Bohemian style interior design will appeal to you if you are a worldly, free-spirited person! If you’re not sure how to create a boho-style home, don’t worry. Adria Workshop will put together tips and ideas to help you get started.

What is the bohemian style in interior design?

Bohemian styles, also called "boho" styles, are characterized by layers of color, texture, pattern, and embellishments that are put together without much thought. While some standard practices are involved in the boho look, there are no complex rules like there are with contemporary style or minimalist style. The goal of bohemian-style interior design is to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for those who step inside. 

There are several types of bohemian interior design: ecological boho, classic boho, boho chic, glamorous boho, and hippie-boho. They don't differ much, but depending on the type, you should give more attention to one or the other.

bohemian style interior design 1
Boho interior style creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. (Source: Internet)

What are the characteristics of bohemian interior design?

There are many different ways to decorate your home in the bohemian style. Still, bohemian rooms should have these key elements:

  • Colors: Ranges from neutrals such as white and tan to various vibrant jewel tones.
  • Shapes: This style doesn’t focus on creating shapes, prefer layering, and creating patterns of your choice.
  • Fixture Finishes: Metallics such as silver, gold, brass, iron, and chrome are popular in boho-style houses.
  • Aesthetic: There is no "too much” with bohemian style. Mix and match colors, patterns, and fabrics to showcase your personality. 
  • Greenery: Herbs and houseplants add hints of color and keep your bohemian home feeling natural, healthy, and positive.
bohemian style interior design 2
Characteristics of bohemian interior design (Source: Internet) 

9 tips for decorating bohemian style interior design

Let's discuss some specific boho decor ideas to create a functional and stylish home.

Layering in Bohemian Interiors

When it comes to boho style home decor, the first thing that comes to mind is the mixing and layering of textures, colors, and decor items. This method gives your space a fun and free-spirited vibe while repurposing your old furniture.

Layer with available and affordable patterns to bring boho style into your home. For example, textiles like carpets, cushions, and pillows are fun to mix and match in different shapes, sizes, and designs. 

bohemian style interior design 3
The intended layering gives your home a bohemian vibe (Source: Internet) 

Add more rich patterns and bold colors

A golden tip for boho interior style is to add bold patterns and colors. Even though there is no clear rule, most bohemian rooms use metallic colors, warm earth tones, and jewel tones. For walls, darker, deeper hues offer a luxurious feel.

While more daring colors like bright blue or orange bring a festival style, especially when mixed with other rich patterns and colors. You can consider global textiles like Suzanis from Uzbekistan and Berber pieces from Morocco with vibrant colors and eye-catching designs in stripes, diamonds, and medallions.

bohemian style interior design 4
Don’t avoid rich patterns and bold colors in the boho interior style. (Source: Internet) 

Fill up on storytelling trinkets

Trinkets and souvenirs may not have much monetary value, but their sentimental importance isn’t understated. You can make places to show off the things you've collected over the years. It could be small models from your trip or even family heirlooms. The boho theme is you, so don’t be shy to tell your personal story through your decorative choices!

bohemian style interior design 5
Boho homes usually contain storytelling trinkets collected over time (Source: Internet)

Lean into handmade + natural

Natural materials and handcrafted items are the keys to bohemian style interior design. Wood is essential because it immediately adds comfort and warmth, both of which are important in boho interiors. Handmade items can be crocheted, knitted, fringed, and macraméd. Try putting them in different places around your room until you find the best one.

bohemian style interior design 6-1
Embrace the handmade and natural in bohemian interiors. (Source: Internet)

Bohemian Interiors are Botanical Happy

Plants are an affordable and easy way to add boho style to a room. The Philodendron plant can withstand a variety of light and temperature levels. Or, you could use the tropical monstera plant, a climbing plant that is easy to take care of and is known for its beautiful heart-shaped green leaves. 

You can put a plant vase on your bohemian style nightstand or use large floor plants to fill in an empty corner. Not only do plants add vibrancy to a room, but they also improve air quality, so the more, the merrier. If you don’t have a green thumb or don’t have time to garden, buy pre-made potted arrangements.

bohemian style interior design 7
The presence of greenery is uplifting and offers a connection to nature. (Source: Internet)

Decorate embellishing

Typical boho style evokes images of tassels, fringes, beads, sequined fabrics, canopies, etc. These boho decorations give bohemian-style interiors the "wow" factor that sets them apart from others. Modern boho living rooms look good with embroidery hoops, macramé hangings, or rustic woven plates on the wall. If you are furnishing a bohemian style bedroom, try hanging a tapestry as a headboard on the wall above the bed or using a decorative boho mirror.

bohemian style interior design 8
Typical boho style evokes images of tassels, fringes, beads, sequined fabrics, canopies, etc. (Source: internet).

Add in bohemian style with vintage flair

A simple way to jump into bohemian style interior design is by mixing old and new. Vintage second-hand furniture adds a soulful touch to the bohemian design. Each piece of secondhand furniture is unique and has a fascinating story. Have fun exploring your local vintage shops and choosing each item individually.

bohemian style interior design 9
The vintage items will help create a room with an authentic boho look. (Source: Internet)

Bohemian Design Colors

The exciting thing is that you can use any color in the color wheel for bohemian decorating, giving you great freedom. The main goal is to use vibrant colors throughout the room in paint, textiles, furniture, and accessories. You can use a lighter background for your home decor and select and combine two or three colors.

bohemian style interior design 10
Using the right colors is the key to creating the perfect boho-style interior design (source: internet).

Choose bohemian furniture

Typical bohemian style furniture can be found in a vintage or secondhand store. The key is to choose pieces of furniture that speak to your design ideas and fall in line with your style of living. 

Floor seating is a much-loved trend, with plenty of vintage carpets and colorful cushions. Rustic wooden chaise lounges, bohemian style beds, and swing chairs are all part of a boho lover’s dictionary. 

bohemian style interior design 11
Boho style furniture emphasizes comfort and uniqueness. (Source: Internet)


I hope these bohemian style interior design ideas above inspire you. Please remember that boho interior style isn't about creating something perfect. It has to do with making the space feel like your own. Let your home tell your stories. 

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