your cozy boho bedroom.

bohemian nightstand-1

Decorate a bohemian style nightstand in your boho bedroom.

modern rattan nightstand
1 drawer bohemian nightstand is a must-have item in a boho-style bedroom.

21 boho style nightstands you’ll love

2 Drawers Solid Wood Nightstand

Solid and engineered wood was used to make this trendy boho nightstand. The rattan-fronted, 2-drawer bohemian style nightstand is held up by metal roller glides that make it easy to open and close. You will enjoy having this nightstand option because it has a clean, modern touch in your bedroom.

2 drawer bohemian style nightstand
The 2 drawers are solid wood nightstands for your bedroom.

Ida Woven Nightstand

The Ida Woven Nightstand, with its neutral colors, is always the first choice for those who prefer boho style home decor. Try combining it with a bohemian style bed to create a classic, cozy, and elegant bedroom.

bohemian style nightstand1
The Ida Woven Nightstand will appeal to anyone who enjoys boho style home decor.

Modern Rattan Nightstand

This trendy rattan nightstand is available in two colors: black and natural. The natural wood and rattan contrast against the black, producing a fantastic blend of modern and boho styles, making it even more appealing.

boho nightstands 3
Modern rattan nightstand is the most popular nightstand in the boho style.

boho nightstand-1
One of the modern rattan nightstands for your boho bedroom.

Boho Mango Wood Nightstand

The Boho Mango Wood Nightstand's appearance gives a unique touch to the room. The drawer front's carved craftsmanship is stunning. Combining the fluted texture and cut flowers on this 1 drawer bohemian style nightstand will give you trendy bohemian vibes.

boho wood nightstand

The Boho mango wood nightstand is the bohemian-style nightstand you'll love.

Boho 4 Drawer Mango Wood Nightstand

One of the quickest and easiest ways to spice up a boring bedroom and add a bohemian style is by adding an exciting piece of furniture, for instance, the Boho 4 Drawer Mango Wood Nightstand. This bohemian style nightstand is made from mango wood, which will make your bedroom chic and gorgeous.

boho nightstands 5
The Boho 4-Drawer Mango Wood Nightstand suits your chic boho bedroom.

Bamboo Nightstands Set of 2

This nightstand is made of natural bamboo. They are not only long-lasting but also environmentally friendly and chemical-free. This boho nightstand with drawers can be used alone or stacked on each other to form a two-tiered modern nightstand. The open shelf is ideal for storing a book or other bedtime necessities.

boho nightstand 6
The Bamboo bohemian Nightstands Set Of 2 is made of natural bamboo.

Daybreak Nightstand

There are many styles and colors to choose from, so you can make your bohemian bedroom your own. In this article, we recommend the Daybreak Nightstand for its classic design. This is made of tropical wood that has been hand-finished and is strengthened with engineered hardwood and iron. It gives their bedroom a trendy boho vibe.

boho nightstands 7

Amelia Side Table from Adria Workshop

The  Amelia side table   is an excellent example of how to turn a house into a warm home with a modern look. It has a natural elegance and a simple look. The tabletop stands out because it has accents made of ash wood that cause the woodgrain look even better and are finished in natural and walnut tones. Amelia can be personalized with a light, a flower vase, or other accessories.

Amelia boho nightstands

The Amelia Side Table from Adria Workshop is the best bohemian-style nightstand.

Cove Nightstand

The Cove Nightstand will be the smart choice for the boho decor bedroom idea. This 3 drawers bohemian nightstand is made from unique mango wood and features drawers for convenient storage. The Cove Nightstand has a short side and is only 20 inches high, so it would be perfect next to a boho platform bed.

mango wood nightstand

bohostands 9

Modern Boho Nightstand

One way to show your bedroom boho style is using cane webbing. This single-drawer nightstand features a cane webbing design and a wooden drawer pull for a chic bohemian vibe. Also, the bottom shelf gives you more space to store books or decorations, and the drawer is just the right size to hide things.

bohemian nightstand 10

Round Modern Nightstand

The round nightstand is excellent if you have a tiny bedroom but want to design it in a bohemian style. This nightstand has bamboo legs that show off its chic vibe.

boho nightstands 11

Penelope Nightstand

Penelope Nightstand is available in three colors: espresso, acorn, and walnut. Let's pick the color that fits best in your room. Moreover, this furniture also has two deep drawers for storage. So, it will help you to maximize your limited space.

fave nightstand

Harwood Rattan Nightstand

The Hawoo Rattan Nightstand is the ideal modern boho nightstand. This nightstand has plenty of storage, which helps users tuck away clutter and bedtime essentials they want to keep close. Moreover, this bedside cabinet exudes a modern yet elegant look, making your bedroom the best in boho style.

boho nightstands 13

Metal Inlay Nightstand

Bohemian homes use a variety of colors and materials to express themselves. The Metal Inlay Nightstand will add a unique vibe to your space. This nightstand is made of mango wood and measures 19" broad by 20" high, making it an ideal option for a  small bedroom .

boho nightstands 15

Cooper Nightstand

The Cooper nightstand features a simple bamboo design. The single drawer is about 13" deep, providing plenty of space to store all your nighttime items. Besides, a black drawer handle might enhance the trendy appearance of this bedside table.

boho nightstands 14

Boho Wooden Night Stand

The touch of wood on the Boho Wooden Night Stand creates a modern bohemian design while keeping the  minimalist   look. This boho nightstand with drawers looks better with a warm glow from the table lamp.

boho nightstands 4

Minimalist Bohemian Nightstands

Use neutral colors instead of vibrant ones for your minimalist room. This 1 drawer bohemian style nightstand will be the best place to put personal items before sleeping. It can also display some decorative pieces for a fresher and more beautiful look.

boho nighstand

1970’s style bohemian nightstands

The bohemian headboard of the 1970s will add a vintage touch to your boho bedroom. Its materials, which include chevron-woven rattan, are the perfect way to keep your space chic and look great.

wood bohemian style nightstand

Bohemian Nightstands with Tassels

The Boho Nightstands with Tassels perfectly combine bohemian and modern styles. It has a great mix of modern and bohemian styles, which makes it look much better. Also, pair it with soft lamps and a bohemian-style bed to make it look good and fit in with your bohemian-style interior design.

rustic boho style nightstand

Get the Natural Baskets

The flowers on display in the natural baskets add to the boho romantic atmosphere of the bedroom and make the room feel exciting and pleasant.

boho nightstands 20

Carved Wood Bohemian Nightstands

Lastly, the Carved Wood Bohemian Nightstand is the most unique furniture on this list of 21 Bohemian Style Nightstands. This nightstand can add an appealing and trendy touch to the bedroom.

boho nighstands 21

boho nightstands 2
boho nightstand


To sum up, the article about bohemian style nightstands could be discussed above. So please take note of some favorite ideas to make the in-depth space more attractive and unique. If you are interested in bedroom furniture, look at the Adria Workshop blog for more home decor ideas.