You should certainly focus on the bedroom when you decorate your home space. The environment in bedrooms determines the quality of your sleep and rest time. Bed design also can create a feeling of coziness and safety. Thus, the quality and design of the bed are essential parts to invest in.

The headboard is the first thing that attracts our eyes whenever we look at a bed. It wouldn’t be too much to say that the headboard has the most significant impact on the beauty of the bed. And the queen headboard is one of the most common headboard designs. However, not all people know exactly what makes a headboard worthwhile. In this post, Adria Workshop will give you 5 tips on correctly choosing a headboard.

Size of queen headboard

First, we need to understand the queen headboard briefly. The design of this headboard is inspired by the period of the mid-century modern interior (from approximately the 1940s - the 1960s). Mid-century modern furniture tends to have a delicate and classic look with minimal lines, most minor patterns, and high function. Therefore, the queen headboard has outstanding advantages like all mid-century modern pieces.

The initial thing you should notice while choosing a headboard is the queen headboard size. The size of the queen headboard has to be commensurate with the bed's overall size. The larger the bed, you will need the higher the headboard. The queen size is slightly smaller than the king size or even the California queen size. Although they are all mid-century interiors, that does not mean one size can fit all.

Furthermore, you have to compare the size of the queen headboard to the size of the bedroom. You will feel so tight if you purchase a large headboard for a small room. Remember to estimate the scope for a reasonable overall view. 


Size of queen headboard
You need to compare the size of the queen headboard to the size of the bed and the bedroom. (Source: Internet)

Materials and colors of headboards

The following tip for choosing a headboard is selecting materials and colors. Mid-century modern pieces and headboards are crafted of natural materials like wood or metal. The materials can affect the thickness of the headboard. For instance, the headboard that includes storage is much thicker than wood or metal. 

While choosing materials or colors, you also need to check if it is suitable for the vibe of your bedroom space. How you decorate your bedroom still decides how you choose your own headboard. Let’s take an example. The wooden headboard is a good choice for rooms with a vintage or retro vibe, while the metal headboard gives a sense of modernism and convenience.

Oak, pine, walnut, etc., are some of the most typical types of wood used for interiors, while brass, iron, steel, etc., are all examples of metals. Each material has its beauty and function, and you must think cautiously. Besides, you also can choose upholstered headboards with multiple colors as you desire.

Materials and colors of headboards
Choosing materials and colors for your headboard is very important. (Source: Internet)

The function of headboard

As we mentioned above, mid-century modern pieces focus on high functionality. And so does the queen headboard . The headboard made for beds does not increase aesthetics only. The headboard protects your head, your wall, and your pillows also. According to the size, we have short, tall, and adjustable headboards. In terms of dimension, we have upholstered wood, metal, and storage headboards.

Each dimension of the bed headboard has its benefit and function. For instance, the upholstered headboard is covered mainly by fabric. In other depictions, the headboard is covered in plush velvet or leather. The storage headboard is one of the queen headboard ideas to store your books, decorative items, clocks, etc.

The function of headboard
The storage headboard can save your living space and make your life more convenient. (Source: Internet)

Consider bedroom and room style

You shouldn’t buy a bed just because of its beauty. You have to consider if the queen bed is the same style or can mix well with the room. The mid-century modern bed can fit almost all kinds of room styles. The minimal and delicate look can always blend into the bedroom. However, it doesn’t mean that the queen headboard can fit any room you design. The headboard is a part that creates the accents for your bedroom. Thus, it should be harmonious with the overall.

Consider creativity

Many people would love to indicate their personalities through their home design. But in the end, they just let designers or architects eclipse their interests. All you need to do is to share your ideas and demands with the designers. You also can add up some unique accents with adorable decorative items. A painting or even a tiny statue will be an exciting option. There are multiple materials, colors, and shapes for you to decide about the headboard. Just make it become a worthwhile highlight.


Consider creativity
Show your creativity by indicating personality via interior furniture. (Source: Internet)

FAQs - Frequently asked questions

What are the dimensions of a queen-size headboard?

Depending on your demand, crafters can make a  queen headboard with the sizes you want. Usually, the headboard range is approximately 60 - 64 inches, while the height is about 28 - 48 inches. As we mentioned above, the thickness of the headboard is affected by materials and style. A natural headboard is 2 - 4 inches thick, and the storage headboard will be more comprehensive, from about 7 - 10 inches. Before choosing the dimensions, you must measure the proportions between the bed and the room cautiously. This proportion will help you to get a headboard as expected.

What is the best height for a headboard?

It’s never easy for you to choose the ideal height for a headboard. You should choose the best height for a headboard depending on the size of your bedroom. If your room is huge enough, you can have a high headboard, making it even more majestic. But this headboard can never fit in small spaces.

You’d instead use a shorter queen headboard to bring the feeling of openness. By the way, there is a tip for you whenever choosing a headboard. The headboard should always be shorter than the length of your bed. A twin headboard has a standard height of 14 inches, while the queen and king sizes are 28 and 58 inches, respectively.


It’s not easy for you to choose a suitable queen headboard for your bedroom. There are many notes, from the size to the style design. However,  Adria Workshop believes these tips will be handy for purchasing!

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