We have numerous reasons to host a party, from birthday parties to the simple joy of summer. Organizing and decorating for a party may be quite stressful for anyone. Adria Workshop will give you party decoration ideas, so you don't have to worry about them. If you have a creative mind and a few simple items, you can make even the most ordinary dinner party into an event that no one will soon forget. Follow our list of 20 ideas for festive celebration decorations!

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Best lovely party decoration ideas

1. Colorful Balloons

Decorating with balloons is a popular and easy-to-do option for any occasion. Depending on the party's theme, you can choose balloons with suitable colors. For example, use vibrant balloons for kids' birthday parties, black, and orange for mysterious Halloween ones, or red and pink for romantic events. 

However, you should not pay much money for balloons with cute designs because you can create lovely balloons with simple tips. Many decorations can be applied with balloons, like scattering them on the floor or hanging them from the ceiling. 

Also, you can use helium-filled balloons tied with colorful ribbon to make a lovely backdrop. Using plain white balloons filled with vibrant confetti could be a great idea to create an exciting highlight for the party decor.

One of the popular ideas for birthday party decorations is to use colorful balloons.

2. Party decoration with candles

If you don’t want to spend too much money on your party, you can make incredible low-key party decorations with DIY candles. You can use them whenever you want to fill your room with a more intimate atmosphere. Transform the space into a romantic candlelit sight straight out of your favorite rom-com with candles of all shapes, scents, and sizes. In addition, you can place a plate with floating candles on the table in the living room to create a cozy and romantic space for couples.

party-decoration-ideas (1)
Party decoration with candles.

3. Bake delicious and adorable desserts

If you have a limited amount of time and budget, you can make your dessert the focal point of your decorating. Macarons and cupcakes with colorful sprinkles can be a bright part of the party decor. To finish the impressive look, you can add fancy plates, vintage dessert stands, and tablecloths with exciting patterns. You can also surround your table with tinsel and add edible flowers to your dessert.

It has always been challenging to transform an ordinary room into a work of art. Just make your dessert table the highlight!

Bake delicious and adorable desserts.

4. Decorative buffet

At buffet parties, you only need to spend a little time and money on decorating backgrounds because the buffet should be the spotlight.

Regarding food, presentation is everything. Each food can be a decorative item if presented nicely. Thus, you can turn the buffet table into art by mixing and matching. Remember that there might be better ideas than aligning dishes in line. Instead, you should arrange food to create harmony with different colors. Also, adding some flowers might enhance the visual appeal.

Decorate a buffet of savory foods for the family.
A buffet popcorn for gathering family at the weekend.

5. Spruce up your food table

Sometimes, beauty lies in small items. By swapping traditional objects or adding new, interesting ones, you can see your ordinary table in a new light. For example, if you want to decorate a party with a classic theme, you need plates with elegant patterns and an eye-catching vintage tablecloth. 

With spring theme parties, an inexpensive way to bring a blooming garden into your small living room is to add edible flowers to your dishes or bouquets on tables. Your ordinary food table will be full of the vigorous breeze of nature. With spring theme parties, an inexpensive way to bring a blooming garden into your small living room is to add edible flowers to your dishes or bouquets on tables. Your ordinary food table will be full of the vigorous breeze of nature.

Thus, by adding appropriate items, you can easily decorate your food table with a new theme.

Spruce up your food table

6. Turn your wall into a piece of art with a projector

Another idea for decorating parties is using a projector. This idea for a party decoration is easy and can be used for many different events. For example, if you are busy at work and the holiday season is around the corner, a projector can help you easily create a festive space. 

All you need to do is choose appropriate images or videos on your laptop, connect your projector, and show these images or videos on your wall. If it is Halloween, your room will be full of images of ghosts, zombies, creepy pumpkins, etc., with spooky music. Santa Claus will appear in your room next to a snow-covered Christmas tree if it's Christmas. You can quickly bring this scene onto your wall by using the projector. This device will significantly reduce decorating time!

party-decoration-ideas-8 (1)
Turn your wall into a piece of art with a projector.

7. Decorate the trees

One of the most preferred party types is outdoor events such as picnics, especially in the summer. You should decorate picnic tables, excellent seats, and an outdoor stove if you want to have a barbecue at these outdoor parties. 

If you want to add more details, hanging tinsel or balloons around trees and adding flowers may suffice. Nature will do the rest of the decorating. The beauty of trees and wildflowers, the color of the sky, the clouds, and the sunset, etc. These are examples of the beauty of nature, which are the best scenes ever!

Decorate the trees,

8. Floor pillows for a casual night in

Floor pillows are the best for a casual date night or pajama party because they are both comfortable and cute. These soft pillows, light blankets, carpets, and warm lights will create an intimate atmosphere for board game nights or sleepovers. Pillows on the floor might not be the most eye-catching decoration, but they are great for parties where people want to hang out.

Floor pillows for a casual night in.

9. Create simple centerpieces with bud vases

Bud vases are a classy way to decorate and can be used at fancy and casual events. The small vases are popular and are used as decorations at many parties and events, especially weddings. Bud vases are not only inexpensive, but they can also serve as elegant party centerpieces.

You can rent these bud vases or make them yourself. The bud vases are often decorated in clusters with candles. You should add some greenery to create a harmony of colors. You can make bud vases from dried flowers if you want a vintage decoration.

Create simple centerpieces with bud vases.

