Mid-century modern interior style is appropriate for its function and convenience. Minimalist mid-century modern pieces tend to save space in your home. Made of natural materials like metal, glass, or wood, this furniture has a modern, delicate, and unique look.  

So, a mid-century modern wall shelf is an exciting piece to add to your home's decor, especially if you live in a  small space. The wall shelf saves your room and adds an accent to your house. There are currently loads of styles of wall shelves for you to buy. The floating shelf without brackets is one of the most common these days.

How you build your wall shelf is also not a big problem. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below, and then you can get the one you desire. Here are 8 steps Adria Workshop thinks you need to do!


Step 1: Prepare the necessary tools

The first step to building a  mid-century modern wall shelf is the preparation step. It would be best if you answered questions like where the shelf is to be made, how long the frame is, and what tools are required. After determining the position and measuring the shelf's length, height, and width, here are some tools you need:

  • Use a tape measure/ruler to measure the wall shelf’s size.
  • Use a pencil to mark the position that you want to drill.
  • You also need a hammer and a screwdriver.
  • A drill and a countersink.
1 mid century modern wall shelf
There are some tools you need to build your mid-century modern wall shelf.

Step 2: Find the wall studs

After preparing enough of the tools required, you can begin to measure and determine your frame on the wall. Depending on the size of your wall, you can choose the proper size of your shelf. First, you drill holes behind each wooden stand, then use a pencil to mark the position on the wall. This work will help you prepare the exact location of the wall shelf.  

2 mid century modern wall shelf
Drill holes in the shelf and mark the correct position on the wall with a pencil.  

Step 3: Plan your shelving unit design

The mid-century modern style furniture is minimal, aesthetic, and functional. So, the mid-century modern wall shelf has clean lines and a delicate appearance. If you want to build a shelf following this style, you at least need a little understanding. As a result, you will find it easier to customize your shelf. Besides the shelf's shape, size, and color, you should imagine which decorative items to put on it. You can put books, trees, a small aquarium, etc., on the wall shelf to liven up your home space.

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3 mid century modern wall shelf
Design a unique shelf for your mid-century modern room.

Step 4: Buy a suitable mid-century modern wall shelf   

After measuring the size and selecting the design, it’s time for mid-century modern wall shelf options. There are loads of shelf samples for you to buy on social media and e-commerce markets. But the problem is that you don’t know which store is reliable or has a bargain price for a wall shelf.  

Adria Workshop is currently one of the most popular interior stores in the USA. Adria Workshop is a must-visit if you want to buy mid-century modern furniture. Adria Workshop sells eco-friendly furniture and cheap, high-quality interior pieces. The store frequently has special promotions for customers. Adria Workshop's furniture comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors.  

One of the best-seller wall shelves at Adria Workshop is the Infinity Wall Shelf in Natural OakDark Walnut/Warm Beige. This shelf is crafted of natural materials and has a minimal look. 

mid century modern wall shelf 4
Adria Workshop has a high reputation in the US interior market (Source: Adria Workshop)

Infinity Shelf is a way to make your favorite bookshelf easier to use and make the best use of space. It's a complete mid-century modern shelf with modules that can quickly grow into a huge shelf. The Infinity Wall Shelf is made entirely of solid oak and can handle the heavy lifting.  

mid century modern wall shelf 5
The Infinity Wall Shelf of Adria Workshop is easily removable and installable.  

Step 5: Drill the wall

With the proper countersink, you begin to drill at the position marked in Step 2. After that, you screw the expansion screw into the hole drilled into the wall.  

Step 6: Install the tracks

After drilling the wall, the next step is to install the tracks where the expansion screws were previously screwed. You can use a screwdriver to drill the holes safely and securely. Remember to stick out a piece of about 5 centimeters to install the shelf.  

mid century modern wall shelf 6
Don’t forget to stick out 5 centimeters to install the frame on the wall.  

Step 7: Mount shelves to the wall

After installing the tracks, mount your mid-century modern wall shelf . You only need to make the shelf match the tracks you created in step 4. And that’s how you finish installing the shelf before decorating it. However, there are some notes for you:  

  • While drilling on the wall, if you encounter hollow bricks, you need to cut the expansion screw vertically and insert the threaded rod into that expansion screw. After that, you will nail the threaded rod and expansion screw into the wall.  
  • If your wall is moldy and weak, you should use a smaller drill for safety.  
  • You must drill the primer first to avoid cracking, then bring the drill close to the wall and press it firmly.  

Step 8: Decorate your mid-century modern wall shelf

The final step to building your mid-century wall shelf is to decorate it. You can easily find many adorable decorative items in nearby or online stores. Adria Workshop is still available for these things if you are interested. The way you decorate your shelf also indicates your taste and personality. For instance, you can put some trees or lamps on your shelf to make your mid-century modern room warm, cozy, and comfortable.  

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mid century modern wall shelf 7
Decorative items add a nice touch to your wall shelf.  

The 5 mid-century modern wall shelf ideas

Check out 5  mid-century modern wall shelf design ideas for your mid-century modern room.

mid century modern wall shelf 8
Here is a minimal design idea for a wall shelf.  


mid century modern wall shelf 9
Design your mid-century modern wall shelf with an adorable decorative frame.
mid century modern wall shelf 10
Another mid-century modern wall shelf idea for your living room.  
mid century modern wall shelf 11
One of a few mid-century wall shelf ideas for your collections.
mid century modern wall shelf 12
A charming wall shelf for your working space.  

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It may not seem like a big deal over the eight steps Adria Workshop introduces. With the do-it-yourself instruction above, Adria Workshop hopes you can build up your own mid-century modern wall shelf for your home space as you like!

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