Deciding how to furnish a studio apartment can be a tricky puzzle. In this guide, Adria Workshop will discuss tips and tricks you can implement to maximize small space apartment and turn it into excellent living situations.


10 Tips Tricks for Maximizing Space in a Studio Apartment

Get rid of clutter

Learning how to decorate a rental apartment effectively starts with the clutter. Go through your apartment and look for items you don't use or believe are a waste of space. The saying goes like this: "If you haven’t used it in six months, chances are you don’t need it!" Of course, this won’t apply to everything in the apartment but remember this mindset.

The starting point for decluttering your space will vary according to your needs and goals. Some may want to start with a particular room and go from there. Others may want to clean up the immediate visual clutter first. Even decluttering your small junk drawer is a practical first step that can jumpstart the whole process. 

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Start by purging your items (Source: Internet)

Determine the space to use

Consider what you want from it while looking for the best ways to maximize small-space apartments. Do you love cooking and dinner parties? Prioritize your kitchen and dining area. Do you work and study from home? Then make sure you have a proper desk area. However, this doesn’t mean you have to cut back on other areas. Instead, you should determine what you value most in your tiny apartment and make that your priority.

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Determine the space you need to use most. (Source: Internet)

Try the minimalist interior style

One way to maximize apartment space is to adopt a minimalist design aesthetic. This means choosing furniture and decor items that are simple and sleek without any unneeded embellishments. To start, eliminate bulky furniture and replace them with more modern ones. That will help you create a more streamlined and contemporary look. Not only will this allow you to maximize small space apartments, but it will also prevent them from looking cluttered and outdated.

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Experiment with minimalist interior design (Source: Internet)

Arranges furniture to the wall

One of the ideas for small house decor is to arrange furniture against the wall. It will not only provide you with more space for family activities, but it will also effectively maximize a small space apartment. Be sure to push your furniture back against the wall rather than having it spread sporadically throughout your room. However, you should avoid blocking views from windows and doors.

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Arrange furniture against a wall to create more space (source: internet)

Use mirrors to make your apartment bigger

Using mirrors is a  space-saving apartment idea. Mirrors can make a room look bigger by reflecting light and making it brighter. Try to use them wisely, maybe one or two are enough unless you invest in them for a highly decorative purpose. For instance, you can play with the frame finish or alter their shapes and sizes too.

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Adding a mirror can instantly make your small space feel bigger, lighter, and airier (Source: Internet)

Add furniture to the foot of your bed

It may be tough to buy extra storage units for a tiny bedroom. But have you ever thought about using the space under your bed? It’s a good idea to repurpose, purchase, or build storage items that fit correctly under the bed rather than simply sliding bins beneath. If your room gets a lot of dust, you might want to use containers with lids. If you need to get to your things often, choose storage solutions that roll.

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Underneath your bed can be used as storage space (Source: Internet)

Use dual-purpose furniture

Utilizing multi-functional furniture is essential for small studio apartment decor. This is so easy, if you have no space for too much furniture, you should find a piece that can perform at least two functions. For example, try to look for side tables that come with a built-in light. Or, purchase the Murphy bed that folds up to produce a dining table for four or a desk for one. They are must-have items for furnishing apartment on a budget, especially for tiny ones.  

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Opt for multi-purpose furniture (Source: Internet)

Utilize vertical space solution

Vertical is the way to go when trying to maximize small-space apartments. There are many creative ways to use vertical space in your apartment. You can consider standing shelves, both portable and rental-friendly, and great space savers. Or, you can enhance your spice collection with a stunning vertical herb garden, a low-cost way to spruce up a dull space. 

maximize small space apartment  8-1
Make use of vertical spaces with hooks, shelving, or other mounting options (Source: Internet)

Decorate neutral tones in studio apartments

Neutral home decor is one of the best ways to create the illusion of more space, which is especially beneficial for studio or one-bedroom apartment dwellers. The reason is that your eye can roam freely through a neutral color scheme, so the space feels larger. Start with choosing variations of white, cream, taupe, or gray for walls and large pieces of furniture, then add small touches of color or pattern with accents. 

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Using a neutral color scheme is an excellent way to make your space open and bright (Source: Internet)

Let natural light in

Natural light has a knack for making any space feel more open and airy. If you want as much natural light as possible to come into a room, you should eliminate things that block it, like thick window frames, wall fixtures near windows, heavy curtain accessories, or cupboards.  Consider buying an overhead paper lantern for better lighting if your apartment lacks natural lighting.

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Use as much natural lighting as possible (Source: Internet)


All the above are small apartment design solutions to increase the overall aesthetic value and maximize small-space apartments. Adria Workshop hopes you can transform your tiny studio apartment into your dream home. Let's go to the Adria Workshop blog for more home decor style ideas and decoration tips.