10. Decorate windows with garland

You can use garland year-round, way before or after the winter holidays! Your garland can highlight your snack table or another centerpiece – no mantle is required. You could add a garland atop a cake for a true decorative pop. Choose from earthy tones or bright rainbow colors to escape daily and make memories that will last a lifetime.

You could use garlands and tinsel to make your holiday window decorations stand out, especially if the garlands are bright and colorful. Garlands can be used to decorate all year, but they are often applied to decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other festive occasions. In another word, windows with garland bring the vibrant atmosphere of holidays and festivals into your house.

Decorate windows with garland.

11. Dress up the space with fresh or faux flowers

One amazing party decoration idea is to create the effect of a lush spring garden indoors by decorating with fresh flowers. Choose lovely flower arrangements on your dinner plates to brighten up a cozy night with loved ones. Doing so is a fantastic and low-cost way to bring lively color into any party setting. The color scheme of the flowers can contribute a lot to setting the party's tone.

The flowers for your birthday celebration don't have to cost you a month's salary. Instead, you can turn a bunch of flowers from the store into a beautiful, low-cost centerpiece for your party table.

Using faux flowers to make a beautiful centerpiece is another low-cost option for party decor. You can buy artificial flowers from budget-friendly retailers for as little as $2. Then fill the bowl 3/4 with water, drop in your flowers, and watch them float happily away. When placed in water, even the cheapest flowers appear lifelike.

party-decoration-ideas 1 (1)
Dress up the space with fresh or faux flowers.

12. Choosing neutral or monochromatic party decoration

Choosing monochromatic or neutral colors is a prudent decision during business or professional events. Neutral colors like white, black, and gray are classic and stylish, and you can easily find home decor in these colors. Guests will feel like they're in a five-star restaurant when you set the table with white linens, fresh flowers, and wine glasses.


13. Make a romantic date with flashing lights

Put on some flashing lights for a romantic party for two if you're having a date night. Hang your fairy lights from the ceiling or gently drape them across the window sill. They may give your bed, curtain rods, and other furniture a sparkling new look by being wrapped around them.

Make a romantic date with flashing lights.

14. Decorate with a disco ball

More glitter and joy are always better, especially at scotch-tasting events or dancing parties. To wow your party attendees, try making a DIY glitter disco ball. Your guests will never forget the night they danced to exciting music under the dazzling disco ball.

party-decoration-ideas-2 (1)
Decorate with a disco ball.

15. Recycled cocktails cabinet

It’s a great idea to have an upcycled cocktail cabinet as a location to serve excellent beverages to your visitors. This easy and inexpensive DIY project can give your vintage 1950s cabinet new life and serve as a gorgeous beverage station for any indoor gathering.

You might utilize a forgotten mid-century modern cabinet or a discarded bookcase. Apply a coat of varnish or spray paint in different colors to this cabinet, or use chic monochromatic tones. The next step is to fill the cabinet with wine and show off your glassware. Use the cabinet's top shelf to store the ingredients for cocktails so you can quickly serve your guests at small parties.

Recycled cocktails cabinet.

16. DIY cake toppers

These are great for any celebration and may be used creatively. Making a creative cake topper for a birthday cake is easy and only requires a few inexpensive items.

All you need is double-sided tape, scrapbook paper, scissors, and wooden skewers. You may use different-length strips of scrapbook paper by cutting them to a width of 3/4 inch. Stick scraps of paper onto a wooden skewer to make a mobile. Send a letter wishing the recipient a happy birthday, or modify an existing birthday card by adding the recipient's name. The last step is to put wooden skewers of the appropriate length into the cake.

DIY cake toppers.

17. DIY table runner

Runners for the dining table are an excellent accessory. It's great to reuse a store-bought tablecloth year after year. If you want a successful color scheme that won't seem old in a few years, no matter how big or small your event is, stick to classic neutrals like yellow, cream, and beige. In addition, a no-sew table runner is a quick and easy way to spruce up your buffet table.

DIY table runner.

18. Flower bomb decorations

You may surprise and thrill the guest of honor and their guests with a flower bomb decoration. Getting a bunch of flowers from the dollar store and placing them against a white wall might make for the perfect photo backdrop if you have a spare corner.

Flower bomb decorations

19. DIY paper hot air Balloon

Using a variety of brightly colored sheets, you can make a paper hot air balloon that will bring a whimsical touch to any celebration. It can be transformed into a lantern by adding an LED tea light.

DIY paper hot air Balloon

20. Mix-and-match vintage dessert pedestals

Your cakes will add a touch of class and elegance to the dessert spread. Create your unique dessert stands by repurposing plates, candlesticks, and vases you already own or find at thrift stores and garage sales. A new appearance may be achieved by inverting existing plastic plates.

Mix-and-match vintage dessert pedestals.


These are some of our favorite DIY party decoration ideas. Use these easy-to-make decorations to throw a memorable celebration at home or for a small gathering. You can make your own "Happy Birthday" bunting for the wall or upon the cake, fill balloons with confetti and pinatas with candy, and decorate the tables with runners and centerpieces uniquely. For the dessert table, you can mix and match vintage dessert pedestals and create simple centerpieces with bud vases, which are popular party decoration ideas. 

For your imitation party, hang garlands in the windows and add fairy lights to your date night. Turn your wall into a cinema with a movie projector and put floor pillows for a casual night.